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ADKR vs GG 28th Match, ILT20 2024

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Gulf Giants won by 3 runs 🏆
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J Little Jersy
4s: 0
6s: 0
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L Evans
4s: 3
6s: 1
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B Muzarabani

Econ: 7.50
18th Over:
= 10
Last Over:
= 4
This Over:
= 7

Player of the Match

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Jamie Overton
Gulf Giants
ADKRADKR - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4860
10 Over 8998
15 Over 140133
GGGG - 1st Innings
6 Over 4952
10 Over 8485
15 Over 130123
20 Over 180166


Inn 1
Inn 2
That's all from our side. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Ayan Chatterjee and the Scorer/ Analyst, Ashok Dayma. See you soon!
Jamie Overton, Gulf Giants (Player of the Match) - " It's tough in T20 cricket and it's fast and furious. Laurie hit me for a few but I stuck to my plans and tried to bowl it into the right areas. The pitch had a bit in it for the bowlers and was slightly slow. I started mixing it up and kept it tight. Our two local spinners have been brilliant and they kept their cool under pressure."  
James Vince (Gulf Giants Captain): "I think last 4 games have been good. We are winning tosses and showed great character out there to defend this total. Blessing was worried of executing yorkers. But I told him to be 100% committed and bowl yorkers and he was that. Yes, Zubair has bowled well and the contributions from UAE players is amazing. They will grow from here. I think there is a few doubts that there is a group of players who always believed. We have belief in ourselves and wins gives you a lot of belief. I think Andy Flower will will be happy and deep down he will be happy. He does not show his emotions like me. Good to finish in Top 2 which is important."    
Sunil Narine (Abu Dhabi Knight Riders Captain): "Yes, I think the way they started. We thought they would go to 190. But we did well to get it back to 160 odd and had a good powerplay with the bat. But we lost wickets in clusters and that's why we lost the plot. I think the spinners bowled well and Ali Khan bowled well. I think we have done well. We have won 5 games and have done well and have momentum with us now I feel."  
Biggest Six of the Match: Jordan Cox (88m). 
Time for the post-match presentations.  
19:42 IST, 18:12 Local time - Blessing Muzarabani holds his nerve in the end and he manages to steal this game from the jaws of defeat for the Gulf Giants. They end with 163/9 in 20 overs They've won this game by the barest of margins by just three runs and it's a spare of thought for the Englishman Laurie Evans, as he stranded at one end and couldn't help his side over the line. 

The Knight Riders started off with a bang as Jason Roy and Joe Clarke were off the blocks really early and went hell for leather initially. Roy played extremely well for his half century. Joe Clarke and Alishan Sharafu, the local lad played good cameos. However the problems began for them as the two local spinners, Zohaib and Ayan picked up two wickets in the middle overs and triggered a collapse. 

The likes of Chris Jordan bowled extremely well at the death as he cleaned up several batters. Imad Wasim and Fabian Allen, the two spin bowling all-rounders were dismissed cheaply and the likes of Willey and Narine were run out towards the end as they kept looking for quick singles and twos. Jamie Overton was the pick of the bowlers as he picked up three wickets and got great support from Chris Jordan who nailed his yorkers. Towards the end, it was Muzarabani who did the job for the Giants to help them finish in the top 2 of the points table. 
Gulf Giants win by 3 runs!
Abu Dhabi Knight Riders
Joshua Little
Laurie Evans
Blessing Muzarabani
19.6 B Muzarabani to L Evans
1 Muzarabani holds his nerves and wins the game for his side. Slower ball angling in, Evans plays and misses to the keeper and they get through to the other end. Gulf Giants win by 3 runs
Josh Little, RHB, walks in at number 11!

New batsman on crease
  • RUNS5
  • SR45.00
  • AVG5.00
19.5 B Muzarabani to L Evans
1W WICKET! Fuller length around off, Evans drills it down the ground to long-on for a single. They want the second run to get Evans back on strike and Narine sacrifices his wicket at the bowler's end. Narine departs for 2 as they will get the single and a run out will be effected as well. 
19.4 B Muzarabani to S Narine
1 Fuller length around off, Narine squeezes it away down to deep point for a single. 
19.3 B Muzarabani to L Evans
1lb Fuller length on the pads, Evans looks to go leg side and misses. The ball hits the pads for a leg bye as he goes to the other end. 
Oh no! That was a front foot no ball from Muzarabani and he is loosing it under pressure here. 
19.3 B Muzarabani to L Evans
NB NO BALL! That slips out of the hands and goes down the leg side and should be a wide. But the bowler oversteps. So, this is a no ball and free hit follows next. 
19.2 B Muzarabani to S Narine
1 Fuller length around off, Narine pushes it to mid-off for a single to get off the mark and go off strike.