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ADSW vs SYSW 45th Match, WBBL 2023

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Adelaide Strikers Women won by 7 wickets 🏆
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15th Over:
= 3
16th Over:
= 11
Last Over:
= 8
This Over:
= 5
ADSWADSW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4234
10 Over 6666
15 Over 106100
SYSWSYSW - 1st Innings
6 Over 4241
10 Over 7158
15 Over 9591
20 Over 132122


Inn 1
Inn 2
4:26 PM IST, 9:56 PM Local Time | That's all for this match from WBBL folks! The big day arrives tomorrow as India battle Australia to crown the winner of the men's CWC! This will be preceded by another WBBL double-header! Plenty of cricket action to look forward to, join us for all the LIVE coverage! 

Until then, this is Anirudh Modi, signing off along with my co-commentator Arijit Kundu, and our scorer/analyst Yogesh Kumar! See you on the next one! 
4:16 PM IST, 9:46 PM Local Time | Adelaide Strikers have cruised away in this run-chase and come out with a comprehensive victory over their opponents! They defeat Sydney Sixers by 7 wickets to take crucial points home and solidify their place in the playoffs! 

A match where Sydney Sixers won the powerplays of both innings but were not able to keep it going over a long period of time. Adelaide Strikers won the toss and elected to bowl first,
 and it looked ominous as Ellyse Perry got off to a fast start as the Sixers ended the powerplay with the scoreboard reading 32/0 after the first 4 overs. 

However, post the powerplay the Adelaide bowlers put on the choke and Suzie Bates was the first one to depart in the 5th over. There was no looking back for Adelaide after that as apart from Perry's 37 runs off 36 balls at the top and Chloe Tryon's 39 runs off 28 balls were the only two scores to breach the 10 run-mark in this innings. 

Danielle Gibson was the pick of the bowlers for her figures of 3/34 from her 4 overs. While Megan Schutt's fantastic spell of 0/16 fro 4 overs restricted the Sixers to a total of 122/8 from their 20 overs. 

Come the chase, once again Sydney Sixers were the team who got the better start. By the end of the powerplay they had reduced the Strikers to just 19/1 after the first 4 overs. The Sixers had hope but Katie Mack and Tahlia McGrath were adamant to not repeat the Sixers' mistakes. 

Katie Mack scored a crucial 45 runs off 37 balls to put her team in the driver's seat while Tahlia McGrath's unbeaten 38 runs off 35 balls allowed Patterson and Penna to play effective cameos to power their team over the finishing line in the 18th over of the chase. 

Lauren Cheatle, Ellyse Perry and Kate Peterson all got a wicket each for the Sixers but in the end it proved to be in vain as the Adelaide Strikers sealed a 7-wicket win.
17.3 L Cheatle to T McGrath
4 FOURRR!!! Slapped hard to bring the victory in some charismatic fashion. T-Mac steers her side to victory with this finish. Length delivery wide outside the off. Width on the offering and the skipper does lose herself to a bottom-handed slash at it. The ball scurries towards deep backward point region and meets the fences in a jiffy. A lovely victory for the defending champions and they equalize the tally with Perth Scorchers Women at the top of the table.
17.2 L Cheatle to M Penna
1 Goes through the palms of the bowler. Penna comes from around the wicket into the right hander. Low full-toss near the off stump. Penna went for the tonk down the ground and could only toe-end it. The long off covers up for a single. There was a chance of caught and bold but not that easy for the bowler.
17.1 L Cheatle to M Penna
0 Cheatle back into the attack from over the wicket. Full and near the off stick. Penna drives it towards cover-point's left.
Adelaide Strikers Women
Tahlia McGrath
Madeline Penna
Linsey Smith
16.6 L Smith to M Penna
1 Full and quicker a touch. Near the off from the bowler and Penna drills it towards long off for a single.
16.5 L Smith to M Penna
0 Pushes the length up and outside the off. Penna pushes it towards long off for a single.
16.4 L Smith to M Penna
2 Short of a length and outside the off. Penna weighs back and works it towards sweeper cover for a couple.
16.3 L Smith to T McGrath
1b Chance of a stumping and the keeper misses to grab the ball. T-Mac survives and the ball goes behind to offer some bye run. Full and aired up towards fifth stump. Tahlia went for the big slog down the ground after a bit of shimmy.
16.2 L Smith to T McGrath
4 FOURRR!!! Aired up outside the off stump line. T-Mac comes down the ground with a leg-stump guard. She goes inside out along the ground, nice use of bottom hands on this. Beats the cover point fielder to her right and the ball goes for a boundary.
16.1 L Smith to T McGrath
0 Full and aired up outside the off. T-Mac drives it towards cover for none.
Adelaide Strikers Women
Madeline Penna
Tahlia McGrath
Ashleigh Gardner
15.6 A Gardner to T McGrath
1 Back of a length at the off. T-Mac opens it towards backward point late.
15.5 A Gardner to M Penna
1 Length delivery, turns in at the middle and leg. Heaved it towards deep mid wicket for a solo.
15.4 A Gardner to M Penna
4 FOUR AGAIN!!! Full and aired up near the fourth stump line. Easy for a right-handed batter to charge the right-arm off-spinner. It was in the slot and Penna smacked it down the ground just over the hand of Gardner who stretched out for a take.
15.3 A Gardner to M Penna
4 FOURRR!! Short of a length and outside the off peg. Turns into the right-hander who picks it up early and hoicks it after going a bit deep inside the crease. Penna times it towards the gap behind deep square leg.