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BHW vs PRSW 5th Match, WBBL 2023

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Brisbane Heat Women won by 50 runs 🏆
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4s: 0
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G Voll

Econ: 3.39
18th Over:
= 12
Last Over:
= 4
This Over:
= 4
PRSWPRSW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5568
10 Over 110100
15 Over 143135
BHWBHW - 1st Innings
6 Over 5056
10 Over 89100
15 Over 150160
20 Over 213229


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That's it from our coverage of this game. Don't go too far away as the Sydney Smash is on its way next. Switch tabs to follow the action from there. Stay tuned to our network for all other cricketing actions across the globe and formats. For now, this is Ayan Chatterjee signing off on behalf of Saptak Sanyal alongside scorer/analyst Dushyant Madhukar Kumar. Stay safe, happy, and cool. Goodbye and CHEERS!  
Grace Harris(Player of the Match)- "I think when things go well it keeps going well. I think our bowlers did really well. We bowled a lot of slower balls and that went well for us.

The bat was quite loose at the beginning and I was batting well with the bat. In the end, I don't mind breaking the bat as the ball went to six. I switched to a new bat and played well with that bat too.

I think we played reallly good cricket today. Voll bowled well today and that shows that different players can step up in different conditions for us. Today it was a good game for me. Some other day, some other one will step up.""
11:17 AM IST, 4:47 PM Local Time: A comfortable win for Brisbane Heat Women as they outclass the Perth Scorchers Women by 50 runs. It was the Grace Harris show as she single-handedly won the game for her side. Perth tried to make a match out of it, but it was a bridge too far in the end as Brisbane got over the line.  

Chasing a mammoth score of 230 for the win, Perth Scorchers lost Lauren Winfield-Hill for 14. But Beth Mooney kept the fight for her side as she scored a brilliant 60 off 30 balls but she could not carry on unfortunately. Skipper Sophie Devine scored 14. Amy Jones showcased her prowess and scored 30 off 17 balls. Edgar struggled for her 12 off 22 balls. Alana King scored 11 off 10 balls. Lilly Mills scored 14 off 9 balls. 20 extras given by the fielding side as Perth Scorchers Women ended with 179/8 in 20 overs. 

For the Brisbane Heat Women bowling point of view, Courtney Grace Sippel was the pick of the bowlers with figures of 4/27 in 4 overs. A couple of wickets for Jess Jonassen while Georgia Voll and Grace Harris got a wicket each to their names. The batting did it and the bowlers backed them up. 

Earlier in the game, Brisbane Heat Women were put into bat first and then we witnessed the Grace Harris show. She carried her bat today and scored a masterful 136 off 59 balls and single-handedly won the game for her side. She hit 12 fours and 11 sixes in the innings.  Georgia Redmayne scored 15 off 12 balls as her opening partner. Mignon du Preez gave good support to Harris as she scored 39 off 23 balls. Bes Heath scored 16 off 11 balls. 7 extras were given by the fielding side as Brisbane Heat ended with 229/7 in 20 overs. 

Amy Edgar got three wickets for the Perth Scorchers while Ainsworth at the top got a couple of wickets. A wicket apiece for captain Sophie Devine and Lilly Mills as well. Most of the bowlers were taken to the cleaners by Grace Harris who was superb for the Heat. 

So, Brisbane Heat Women win by 50 runs and make it 2 wins out of 2 in WBBL 2023. Stay tuned to hear what the Player of the Match has to say.   
Perth Scorchers Women
Chloe Ainsworth
Piepa Cleary
Georgia Voll
19.6 G Voll to C Ainsworth
0 That's the game!!!! Heat secures an excellent victory by 50 runs. Full delivery at the stump line. Ainsworth drives it straight back to the bowler for no run. Brisbane Heat Women played really well throughout the game and outplayed their opposition.
19.5 G Voll to C Ainsworth
0 Good length ball over the top of middle stump. Ainsworth misses to play any shot.
19.4 G Voll to C Ainsworth
2 Couple from Ainsworth. Length ball around off. She plays the ball uppishly towards cover area for a quick couple as the fielder moves way to her right to collect the ball.
19.3 G Voll to P Cleary
1 Fuller delivery at the off stump. Clearly clipped it to deep midwicket for one.
19.2 G Voll to C Ainsworth
1 Full delivery at the fourth stump. Chloe lofts it with not much timing to long off for one.
19.1 G Voll to L Mills
W Mills departs now and the Scorchers are 8 down! Full delivery at the stumps. Mills on her front foot lofts the delivery straight to the deep midwicket fielder who takes a good high catch.
Perth Scorchers Women
Piepa Cleary
Lilly Mills
Jess Jonassen
New batsman on crease
  • RUNS54
  • SR117.00
  • AVG27.00
18.6 J Jonassen to A King
W Wicket! King goes back now. Slightly on good length and angling at the off and middle stump line. King goes for a hit over the leg side but misses it completely to wear it on her pad. Umpire raises his finger immediately after the appeal.
18.5 J Jonassen to A King
0 Full delivery angling outside leg stump. King gets hit on her pad missing the slog sweep.
18.4 J Jonassen to L Mills
1 Low full toss angling at the off stump. Mills tried to heave it but the ball went upwards towards square leg but the fielder misses the catch. Single.
18.3 J Jonassen to A King
1lb Good length here, King works it away for a single as she wears it on the pads. Leg bye.