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MIE vs SW 18th Match, ILT20 2024

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MI Emirates won by 8 wickets 🏆
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4s: 3
6s: 0
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4s: 1
6s: 3
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M Theekshana

Econ: 8.21
9th Over:
= 13
10th Over:
= 10
Last Over:
= 16
This Over:
= 4
MIEMIE - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4981
10 Over 113113
SWSW - 1st Innings
6 Over 4847
10 Over 7862
15 Over 98103
20 Over 146129


Inn 1
Inn 2
11:10 PM IST, 9:40 PM Local Time | Well that's it from this game folks! Join us back tomorrow as we continue to navigate our way through ILT20 2024! 

Until then, this is Anirudh Modi, signing off along with our scorer/analyst Raju Khariya! See you on the next one!
Nicholas Pooran (MI Emirates Captain): "It's just about learning from the last game and working really hard. Yeah, the bowling unit has been fantastic through out the tournament. We wanted to do better as a bowling group after the experience last year. 

Tonight we felt there was a strong wind, outside the powerplay he has some natural variations which worked for us. Their variations are crucial in T20 cricket and they paid off tonight. 

Whether we experiment or not, the goal is the same. If the guys get the opportunity, they have to perform and our support staff is fantastic as well."
Waqar Salamkheil is the Player of the Match! 
Lewis Gregory (Sharjah Warriors Captain): "It's a tough night for us. We got off to a decent start but lost wickets and the rebuild was slow which translated in a low total. We lost wickets in clumps and did not get going in the middle. It's up to guys to relish the opportunity and put up a good score on the board. 

Seany played nicely through out the middle but it's one of those games and we have more matches come in quick and fast. If we go bang bang and learn quickly we can return to winning ways."
Biggest six of the match: Nicholas Pooran (104 M)
Time for the post match presentation ceremony...
Muhammad Waseem (Green Belt - Leading run-scorer): "I'm very happy and a very good win for the team. We played very good cricket and we will have more power and energy after this win. I'm trying my best and I'll try to win this belt at the end of the tournament."
10:55 PM IST, 9:25 PM Local Time | MI Emirates complete a dominant victory over Sharjah Warriors to extend their stay at the top of the table with a healthy net run-rate! They chase down the target in just 11.1 overs to defeat Sharjah Warriors by 8 wickets! 

MI Emirates won the toss and elected to bowl first, and after a decent start in the powerplay for Sharjah Warriors, their batting unit crumbled like a house of cards in the rest of the innings. The destruction led by Waqar Salamkheil (3/18) ensured MI Emirates restricted Sharjah to a below part score of 129 all-out from their 20 overs. 

With 130 the target, Muhammad Waseem and Kusal Perera wasted no time to get going and raced away to a 80 run opening stand within the powerplay overs to put the game firmly in the hands of MI Emirates! 

There was a bit of a stutter with Ullah and Fuller dismissing the openers and Fletcher struggling for runs but skipper Pooran came to the crease and started his innings with two MAXIMUMS off the first two balls to put the game beyond any reasonable doubt. 

In the end, all it took was 11.1 overs for MI Emirates to chase down a 130 runs and hand a crushing defeat to Sharjah Warriors! 

MI Emirates will enjoy and savor his victory as they continue their march towards the trophy. While Sharjah Warriors will undergo a period of deep introspection before their next game in hopes to return to winning ways! 
11.1 M Theekshana to N Pooran
4 FOUR! That's it! Skipper Pooran his the winning shot to finish things here! Full length delivery, on the stumps, crunches it through the gap at extra cover to complete the demolition job of Sharjah Warriors!
MI Emirates
Andre Fletcher
Nicholas Pooran
Muhammad Jawad Ullah
10.6 Ullah to A Fletcher
4 FOUR! SCORES ARE LEVEL! Fletcher finds his timing to take his team to the finish line! Low full toss, outside the off stump, advances and hits it powerfully through cover point to end the over with a boundary! 16 runs coming from it!
10.6 Ullah to A Fletcher
WD WIDE! Full and down the leg side, bonus run to MI Emirates.
10.5 Ullah to A Fletcher
4 FOUR! One strike away now from victory! MI Emirates have raced away in this chase! Full toss, on the off stump, Fletcher opens the face of his blade and eases it away through the gap at point to pick up back-to-back boundaries!
10.4 Ullah to A Fletcher
4 FOUR! The required runs are now down to 10! Full length delivery, down the leg side, easy pickings for Fletcher as he offers a slight tickle to deflect it past the keeper and pick up a boundary!
10.3 Ullah to A Fletcher
0 Bangs it in short, on the leg stump, Fletcher ducks and let's it sail through.
10.2 Ullah to A Fletcher
2 Short of the wicket, across the stumps, Fletcher plays it late to third man to scamper back for a couple of runs.
10.1 Ullah to N Pooran
1 Ullah returns, over the wicket, full length delivery, on the stumps, jams it down to mid-on to pick up a single.