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NSW vs WFW 30th Match, The Hundred W 2023

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Northern Superchargers Women won by 16 runs 🏆
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S Ismail Jersy
4s: 1
6s: 0
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C Nicholas Jersy
4s: 0
6s: 0
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A Davidson Richards Jersy
Econ: 7.25
18th Five:
= 7
19th Five:
= 5
20th Five:
= 7
WFWWFW - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3618
50 Balls5669
75 Balls10896
NSWNSW - 1st Innings
25 Balls3038
50 Balls7067
75 Balls104108
100 Balls143144


Inn 1
Inn 2
So, that marks an end to the coverage of this exciting encounter. Northern Superchargers would be elated to gift the crowd something to cheer for as they leapfrog over the Fire and make it to the second position. They still have a chance to finish at the top and enter the final provided Manchester Originals thrash Southern Brave by a huge margin. 

So, that was it from this game. It's Arijit Kundu, signing off alongside co-commentator Saptak Sanyal and scorer/analyst Zeeshan Naiyer from the live coverage. Stay tuned to the network for more cricketing amusement.
Marie Kelly ( Player of the Match- Northern Superchargers): "I think I got some consistent role, they gave me some good opportunities. The message was to go aggressive and take on the bowlers. I tried to stick to the basics and play strokes as per my abilities. I just loved my stay there. I like fielding at the deep and I think that is a reason I was in the action today."
Player of the Match: Marie Kelly
10:13 PM IST, 17:43 Local Time: A convincing win for the Northern Superchargers and an indispensable one for them. The home team remains undefeated in their backyard this season and surges high up in the points table with 12 points. They will have to wait and see how the Southern Brave go about their business against the Manchester Originals which will decide their final settlement in the table.

The Welsh Fire were on the back foot while coming out to chase a target of 145 runs in 100 balls. They lost the skipper Tammy Beaumont in the third ball of the innings who was baited at the deep by Lucy Higham. Hayley Mathews and Sarah Bryce failed to glitter and followed her in quick time. 

The Superchargers used different bowlers initially to not let the batters settle against a particular type. Sophia Dunkley and Laura Harris were the only positive stand that was looking to snatch the ball from the court of Superchargers but did not last long enough to see the visitors home. While Harris fired a 37-run knock of 20 balls, Dunkley tried to tinker around.

The 62-run partnership between the two Fires failed to yield the desired result as the lower middle-order failed to take the baton forward. There were a lot of sloppiness in the field from the defending side but Kate Cross brought her experience in play and broke the important partnership by knocking Harris over with a peach of a yorker.

Soon, the other bowlers coupled her well and brought the timely wickets. Dunkley followed Harris in quick time and things widened up for the home side. The equation got difficult with every passing ball and eventually, the deficit remained to be of 16 runs. 

In the first innings, Northern Superchargers managed to pile up 144 runs in this important game. Jemimah Rodrigues and Marie Kelly started off well but the former failed to continue her way with the bat, giving her wicket to Sophia Dunkley in her first over. It was a terrific catch grabbed by the bowler, shuffling to her left and low.

Phoebe Litchfield came in at no.3 and continued with her good form in the competition with 40 off 26 balls. She mixed it up with some fancy and orthodox shots while Kelly played her part anchoring for a while. The pair glued 54 runs for the second wicket before Litchfield was caught and bowled by Claire Nicholas.

The middle order failed to do the needful as the Fire's managed to induce a couple of more wickets. A bit of lusty blow from Georgia Wareham contributed to steering past the 140 runs mark with the set batter, Kelly, doing her part from the other end.

Stay tuned for the post-match presentations which start shortly.
20th Five
Welsh Fire Women
Shabnim Ismail
Claire Nicholas
Alice Davidson Richards
2-29(20 b)
100b Richards to S Ismail
4 Four to end the innings. Ismail shifted to leg side and tried to heave the length ball, on middle stump but got leading edge towards third man over the in-field fielders and the ball went towards the fence. Northern Superchargers won by 16 runs!
99b Richards to S Ismail
0 Dot ball now. Full, angling to off stump. Ismail played this to mid on fielder for no run.
98b Richards to C Nicholas
1 Length ball, on off. Placed between extra cover and mid off for a run.
97b Richards to S Ismail
1 Single again! Low full toss, outside off. Ismail shuffled to leg and timed it to extra cover for a run.
96b Richards to C Nicholas
1 23 from 4 now! Full, on off. Driven to extra cover fielder inside the circle for a run.
We are down to the final set. Practically, it is possible but the Welsh Fire needs some magic. Obviously, its a mammoth task for the batters.
19th Five
Welsh Fire Women
Claire Nicholas
Shabnim Ismail
Kate Cross
2-19(20 b)
95b K Cross to S Ismail
1 Single to end the over. Full, on off. Punched to long on down the ground for a run.
94b K Cross to S Ismail
0 Free hit waisted again. Full, outside leg. Ismail wanted to go inside out but missed it.
Free-hit on the card. But have to appreciate the take from Heath behind the poles.
94b K Cross to S Ismail
NB High full toss over the batters head. No ball called.
27 runs are required from 7 deliveries now.
93b K Cross to S Ismail
0 Length ball, on off stump. Ismail punched it to extra cover fielder for no run.
92b K Cross to S Ismail
2 Nicholas created room on off and lofted the length ball, in the middle towards long on where the fielder ran and saved crucial two runs.