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ADSW vs SYTW 48th Match, WBBL 2023

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Adelaide Strikers Women won by 3 runs 🏆
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18th Over:
= 9
Last Over:
= 12
This Over:
= 5
SYTWSYTW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 3818
10 Over 4437
15 Over 7267
ADSWADSW - 1st Innings
6 Over 4126
10 Over 5047
15 Over 8376
20 Over 119121


Inn 1
Inn 2
12:40 PM IST, 6:10 Local Time: What a game it turned out to be! We did expect this fixture to be evenly balance during our preview and it certainly did deliver at the end. 

Here's hoping to more such nail biting finishes as we roll forward in the WBBL. We will be seeing you soon with more cricketing action in the near future, as for now this is Wali, Ninaad and Yogesh signing off. Take care everyone! 
Laura Wolvaardt is the player of the match.

12:25 PM IST, 5:55 Local Time: So that’s that and it’s the Adelaide Strikers that have secured a win by just three runs in what was an exhilarating affair.

Batting first the Adelaide Strikers compiled a first innings total of 121/7 from 20 overs. It all started with Marizanne Kapp wreaking havoc in the very first over as she dismissed Katie Mack 0 (1) and Tahila McGrath 4 (4) in the very first over. 

Bridget Patterson 6 (16) didn’t have much to offer as she got run out. Madeline Penna was sent back to the hut soon after by Hannah Darlington. Despite the constant fall of wickets, Laura Wolvaardt made sure to stay there as she along with Danielle Gibson 20 (18) added a 43-run stand in the middle. 

With the score being at 80/7 from 16.2 overs, things seemed grim for the Strikers. However, that’s when Wolvaardt 70 (61)* came to her best and powered through the final few overs along with Meagan Schutt 16 (10)*. The duo contributed with a quickfire 41 run partnership which got the Adealaide Strikers to a target worth fighting for.

It was a measured knock by Laura Wolvaardt specifically as she made sure to anchor the innings despite the fall of wickets and took the onus of accelerating towards the fag end. 

As for the run chase, it was a dream start for the Strikers as they bagged the dangerous Chamari Athapaththu 0 (3) in the first over with Jemma Barsby chipping in. Phoebe Litchfield 1 (3) was dismissed in the very next over by Megan Schutt as the pressure was now back on Thunder. Heather Knight 11 (24) did establish a slow start but eventually chopped it onto her own stumps in Anesu Mushangwe’s over.

Marizanne Kapp 16 (27) did try to restabilize the innings but was adjourned LBW with Amanda-Jade Wellington being the bowler.

Anika Learoyd 14 (17) and Olivia Porter 9 (9) were dismissed by Darcie Brown and Megan Schutt respectively.

With the score being at 67/6 from 15.2 overs, that’s when things took a dramatic turn as Tahila Wilson and Sammy Jo-Johsnon displayed grit and character as they stormed their way to a 47 run stand in no-time. 

Both these batters put the pressure back on the Strikers and it seemed that they could snatch a win from the jaws of defeat.  Wilson 33 (23) struck five boundaries, whereas, Sammy-Jo Johsnon 26 (14)* bagged two fours and two sixes. With nine needed off the final over the odds were in favour of Thunder. But that’s when Anesu Mushangwe displayed class and composure as she gave away just six runs with four dot balls-including a wicket of Tahila Wilson in that final over. 

For the Strikers, it was Anesu Mushangwe who stood-out with her spell of 2/24. Megan Schutt bagged two wickets as well and made sure to chip in with her all-round abilities today. However, the star of the show was Laura Wolvaardt who played a pivotal knock in the first innings to keep her side in the game. 

The Sydney Thunder will be disappointed to not get over the line after having two set batters out there in the last over, whereas, the Adelaide Strikers will be relieved as well as satisfied to defend a below par target with excellence. 

Sydney Thunder Women
Lauren Smith
Sammy-Jo Johnson
Anesu Mushangwe
19.6 A Mushangwe to L Smith
4 FOUR RUNS TO FINISH THE GAME OFF BUT STRIKERS GET THE VICTORY! Full length delivery on the leg stump, flights it quite well. Smith gets down on a knee and plays a wonderful slog sweep. Finds the space between deep square and deep midwicket. The former moves to her left and jumps to stop the ball but it bounces over and clears the fence.
New batsman on crease
  • RUNS105
  • SR100.00
  • AVG9.00
19.5 A Mushangwe to T Wilson
W IN THE AIR AND TAKEN!!!! MUSHANGWE WINS THE GAME FOR THE STRIKERS! A well flighted delivery on good length and the off stump. Wilson uses her feet yet again and swings hard to clear the leg side field. The ball is high and not long. Deep square leg runs to her left, settles underneath and takes the skier! 8 needed off 1 ball!
19.4 A Mushangwe to S Johnson
1 Connects bat with ball this time but gets just one run. Length delivery pitching outside leg, hit in the air towards deep midwicket. 2 boundaries required to seal the deal for Thunder.
Excellent bowling by Mushangwe as nine runs are required of three deliveries now!
19.3 A Mushangwe to S Johnson
0 Johnson advances by a yard and stays leg side of the ball, Mushangwe follows with a quicker delivery and hits the pads, three consecutive dots!
19.2 A Mushangwe to S Johnson
0 Play and a miss yet again! Googly on length and leg stump, Johnson gets on the front foot and swings hard across, misses in the keeper's gloves.
19.1 A Mushangwe to S Johnson
0 Over the wicket comes Mushangwe. Builds the pressure on Johnson with a dot ball. Bowls quick on length and leg stump, Johnson heaves across but misses and is hit on the body.
We've got a thriller here as nine runs are required off just six deliveries! 
Sydney Thunder Women
Tahlia Wilson
Sammy-Jo Johnson
Megan Schutt
18.6 M Schutt to T Wilson
4 FOUR RUNS!! Moves back to over the stumps, an ill directed length delivery on the pads. Wilson moves back and has enough time to work this away behind square in the leg side. Beats long leg to her left for four runs! 9 runs needed off the final over!
18.5 M Schutt to S Johnson
1 Around the wicket. Aims the leg stump with a yorker. Johnson digs it out past the bowler. Single collected as long off snoops in.
18.4 M Schutt to T Wilson
1 Short and outside the off stump, pulled towards deep midwicket for a single.
18.3 M Schutt to S Johnson
1 Length ball on the middle stump, strikes it hard but finds long on.