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ENGW vs SAW Only Match TEST, RSAW vs ENGW 2022

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SAW 284(91.4)
Match Drawn
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4s: 3
6s: 0
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4s: 8
6s: 0
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Econ: 3.25
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= 8
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= 4
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Heather Knight and Sune Luus share the trophy!! The series has ended in a draw!! That's it from us today, I am Ovaise Shariff signing off on behalf of my co-commentators Ishan and Sai Pavan alongside scorer/analyst Ghanendra. Hope you enjoy the coverage, do join us for all the other games from around the globe. Until then it's goodbye and goodnight. 
Heather Knight| England captain: It was disappointing, we really took the game forward with bat and ball in every session but a bit of a shame the rain got in the way. The weather has intervened in our previous three Tests, it is something we should look at. It's been so exciting to stand at first slip and see these girls hare in, it is almost a start of a new era. Alice Richards showed great maturity on her debut in a new role for her. Brilliant to see Nat Sciver bat the way they did, we were 120/5 at one point, but she took us out of that position, very excited to have her in our team. We'll now have the weekend off but now prepare for the white ball game - a format we are more familiar with, maybe a chance to give youngsters a chance. 
South Africa Captain | Sune Luus: "It was loads of fun, obviously something new for most of us but definitely something we want to do in the future. Maybe just more preparation time for us. But I think the girls had lots of fun and lots of learning that we take out of this. It was a great experience. Obviously something very new working through each session and trying to figure out what to do, but it was a great opportunity and I had lots of fun. [On Sekhukhune] I think she's trending on Facebook as The Wall of China at the moment which is really cool. But she showed a lot of us how to bat out there and how to stay patient. In terms of her career, this was a big stepping stone. She can call herself an allrounder now. It was awesome to see the girl flourish. We're obviously looking forward to the white ball [games]. Something we're used to and something we know as well. We just came off a series in Ireland where we had some ODI as well as T20 preparation. Looking forward to next week, have a couple of warm-up games and then very excited to get into it." 
Player of the match | Nat Sciver: "It's been a difficult four days but I'm really happy to be able to contribute to our team. Any time I get to go out there with the Three Lions on my shirt is really special. The last couple of times have been brilliant. It's just about being a bit more disciplined and trying to make good decisions throughout the innings really and then just being really tight. If the game allows, then we can up the scoring rate a little bit. We had a few ebbs and flows a couple of days ago. It was really really nice to bat with Alice and for her to make her debut was really special. Putting a partnership on like that when the team was in a little bit of trouble was really cool. It's really exciting to see everyone debut this week. The cap presentation took a bit longer than usual. But it's really special for the four of them to make their debut here and play a format we don't get to play much but that we love. We've got a few days off. Might go home tonight or tomorrow and try to recharge a little bit. We'll have a few training days in Loughborough which is local to me so I'm quite happy with that but I'm ready for the ODI in Northampton." 

10:20 PM IST | Ovaise: ARGH!!! Rain had the last laugh and unfortunately, the umpires have decided to call it a day here looking at the weather conditions!!  The game was poised well before the start of Day 4 for a fabulous finish. It has been a frustrating day, What a shame!! England were able to pick up a few wickets early on in the but soon after the rain came and ate up most of the day. Lunch was taken early, and 2 hours of play was lost post that. The Groundsmen did a fabulous job in clearing out the excessive water and action returned for a while in the session post-lunch but again as we were heading towards the end, Rain was back and the players were off to their respective dressing rooms. Tea was taken early but the rain continues to pelt down!!  

A draw was enviable. There was an outside chance for England if they can bundle the visitors quickly and chase the runs down!! It was an extended day, we were set to have 100 overs, but the rain was relentless not allowing the play to resume. The Umpires decided that the weather isn't going to improve and called it stumps. Right then, the first test match ends in a draw!!!  

Ishan: Tea on the final Day of the Test has been taken, a pretty short session though. Marizanne Kapp and Tumi Sekhukhune resumed the proceeding after the Rain delay for South Africa and they leave the field again due to the arrival of the rain. They did a decent job to negotiate overs from the English bowlers'. Perhaps a few drop catches also helped them to gain 48 runs lead (185/5). Kapp (43*) and Sekhukhune(33*) are still at the crease, England would be cursing themselves for not taking their chances (taking catches) else it could have been a much better winning scenario for them. However, they would still be hopeful to wrap up South Africa's innings early and chase down the total in T20 mode. Fingers crossed! don't go anywhere, we will be back shortly with more updates. 
Ovaise: We are 10 minutes away from Tea and it has started to rain once again. Not a lot of overs will be lost, hoping to get you live-action after the Tea break! Tentatively around 9:30 PM IST.  It has been a frustrating day, What a shame!! The enviable draw looms, There is an outside chance for England if they can bundle the visitors quickly and chase the runs down!! Remember it's an extended day, we were set to have 100 overs. So lots of overs still remaining for a result but it all comes down to the weather gods here at Taunton. 
21.00 IST: More bad news England, rain has arrived again and players are leaving the field which means we may have Tea now.
68.1 I Wong to T Sekhukhune
0 Length ball, swing outside off, left alone.
South Africa Women
Marizanne Kapp
Tumi Sekhukhune
Natalie Sciver
67.6 N Sciver to M Kapp
4 Four!!! Just a gentle push from Kapp, that was pitched up on the off-stumps, she clears her front leg, leans forward a bit and played that down towards long-off for beautiful four.
67.5 N Sciver to M Kapp
0 Fullish, outside off, taps towards cover for no run.
67.4 N Sciver to M Kapp
0 Length ball, on the stump, defended on the backfoot.
67.3 N Sciver to M Kapp
0 Pitches that outside off, plays that towards cover for no run.
67.2 N Sciver to M Kapp
0 Fuller and straight again, defended on the place.
67.1 N Sciver to M Kapp
0 Full, on the stumps, played back to the bowler.
South Africa Women
Tumi Sekhukhune
Marizanne Kapp
Isabelle Wong
66.6 I Wong to T Sekhukhune
0  Dropped!  pitched on a good length, bit of extra bounce, got edge again but the slip fielder drops the dolly.
66.5 I Wong to T Sekhukhune
0 Length ball around outside off channel, got an outside edge which felt short o slip.