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OIW vs SBW Final, The Hundred W 2022

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Oval Invincibles Women won by 5 wickets ๐Ÿ†
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E Windsor
4s: 2
6s: 0
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M Kapp
4s: 5
6s: 0
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T McGrath

Econ: 4.74
16th Five:
= 3
17th Five:
= 5
18th Five:
= 4
19th Five:
= 9
OIWOIW - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3030
50 Balls6059
75 Balls8484
SBWSBW - 1st Innings
25 Balls3330
50 Balls6351
75 Balls8483
100 Balls122101


Inn 1
Inn 2

This is it from the live coverage of this game with Oval Invincible Women winning it by 5 Wickets and lifting THE HUNDRED TROPHY 2022. Thatโ€™s it for today from myself Nikhil Kalla alongside my co-commentator Shashank with our scorer/analyst Zeeshan Naiyer. See you soon again with more games to follow till then stay safe.

The moment has finally arrived!! Oval Invincibles team lift the trophy and the celebrations begin here at Lord's cricket ground. The Invincibles prove their invincibility yet again in this tournament, they are the first team to win The Hundred competition twice, by men/women.
Match Hero: Marizanne Kapp: "First of all thanks to Jesus again. It has been an amazing journey and a credit to each and every member of my team. You are always nervous in the Finals but luckily we got over the line here. I was really nervous at the end but the credit goes to Windsor for a good knock at the end. I have literally just been praying for every single delivery. I absolutely love the tournament and the crowd has been amazing. Thank you guys to come out and support the Women's cricket."
Suzie Bates (Oval Invincibles Women Skipper): "(On defending the trophy) Bit overwhelmed right now on what we have achieved, we only had four overseas players and a few injuries, Marizanne at under pressure there with the bat was just brilliant.

(On Kapp the All-rounder) Kapp is just the best player in the world and she has proved it time and again with these type of knocks.

(Key for Success) Our bowling did well this time, which was key for us, everyone who took the ball has done well and that gave us the momentum by fighting back from tough stages.

Alice Capsey has been a delight to watch from other end, its nice to have her on the same side, as I would hate to face her. (On playing with South African players) This is my first season here, these South Africans are fierce and competitive, good to have them by my side, they train hard and they produce results."

NIKHIL: So, we are done here with Oval Invincibles Women winning the Hundred Women by 5 wickets and retaining their title.

Southern Brave Women started off in a scintillating manner as both the openers took over the bowlers straight away. Southern Brave managed to score 30 for no loss in the powerplay. Smriti Mandhana and Wyatt batted well together for the First wicket partnership as they added 33 runs together. The partnership between Dunkley and McGrath was the best one for them as they scored 44 together. The collapse was unreal for the Braves as they lost 5 wickets for just 18 runs in the last 25 deliveries.

For Oval Invincibles Women, Alice Capsey and Shabnim Ismail took a couple of wickets. Kapp, Smale and Gray took a wicket each as well.

In reply to the target set by the Southern Brave Women, Oval Invincible Women started off in a balanced manner as they scored 30 runs for the loss of 1 wicket. Alice Capsey came in and smashed the bowlers all around the park scoring a quick-fire 25 runs. It was then up to Kapp and Mady who built up a solid partnership of 26 runs that saw them get closer to the total set by the Southern Brave Women side. Kapp was the top scorer for them as she scored 37 runs.

For Southern Brave, Wellington took a couple of wickets. While skipper Shrubsole, Adams, and Bell took a wicket each today.

A final that promised a lot more has ended with the Oval Invincible Women winning it and retaining the title they lifted last time around.

Shashank: A Deja vu at the Lord's today, the Oval Invincibles camp is celebrating with joy, the Southern Brave fielders are down and depressed as they have failed again at the final hurdle yet again. Marizanne Kapp has hurt the Southern Brave yet again at the final with her calmness and aggression. Southern Brave will rue their collapse for coming second in the final yet again. Oval Invincibles have made this trophy their own. 
94b T McGrath to E Windsor
4 FOUR!! WINDSOR HITS THE WINNING RUNS!! McGrath sprays it on a length and wider of off, Windsor stays calm and steady deep in her crease, brings out her favorite cut shot and gets it wide of the point fielder and the ball trickles down to the fence.
Scores are level and what a bright moment it would be in the young career of Windsor to hit the winning runs here.
93b T McGrath to M Kapp
1 Full and almost at yorker length on off, Kapp drills it straight back at the legs of the bowler, McGrath deflects it to extra cover and batters get a run.
92b T McGrath to M Kapp
4 FOUR!! Width on offer as McGrath goes length and wide of off, Kapp absorbs pressure and hangs deep in her crease and flashes it down to deep point boundary and the fielders can just stare as the ball hits the fence. 100 up for Oval.
91b T McGrath to M Kapp
0  Full and on the leg stump, Kapp clips it straight to short midwicket fielder.
6 runs are needed off the last 10 deliveries. Kapp holds the key still...
18th Five
Oval Invincibles Women
Emily Windsor
Marizanne Kapp
Lauren Bell
1-14(20 b)
90b L Bell to M Kapp
1 Length ball at top of off, Kapp gently dabs it down to cover area and gets a important single, which will keep her on strike for the next set.
89b L Bell to M Kapp
0 Excellent delivery absolute jaffa, on a back of a length, jags back sharply, at middle and leg, cuts Kapp into half and the ball beats her and goes to the keeper.
88b L Bell to M Kapp
2 Full and strays on the pads, Kapp, deftly whips it off her pads into the pocket at deep backward square, Dunkley is quick to cut the boundary but isn't quick enough to stop Kapp from coming back for the second.
87b L Bell to E Windsor
1 Length ball, wide of off, Windsor lifts it over the in field on the off side, gets it down to sweeper cover for a single.
86b L Bell to E Windsor
0 Bell goes full and lands it wide of off, the ball nips back in from the slope and is at top of off, Windsor slaps it to point fielder.