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MLS vs SYT 56th Match, BBL 2022-23

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Sydney Thunder won by 3 wickets 🏆
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16th Over:
= 15
17th Over:
= 10
Last Over:
= 3
This Over:
= 10

Player of the Match

Chris Green
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Chris Green Jersy
6 (7)12 (10)0 1 0 0 85.71 120.00
P'ship : 16(13)
Last Wkt :   Daniel Sams 28(18)
BowlerL Wood
1-333.5 8.61
SYTSYT - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4531
10 Over 5649
15 Over 8382
MLSMLS - 1st Innings
6 Over 4435
10 Over 6161
15 Over 10292
20 Over 144119


Inn 1
Inn 2
So that's that and despite the scare, it's Sydney Thunder that will be taking on the Brisbane Heat in the eliminator!

Will there be another low scoring thriller on the cards or can we expect both sides to go for some heavy runs? Only time will tell! 

That being said, we had great fun covering this game for you and we will be back with more, until then, do take care of yourself as this is Akshay and Wali signing off! 
Chris Green (Player of the Match): "It was very hard sitting on that bench but we're into the finals by the barest of margins. The batting wasn't good enough but we'll have another crack in the finals. The bowling has been our main strength and we've been able to restrict teams to smaller totals and a few big partnerships from our end which got us over the line. Flying home tomorrow, exciting to host Brisbane Heat and our fans are also excited. They are playing good cricket at the moment and we'll have to do the same."
Chris Green is named the Player of the Match.

Who expected this one to go right down to the wire after the mid-innings break?

It’s the Sydney Thunder who eventually secure a win by three wickets and advance into the eliminator. Batting first, Melbourne Stars only managed to compile a meagre total of 119/7 from 20 overs. Joel Clarke 4 (4), Campbell Kellaway 13 (12) and Marcus Stoinis 8 (7) were dismissed cheaply, while Tom Rogers 35 (36) and Hilton Cartwright (36) did try to provide some stability out there in the middle.

However, spells of 3/24 by Usman Qadir, 2/19 by Chris Green and 1/13 by Gurinder Sandhu catapulted the chances for Thunder to get the win.  

It seemed that the Thunder batters would pave their way to a comfortable win, but that wasn’t to be, as the Melbourne Stars fought back in a terrific manner. Luke Wood got the better of the dangerous David Warner 2 (3), while Jason Sangha 10 (11) was stumped in Adam Zampa’s first over. 

Matthew Gilkes 20 (27) was dismissed by Beau Webster as the score read 41-3 in 9 overs. Davies 8 (17) also didn't have much to offer, and it was soon 49-4. But it was a crucial 28 (18) by Daniel Sams that turned the tide back in favour of Sydney Thunder. 

Sams struck three boundaries and a six to give his side the edge. A 16-run stand right towards the end by Chris Green 6 (7)* and Nathan McAndrew 12 (10)* got Sydney Thunder the all-important win in the penultimate over. 

Although the Melbourne Stars endured yet another defeat, they will be proud of their bowling performance that was put in today. Adam Zampa led by example through his marvellous spell of 3/26 in four overs.  Luke Wood, Nathan Coulter-Nile and Beau Webster chipped in with a wicket apiece. 

18.5 L Wood to N McAndrew
4 FOUR!!!! Nathan McAndrew finishes things in style. He takes his side home and into the finals. They will host Brisbane Heat in the Eliminator at home. Coming to the ball, this was on a length on the stumps, McAndrew takes his front leg out of the way and hoicks it over mid wicket for a cracking boundary. With this, Sydney Thunder beat Melbourne Stars by three wickets.
18.4 L Wood to N McAndrew
2 A top edge and safe. Short from Wood, McAndrew pulls at it and gets a top edge over the keeper's head for a couple of runs.
18.3 L Wood to N McAndrew
2 Fuller delivery outside off, McAndrew lifts it over covers and Cartwright in the deep mops it up and keeps it to two.
18.2 L Wood to C Green
1 Back of a length delivery around off, Green punches it to the sweeper in the off side for a single.
The physio is out there in the middle, conducting mandatory concussion tests. McAndrew looks good to continue.
18.1 L Wood to N McAndrew
1lb Wood from round the wicket bowls it short and McAndrew fails to connect on the pull. He wears it on the helmet and the ball rolls behind to the keeper. The batters steal a leg bye.
10 required from the last 2 overs. Luke Wood to bowl the penultimate.
Sydney Thunder
Chris Green
Nathan McAndrew
Liam Hatcher
17.6 L Hatcher to C Green
0 Length delivery on the stumps, Green defends and Zampa at covers dives to his right to stop it. Just three runs coming off this over.
17.5 L Hatcher to N McAndrew
1 Hatches goes full and McAndrew drills it straight and Kellaway at mid on dives full length to his left to stop it. Saves three for his side.
17.4 L Hatcher to N McAndrew
0 A sharp bouncer from Hatcher and McAndrew fails to connect on the pull. Dot ball.
17.3 L Hatcher to N McAndrew
2 Length delivery outside off, McAndrew opens his bat face and guides it past point and hurries back for the second.
17.2 L Hatcher to N McAndrew
0 This one nips back off length and McAndrew is cut into half as he gets beaten on the inside edge while defending it. Good bowling from Hatcher.
17.1 L Hatcher to N McAndrew
0 Hatcher to bowl out. Angles it on the stumps and McAndrew defends it straight towards mid on.