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SBW vs WFW 17th Match, The Hundred W 2023

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Southern Brave Women won by 2 wickets πŸ† Click to Edit
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4s: 0
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S Ismail

Econ: 4.75
18th Five:
= 12
19th Five:
= 8
20th Five:
= 9
SBWSBW - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3543
50 Balls7977
75 Balls117107
WFWWFW - 1st Innings
25 Balls3147
50 Balls15275
75 Balls112117
100 Balls153144


Inn 1
Inn 2
That brings an end to our coverage for this game. Keep joining us for more cricketing action all around the globe. For now, this is Akshay Bhide, signing off, on behalf of scorer Zeeshan Naiyer. Tata. Bye Bye.
Georgia Adams (Hero of the Match): "We have had a couple of nail-biters and it will take some time to get the adrenaline down. I don’t spin the ball much. So I decided to bowl straighter and the plan is working very well.

To restrict them to that total, it was a pretty good effort from us. It was about time I stood up with the bat in hand and happy to perform today. Great to get a few runs and seal the game.

It’s a great win for us. Gives us momentum going home for the next few games."
Hero of the Match: Georgia Adams
10:05 PM IST, 5:35 PM Local Time: Phew!!! What a thrilling game we have just witnessed. Shabnim Ismail managed to defend nine runs the other day against the Birmingham Phoenix Women but it wasn't the case today as the Southern Brave Women manage to get across the line on the last ball to win the game by two wickets. With this, they move to the top of the points table.

Chasing 145 was always going to be a stiff task. The Brave Women lost Danielle Wyatt on a duck in the very first set. Smriti Mandhana along with Maia Bouchier started building a partnership and kept scoring at a brisk rate. They put 77 between them for the second wicket before Mandhana holed out in the deep on 41. Bouchier looked solid at the crease for her 42 before falling.

Georgia Adams played some fantastic shots but lacked support from the other end. Adams hit a couple of lusty blows but they kept losing wickets at regular intervals. Adams hit three boundaries and two sixes before holing out in the deep after scoring 40 off just 24 balls. 

The Southern Brave Women required nine runs to win off the last set and Shabnim Ismail was handed the responsibility of defending it. An error from Sarah Bryce resulted in four byes. With one required to win from one ball, Maitlan Brown (5*) and Anya Shrubsole (0*) stole a quick leg bye to take the Brave Women across the line with two wickets in hand. Ismail, Freya Davies and Georgia Elwiss picked up two wickets each for Fire but they failed they were unsuccessful in defending the total.

Earlier, the Welsh Fire Women were asked to bat first and after losing Tammy Beaumont early in their innings, Sophia Dunkley and Sarah Bryce stitched a brilliant partnership. Both kept the Southern Brave at bay and played some fantastic shots. Dunkley brought up her fifty but was cleaned up soon.

Bryce played a good knock of 44* off 36 balls to take the Southern Brave Women to 144 at the end of their 100 balls. Laura Harris also played a fantastic cameo of 19 off eight balls. The Southern Brave Women picked up five wickets in total, with Georgia Adams finishing with two. Eventually, the game went down the wire and the Southern Brave Women held their nerves to emerge victorious by two wickets in hand.
20th Five
Southern Brave Women
Maitlan Brown
Anya Shrubsole
Shabnim Ismail
2-19(20 b)
100b S Ismail to A Shrubsole
1lb That's it. The batters complete a quick leg bye and the Southern Brave Women win the game. What an end to this thrilling game. Ismail bowls it full and angling in on the pads, Shrubsole looks to flick it but misses and wears it on the front pad. The ball rolls in the off side and the batters steal a quick run. Ismail hits the stumps at the striker's end but Brown has made her ground. With this, the Southern Brave Women win the game by two wickets.
1 from 1 now. Anya Shrubsole on strike. Shabnim Ismail to bowl. All the fielders are in the ring, saving a single.
99b S Ismail to M Brown
1lb Fuller delivery on the pads and Brown misses the flick. She wears it on the front pad and the ball rolls to the right of the pitch. She scampers across for a quick leg bye. Ismail gets to the ball and tries to underarm it on the stumps at the bowler's end but misses. A direct hit and Brown was gone.
2 from 2 required.
New batsman on crease
  • RUNS55
  • SR117.00
  • AVG18.00
98b S Ismail to M Brown
1+W On a length outside off and Brown slogs it off the inside half of the bat towards deep mid wicket. She calls for two straightaway but Dunkley from the boundary is quick to the ball and fires in a throw at the bowler's end. Ismail collects it and whips the bails as Southby is well short of the crease.
97b S Ismail to M Brown
4b FOUR BYES!!!! What have you done Sarah Bryce? Ismail bowls it on a length around leg and Brown looks to heave it into the leg side but misses. Bryce behind the stumps fails to collect it cleanly and it runs away for four byes. 3 from 3 now.
96b S Ismail to M Brown
2 Ismail bangs it short and Brown mistimes the pull to the right of long on. Harris in the deep is a bit slow to get to the ball and it allows Brown to get back on strike. 7 from 4 now.
Southern Brave Women require 9 runs from 5 balls. Shabnim Ismail to bowl it.
19th Five
Southern Brave Women
Rhianna Southby
Maitlan Brown
Freya Davies
2-29(20 b)
Rhianna Southby walks out to bat next.