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ADKR vs SW 28th Match, ILT20 2023

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ADKR won by 5 wickets 🏆
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4s: 0
6s: 0
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4s: 1
6s: 0
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Econ: 9.55
14th Over:
= 5
15th Over:
= 1
Last Over:
= 7
This Over:
= 6
ADKRADKR - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4471
10 Over 10295
SWSW - 1st Innings
6 Over 4849
10 Over 8074
15 Over 11994
20 Over 136130


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Inn 2
So, that is it from myself, Karthik Raj, my co-commentator, Hitesh and the scorer for this game, Chandan Singh. Do join us two SA20 games and a solitary ILT20 fixture while the Test match between Zimbabwe and West Indies will also continue. There is always loads of cricket coming up these days! Until then, it is a warm goodbye.
Joe Clarke(Player of the match): " Yeah it was fun. We you are sort of chasing a small target like that it was key to get to a good start. Yeah, I always sort of try to kill the game in the starting 6 overs, yeah I got a chance today good to have luck on behind. The pitches have been a bit slower, we need to get used to that. Definitely, I would love to be back."
Sunil Narine (Abu Dhabi Knight Riders skipper): "Having come off a win, it brings smiles. We can take something positive from the tournament. Just think we lost the key moments. We have to keep going and win those key moments in order to win the matches. It is a new experience to captain. Wasn't that great results wise but everyone enjoyed and it made life easier for me. Even though we were losing, guys were keen to come back and start again. (Whether he will be captain next time) Whatever happens, will take it in the stride."
Moeen Ali(Sharjah Warriors Skipper): " Yeah I mean it was more like self-destruction. We actually started off pretty well in the last 10 overs but it was disastrous. We tried to send a message to the guys to start giving the singles but it didn't work and in the fielding, we dropped a catch. Yeah, we don't wanna lose the last game we need to prepare well. Dubai Capitals will be playing before us so we will have the clarity of what to do."
Time for the post-match presentation ceremony!!!
Finally, ADKR get over the line with 20 balls to spare. It looked like an eternity as wickets kept falling despite being near to the target. The win was clearly set-up by the bowlers who restricted Sharjah Warriors to just 130. Sharjah didn't help themselves in their defense as Junaid Siddique dropped Joe Clarke in the very first over. Clarke took advantage of the life and took the Sharjah bowling attack on with Paul Stirling for company. The pair smacked a mammoth 71 runs in the Powerplay after which they slowed down a little.

Clarke was eventually dismissed by Marcus Stoinis as he top-edged a pull shot to Evin Lewis in the ninth over. Brandon King came in and played decently before he was dismissed for 19 by a short delivery from Jawadullah. ADKR's star man Andre Russell was sent to finish the match with the team only requiring 13 runs off 38 balls. However, Russell holed out to mid-off while looking to attack Naveen-ul Haq. The young Jawadullah added two more wickets to his tally as he sent back Paul Stirling and Charith Asalanka. In the end, Connor Estherhuizen played a couple of neat shots to eventually take ADKR home by five wickets.
16.4 N ul to C Esterhuizen
4 FOUR!!!!! ADKR have won this game by 5 wickets!!! Short delivery on the middle stump line,  Esterhuizen stays back in the crease and pulls it over the man at short mid-wicket. The ball races away towards the fence like a tracer bullet for four runs.
16.3 N ul to C Esterhuizen
0 Fuller length delivery on the off-stump line,  Esterhuizen drives it towards mid-off.
16.2 N ul to C Esterhuizen
2 Good length delivery on the off-stump line,  Esterhuizen punches it through the gap between point and the covers fielder, and the man at point chases the ball and puts in the slide. He saves a couple of runs for his team.
16.1 N ul to C Esterhuizen
0 Good length delivery outside the off-stump line, shaping away from the batter, Esterhuizen tries to defend it but gets beaten.
Abu Dhabi Knight Riders
Akeal Hosein
Connor Esterhuizen
Muhammad Jawad Ullah
15.6 Ullah to A Hosein
0 Good length delivery angling into the batter, Hosein defends it towards mid-on.
New batter on crease
  • RUNS35
  • SR57.00
  • AVG7.00
Umpire check for the catch. Naveen is confident. Front-foot is fine. The catch seems absolutely fine. The TV umpire also signals OUT on the big screen.
15.5 Ullah to K Asalanka
W GONE!!!! Another one bites the dust!!! Short delivery on the off-stump line, Asalanka tries to pull it on the leg side but gets a top edge and the ball sails up in the air. Naveen at the deep fine leg region takes the catch just near the ropes. The umpire is checking whether Naveen has touched the ropes after catching the ball, and TV replays show that he was not in the contact with the ropes and OUT is the decision from the umpire.
15.5 Ullah to K Asalanka
WD Short delivery outside the off-stump line, umpire signals it as wide.
15.4 Ullah to K Asalanka
4 FOUR!!!!! Short delivery on the off-stump line, Asalanka stays tall in his crease gets on top of the bounce and pulls it through the gap between mid-wicket and wide mid-on fielder the ball races down towards the fence for four runs.
15.3 Ullah to C Esterhuizen
1 Good length delivery on the off-stump line, Connor tries to defend it but gets an inside edge and the ball goes towards fine leg region.