About Us

CREX is the one of the world's leading cricket analysis platform and among the top ten single-sport platforms in the world.

Cricket has always been a game of digits and CREX stood by the capability to dig into those numbers in order to improve performance, study overall business, and contribute to economics of cricket via powerful analytics.

Founded in 2017, CREX exhibits live ball-by-ball stats of all Test, ODI & T20I and club matches. The app features multiple live coverage of cricket matches with Live Commentary, Scorecard, Fixtures, Player rankings, Team rankings, News and so on. It also includes in-depth statistics of every Cricket match and cricketers to have played the game.

CREX has a long-term ambition to become the world’s most popular digital sport platform. We will lead the continued drive towards more competitive, entertaining, and constructive exploitation of cricket for players, enthusiasts and stakeholders.