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NS vs WF 30th Match, The Hundred 2023

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Welsh Fire won by 8 wickets 🏆
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J Clarke
4s: 5
6s: 2
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4s: 1
6s: 0
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M Potts

Econ: 9.25
16th Five:
= 9
17th Five:
= 6
18th Five:
= 13
WFWF - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3847
50 Balls8677
75 Balls112131
NSNS - 1st Innings
25 Balls3818
50 Balls5261
75 Balls9793
100 Balls129158


Inn 1
Inn 2
That's all from the coverage of this game. Hope you enjoyed our presentation. This is Vikhyat Jain taking your leave on behalf of Akshay Bhide and Zeeshan Naiyer. See you next time until then, Tada!
Harry Brook (Hero of the Match): "I was trying to concentrate on taking the team over the line but happy with the innings I played tonight. I was just trying to hit the ball hard and straight.
We knew we had to get a big score on the board and that clarity helped me.

That’s the tough thing really. Not getting enough time to gel. There are many young players who we haven’t known much and that’s the challenge.

(On not getting selected for the World Cup 2023) We’ll see what happens. I just want to concentrate on every game that comes and try to contribute to whichever team I play for."

Hero of the Match: Harry Brook
1:36 AM IST, 9:06 PM Local Time: It turned out to be quite a cakewalk for the Welsh Fire in the end and they stay alive in the hunt. First the bowlers and then the top three for the Fire delivered tonight. Nothing taking away from Welsh's victory here but Brook's century has to be the highlight of the game.

After winning the toss and opting to bat first, Superchargers did not have the best of starts as they were reduced to 78/6 and things looked gloomy for them. But Harry Brook had some other plans. He stood tall from one end and anchored their innings single-handedly to take his team's total to a respective one. His brilliant century of 105* came off just 42 balls, ensuring that his team had something to bowl at. They eventually ended at 158 runs.

The Welsh Fire's bowlers were right on the money from the word go and Harry Brook was the only thorn in their rose. Willey was the pick of the bowlers as he scalped two wickets with splurging only 10 runs in his 15 balls. The other bowlers were too on the money and were only taken to the cleaners by Brook.

In response, Welsh Fire had a great start with Eskinazi leading the charge with a blitzkrieg of a fifty while Bairstow struggled to find his rhythm. After Eskinazi's dismissal, Clarke joined in and soon Bairstow started to get into his groove and accelerated. The runs kept coming and the wickets were hard to come by for the Superchargers and the game slipped away from them. Welsh Fire chased down the target quite comprehensively in the end. Welsh Fire are very much in the hunt for qualification here as they win this game by 8 wickets and 10 balls to spare.
18th Five
Welsh Fire
Luke Wells
Joe Clarke
Matthew Potts
0-37(20 b)
90b M Potts to L Wells
4 FOUR!!!! Outside edge and four. Length delivery well outside off, Wells throws his hands at it and gets a thick outside edge that flies past short third man for a boundary. With this, Welsh Fire beat the Northern Superchargers by eight wickets with 2 sets to spare and stay alive in the competition.
89b M Potts to J Clarke
1 Clarke moves to the leg side and Potts follows him with a fuller delivery as Clarke flicks it to deep mid wicket for a single.
88b M Potts to J Clarke
6 SIXXX!! Clarke is in a hurry to finish this game. Potts bowls it right in the slot on the stumps, Clarke gives himself some room and tonks it straight back over the bowler's head for a biggie. Just 5 needed now.
87b M Potts to J Clarke
0 Fuller delivery down leg and Clarke misses the flick. It brushes his pads and straight to Banton behind the stumps.
86b M Potts to L Wells
1 A low full toss outside off and Wells drives it straight to long off for a run.
86b M Potts to L Wells
WD A wide yorker from Potts just outside the tramline in the off side and has to reload that one.
17th Five
Welsh Fire
Luke Wells
Joe Clarke
Brydon Carse
1-13(10 b)
85b B Carse to J Clarke
1 Another short delivery from Carse and Clarke pulls it to deep mid wicket for a single.
84b B Carse to J Clarke
4 FOUR!!!! Clobbered by Clarke. Carse bowls it short around off, Clarke hangs back and pulls it hard wide of mid on for a blazing boundary. The ball runs away to the fence like a tracer bullet.
83b B Carse to L Wells
1 Length delivery on the stumps and Wells pushes it to mid off for a single.
New batter on crease
  • RUNS103
  • SR160.00
  • AVG17.00
82b B Carse to J Bairstow
W Is that OUT? If yes, it will go down as one of the incredible catches in the Hundred Competition. Short delivery from Carse and Bairstow pulls it aerially into the leg side. It looked like it was sailing over the ropes before Brook stationed at deep mid wicket leaps and grabs it. He was stepping outside the boundary and hence throws up in the air. Jumps back in and takes it but again was losing his balance as he throws it up in the air. Hose from deep square leg runs towards him and grabs the ball to complete the relay catch.
81b B Carse to J Bairstow
0 A wide yorker from Carse and Bairstow fails to get any bat on it. A dot to start the 17th set.