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MSA vs NYS 15th Match, T10 League 2022

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New York Strikers won by 12 runs 🏆
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Econ: 12.50
8th Over:
= 16
Last Over:
= 9
This Over:
= 9
MSAMSA - 2nd Innings
4 Over 4643
NYSNYS - 1st Innings
4 Over 4449
10 Over 116110


Inn 1
Inn 2
That brings an end to our coverage for this game. Do switch tabs as the second game of the day begins shortly. For now, this is me, Akshay Bhide, signing off, on behalf of my co-commentator Ayan Chatterjee and scorer Paras Yadav. Tata. Bye bye.
Kieron Pollard | New York Strikers Captain: "You got to be quick and loose and with the age, I’m not that loose. But it was a team effort today. The way bowlers bowled after losing Wahab was brilliant. We spoke about what we needed to improve and try to be smarter. We know what we can do as a team and all are trying to do their best. Moeen was going across the stumps and the plan was to bowl straight. You have to take the gamble and it worked for us. The schedule has been nice for us and a rest day for us tomorrow."
Paul Stirling | Player of the Match: "We have just gotten into the competition. The first day was a bit scratchy but happy to get three wins in three games. It was a bit of a surprise to get the wicket of Miller. We have to play strokes upfront in the T10 format."
Paul Stirling is the Player of the Match.
Azam Khan is the Power Hitter of the Match.
Karim Janat receives the Magic Moment of the Match award.
Time for the post-match presentation.
Shimron Hetmyer: "Yes, we tried. One more from the middle of the bat and we would have gone home. With the bat, I haven't got the opportunity as I haven't had to do much. Heartbroken to lose today and not help the team win. I think it's a process and honestly, I feel this is a bump in the road for us. The positive for us is that we pulled things back and restricted them to 110. So, we need to trust the process. I absolutely love playing over here in this tournament." 
Akshay | 09:38 PM IST: That’s the end of this fixture. It went down to the wire and the Strikers hold their nerves to defend 111 successfully. The New York Strikers hand Morrisville Samp Army their first loss of the Abu Dhabi T10 League 2022 as they win the game by 12 runs. 

Chasing 111, Moeen Ali and Johnson Charles got the Samp Army to a good start. Both were going nicely before Charles fell on 20 in the fourth over. David Miller couldn’t make an impact as Paul Stirling dismissed him on two. It allowed the Strikers to get back in the contest as the boundaries dried up. The required run rate crept up as the Strikers bowled well in the middle phase.

With 47 required from the last three overs, Shimron Hetmyer teed off as he hit a couple of lusty blows before holing out in the deep in the ninth over on a 14-ball 24. Ravi Rampaul was handed the responsibility of defending 22 runs in the last over. He held his nerves and bowled beautifully to defend it successfully as the Strikers won the game by 12 runs. Moeen Ali tried hard and scored 42 but it wasn't enough. Rampaul finished with two wickets for the Strikers which helped them defend the total successfully.

Earlier, Morrisville Samp Army skipper Moeen Ali won the toss and asked the New York Strikers to bat first. Stirling played some excellent shot upfront and got them off to a flying start. Andre Fletcher fell on eight in the third over. Stirling was looking good but was dismissed on 34 in the fourth over. Karim Janat picked up the big wickets of Eoin Morgan and Kieron Pollard on successive deliveries.

Azam Khan looked solid at the other end he was unfazed by what was going on at the other end. The Strikers kept losing wickets at regular intervals but Khan stood tall and hit some lusty blows. He played a fantastic knock of 47 off just 21 balls to help his side post 110 on the board. The Samp Army picked up eight wickets in total, with Janat and Dwaine Pretorius finishing with three each. Anrich Nortje also chipped in with a couple of scalps. The batters then failed to step up and fell short by 12 runs. 
Morrisville Samp Army
Karim Janat
Chamika Karunaratne
Ravi Rampaul
9.6 R Rampaul to C Karunaratne
1 Chamika Karunaratne faces the final ball of the match and gets a run to end the over and innings. Length ball angling in Karunaratne looks to go up in the air and the catch is dropped by the fielder. It does not matter as Chamika will get a single to end the over and match. So, they finish with 98/5. The Strikers wins this game by 12 runs to win their third consecutive game. 
9.5 R Rampaul to D Pretorius
W WICKET! Yorker angling into the stumps, Pretorius looks to swing it away and misses as the ball clatters through and shatters the stumps. Pretorius departs for 2 as 5 down for 97. The game is sealed by the New York Strikers now. 
Boundary Check. Brilliant work from Pollard to run to his right and dive full length to stop it. He has kept it inside the ropes and the third umpire is satisfied with it.
9.4 R Rampaul to D Pretorius
2 Pretorius comes out to the center. Fuller length around off, Pretorius flicks it away to the midwicket region as Pollard gets around and lunges with the dive and keeps it down to a couple of runs. Great work by Pollard. 
New batter on crease
  • RUNS1
  • SR50.00
  • AVG1.00
9.3 R Rampaul to M Ali
W WICKET! This is surely the game now.  Full and straight angling in, Ali makes room to work it away and misses as he exposes the stumps. The ball sneaks through to clatter the stumps and shatters the hearts of Morrisville Samp Army. Ali departs for 42 off 25 balls. 4 down for 95.