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AUSW vs INDW 3rd ODI, AUSW vs INDW 2023-24

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Australia Women won by 190 runs 🏆
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D Sharma
4s: 2
6s: 0
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4s: 1
6s: 0
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Econ: 3.45
30th Over:
= 4
31st Over:
= 6
Last Over:
= 1
This Over:
= 2
INDWINDW - 2nd Innings
10 Over 5453
15 Over 7770
20 Over 9493
25 Over 119123
30 Over 147139
AUSWAUSW - 1st Innings
10 Over 4955
15 Over 8093
20 Over 120120
25 Over 147168
30 Over 202195
35 Over 226216
40 Over 240256
50 Over 331338


Inn 1
Inn 2
So, Australia Women's dominance over India Women continues in the bilateral series. Now, the action will shift to Navi Mumbai where the three-match T20I series will be played, with the opening game set to be played on January 5.

Keep joining us for more cricketing action all around the globe. For now, this is Akshay Bhide, signing off, on behalf of my co-commentator Deepak Prakash and scorers Dushyant Madhukar Kumar and Asraj. Tata. Bye Bye.
Alyssa Healy receives the trophy 🏆 and now she joins her teammates and they will pose for a photograph. 
Alyssa Healy (Australia Captain): "No, I mean we will take that (clean-sweep). 3 more games to go in the T20I series. We will see how things go.

I spoke about maintaining those standards. We were not at our best in the field in the last game but we got back tonight. So we wanted to get better.

I mean at 20 years of age, she (Phoebe Litchfield) is an unbelievable talent. She already has 2 hundreds to her name and it's great. I just enjoy standing at the other end and see her go about the business. She is self-proclaimed the best fielder in the side and she has just shown why tonight.

I'm blessed to have those many bowling options. Sometimes it's a curse because you don't know who to bowl. But everyone puts their hands up when it matters and have stepped up."
Phoebe Litchfield (Player of the Match & Series): " Oh, no, that's definitely a team effort. But yeah, it's pretty cool to be out here. Yeah, I think I just learned from each innings. I think the first innings was a challenge and the second innings was even more of a challenge and just took notes from those innings and against those crafty spinners and went out there today and got a bit lucky to be fair, throughout all three innings. But yeah, it was nice to get the three figures.

Yeah, I think that it's assessing it as early as possible. Being an opener you probably get the best of the conditions, which is lucky. And it's just about sticking out there and then when it turns just adapting to that.  

[Speaking about catching practice] Yeah, I practice them in training and down to instinct at the end of the day. And I guess you just throw out the mitts and it sometimes sticks, sometimes doesn't. I think I just got lucky.

[Talking about celebration] I think just get back into the changing rooms and celebrate as a team. And I think to win all three ODIs is a really cool feat for our team and definitely a good thing after losing the Test."

Player of the Series - Phoebe Litchfield
Player of the match - Phoebe Litchfield
Apne liye apno ke liye award: Alana King. 
Game changer of the match: Phoebe Litchfield
Harmanpreet Kaur (India Captain): "Well, I think this ODI series didn't went well. We tried our best. But some of the performances went well but some were not good. We have to think how we can improve and come back.

Test cricket, when we are playing with the red ball, we had so much time to think what to do. In white-ball cricket, there is small amount of time. But we have to do well. We have to take positives from it and learn from the mistakes.

The youngsters have been great. Especially, Shreyanka. She has been doing well. She kept bowling really well and we need someone like her to keep pushing constantly and keep getting better.

We always talk about fielding. Skill-wise, we are really close. But we just have to improve in the fielding department. We know they are a great side in the fielding and we would like to improve ourselves in it. It is bothering us right now. If we do well in the fielding, it will help us win games."
8:14 PM IST & Local Time: It's time for the post-match presentation...
A snap of Phoebe Litchfield's catch to dismiss Amanjot Kaur ðŸ‘‡ðŸ»ðŸ‘‡ðŸ»
A snap of Tahlia McGrath's catch to dismiss Shreyanka Patil ðŸ‘‡ðŸ»ðŸ‘‡ðŸ»
Alana King: "Yes, absolutely stoked. We came here to hopefully close out the series three-nil, and we did that. So very happy with the win. Beth has caught a few many, so this one I’ll give it to T-Mac. Yeah, I think they set the game up beautifully for us, especially the middle order that came in. Yeah, Phoebe and Healy played a really crucial role. It was a bit tricky at the start. They were bowling some quite well and some good channels, but we could capitalize on a big partnership and, yeah, I think they just set the game up for us.  

Yeah, we just showed in our innings, that you put on a big partnership and you can go really big. So we knew we just had to keep taking wickets. If they got a sniff of a partnership, they were right back in the game. But credit to our bowlers and especially our fielders as well, we iced the game really nicely and it's a very good win for us."