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PUN vs UP 1st Qtr Final, SMAT T20 2023

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Punjab won by 5 wickets 🏆
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R Singh
4s: 1
6s: 1
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4s: 4
6s: 2
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Econ: 7.58
17th Over:
= 13
18th Over:
= 10
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= 19
This Over:
= 6

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That marks the end of our coverage as well. Do not go anywhere just switch tabs to our World Cup coverage between India and Sri Lanka and enjoy the game. I am Deepak Prakash, signing off on behalf of my co-commentators Ayan Chatterjee and Saptak Sanyal, as well as our scorer/analysts Bishal Mandal and Vishnu Verma. Thank you for joining us, and cheers!
Nehal Wadhera (Player of the Match): "My mindset is pretty clear that if the ball is in my range, I'll go 100% with it, and that's what I did. Early on, I couldn't hit the ball that well because I had been out of action for quite a while because of injuries. So that's why I couldn't even play the first three, or four games of SMAT. 

So I knew if I stand in the middle till the end, I know I can finish the game for the team. But unfortunately, I got out. And the way Sanvir Singh played at the end was brilliant, and I think the whole credit goes to him. 

Yeah, so me and Anmol had a really clear plan, one end was pretty short, so I told him that if you are batting from one end, so you should go to the shorter end while I would go from the other end. So that message was pretty clear, and I think we executed it pretty well. 

But unfortunately, he got out playing a pull shot because it was the last ball and he was trying to take a single. So that's the discussion we had when I also got out, that you should have gone 100% with the shot because that side was not as long as the other side. 

So, I mean, these things happen in cricket, and these are the new learnings. So I hope he learns something out of it and he doesn't repeat the same mistake again."
Player of the Match: Nehal Wadhera
2:32 PM IST & Local Time | Deepak: Ramandeep Singh finishes off things in style and Punjab advance into the semi-final of SMAT 2023. A brilliant knock from Rinku Singh goes in vain as Punjab thump UP by 5 wickets with 5 balls to spare in the Quarter Final of SMAT 2023. 

Earlier, after being invited to bat first, Uttar Pradesh started their innings on a lackluster note as both their openers, Abhishek Goswami and Karan Sharma, struggled to score in the powerplay and added only 23 runs for the first wicket in 4.4 overs. Abhishek contributed run-a-ball 16 runs, while Karan scored 14 runs off 24 balls. Nitish Rana took his time to settle on the crease but unfortunately lost his wicket in the form of a run-out after scoring 17 runs off 18 balls. 

Sameer Rizvi and Rinku Singh started the rescue mission in the latter half of the innings and the duo scored at a rapid pace to keep the scoring rate in check. Rinku launched absolute havoc at the cue end of the innings, scoring at a rapid pace and remaining unbeaten on 77 runs off just 33 balls, while Rizvi remained unbeaten on 42 runs off 29 balls, helping UP post a formidable 169/3 in 20 overs. Siddarth Kaul and Harpreet Brar celebrated a wicket apiece for Punjab.

In pursuit of 169 runs, Punjab got off to a shaky start as they lost Abhishek Sharma, Prabhsimran Singh, and Mandeep Singh inside 4 overs and were reeling at 14/3. 

Anmolpreet Singh and Nehal Wadhera started the rescue mission for Punjab and the duo kept the run rate in check. However, Mohsin Khan trapped Anmolpreet for 43 runs and ceased the 72-run partnership for the 4th wicket. Wadhera went on to complete his half-century but he too fell prey to Mohsin after scoring 52 runs off 39 balls. 

The match was evenly poised by the end of the 15 overs but Sanvir Singh played an electrifying knock of 35* runs off 13 balls at the cue end of the innings, helping his side chase down 169 runs by 5 wickets and 5 balls to spare.  Sanvir was well-succored by Ramandeep Singh, who played an unbeaten cameo of 22 runs off 13 balls. 

Mohsin Khan shone with the ball for UP, taking three wickets in his 4-over quota, while Bhuvneshwar Kumar contributed a couple of wickets. 

A professional batting display by Punjab batters as they held their nerves in the crunch situation and crossed the line with ease. They will look to carry the momentum in the semi-final as well. 
19.1 S Singh to R Singh
6 SIX! Ramandeep Singh finishes off things in style! Full-length delivery at the stumps. Ramandeep tonks it straight down the ground for a maximum to finish the game. Punjab win by 5 wickets with 5 balls to spare and advance into the semifinal of SMAT 2023. 
Punjab need just 2 runs in the last over to advance into the semi-final of SMAT 2023. 
Sanvir Singh
Ramandeep Singh
Yash Dayal
18.6 Y Dayal to S Singh
2 Full-length at the off-stump line. Sanvir drives it hard and straight down the ground for a couple of runs. 
18.5 Y Dayal to R Singh
1 Much full and around off. Ramandeep pushes it to left of mid-off for a single. 
18.4 Y Dayal to S Singh
1 Full-length delivery at the off-stump line. Sanvir pushes it to mid-off and rotates the strike. 
18.3 Y Dayal to S Singh
4 FOUR MORE! Length delivery angling into the stumps. Sanvir hangs back and pulls it nicely towards deep mid-wicket region for a boundary. 
18.2 Y Dayal to S Singh
4 FOUR! SHOT! Full-length delivery width outside off. Sanvir leans into it and drives it beautifully through the extra cover for a boundary. The long-off fielder covers the good ground and tries to stop the ball but fails to do so. Punjab is inching towards victory now. 
18.2 Y Dayal to S Singh
WD Full and way outside off. Wide signaled. 
18.1 Y Dayal to S Singh
6 SIX! EASY PEASY FOR SANVIR! Full-length delivery on the middle and leg stump line. Sanvir leans forward and tonks it over the long-on for a biggie. The pressure is on Yash Dayal now. 
Punjab need 21 runs in the last 2 overs. Also UP are running behind in the innings timer and could have to put an extra player inside the ring in the for the last over.
Ramandeep Singh
Sanvir Singh
Bhuvneshwar Kumar
17.6 B Kumar to R Singh
4 FOUR! Bisected the two fielders and gathered a boundary! Full and outside off. Ramandeep opens the face of the bat and squeezes it through the gap between point and backward point region for a boundary to end the over. 
17.5 B Kumar to R Singh
2 Much full and around 4th stump line. Ramandeep opens the face of the bat and squeezes it to third man for a couple of runs.