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KRK vs PSZ 11th Match, PSL 2022

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Peshawar Zalmi won by 9 runs
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L Gregory Jersy
4s: 1
6s: 0
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B Azam
4s: 12
6s: 1
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H Talat

Econ: 10.75
18th Over:
= 3
Last Over:
= 14
This Over:
= 19
KRKKRK - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4243
10 Over 7777
15 Over 117111
PSZPSZ - 1st Innings
6 Over 5153
10 Over 8578
15 Over 123120
20 Over 179173


Inn 1
Inn 2
That's it from our coverage of Match 11 of PSL 2022. Hope you enjoyed our coverage of this game. Do join us back for a double-header Super Saturday in the PSL live from Karachi alongside the big Under-19 World Cup Final between England and India live from Antigua. Plus, there are loads of cricket happening in our network. As the saying goes, cricket never stops in our network. 

For now, this is me Ayan Chatterjee signing off on behalf of Ajay Ahire and Ajay Singh. Till next time, stay safe, happy, and cool. Get vaccinated if you already haven't. TA-TA! and ADIOS! 
Wahab Riaz Peshawar Zalmi Winning Captain: "What we have been watching in the last few years is that the team batting first has a better chance to win since it gets slow in the second innings. Zazai is doing well and we have to continue that and have to be on our toes to keep winning matches. We sent Rutherford down the order in order to make sure that the right-hander plays well against Nabi against the off-spinners and that's why Rutherford was kept back. Happy with how Irshan and Umar went with the ball and would like to see them improve as we go ahead. Happy with the win, but there is also room for improvement if we want to climb up the table. "
Babar Azam Karachi Kings Losing Captain: "We gave away a little too many runs in the middle. The wicket was on the slower side, and the ball was dipping. We didn't have any good partnership. The execution was not there from our side. We'll try not to repeat the mistakes we've made so far."
Shoaib Malik Player of the Match: "I guess we all know Sharjeel is the dangerous batter, I got him and then we thought it's time for others to take over in the powerplay. T20 format needs a strike rate over 140 and you need to assess the condition as early as you can and that's what we did. Most of us played on this strip earlier so that helped us to assess the conditions."
Time for the Post-Match Presentation by Bazid Khan. 
That's the end of the game. Peshawar Zalmi notches up their 2nd win in 4 games as they beat the winless Karachi Kings by 9 runs to climb upwards in the table. The Kings stay winless this season. 

It was a kind of a lone ranger effort from Babar Azam in this chase. He struggled throughout the innings but ended up with an unbeaten 90 off 63 balls. Lack of support from the other batsmen meant they fell 9 runs short of the target. They got close due to Babar enjoying himself in the last over, but in reality, they were far behind in this chase. 31 off 19 balls from the debutant Ian Cockbain. 20 off 15 balls from Aamer Yamin and Nabi got into double figures. 

Peshawar Zalmi was excellent with the ball. Mohammed Umar was the pick of the bowlers with 3-22 in 4 overs. Salman Irshad was excellent in his 0-24 in 4 overs. Shoaib Malik chipped in with a wicket in his only over of Sharjeel Khan. Hussain Talat chipped in with a wicket and not to forget the contribution of Usman Qadir 1-29 in his 3 overs. Wahab the skipper was expensive and went the distance. But they did enough to win this game by 9 runs. 

Earlier in the game, Hazratullah Zazai starred in the powerplay with 41 off 27 balls. Kamran Akmal contributed with 21 off 19 balls, while Haider Ali struggled with 16 off 21 balls. It was Shoaib Malik who played the innings of the match game-changing innings of 52 off 28 balls with 5 fours and 2 sixes. Ben Cutting contributed with 24 off 22 balls. Rutherford was unbeaten on 9 off 4 balls. 

For the Kings' bowlers' Umaid Asif was the pick of the bowlers with 3-36 in 4 overs. A wicket for Aamer Yamin 1-36. Nabi was economical 3 overs for 15, Imad Wasim 0-30 in 4 overs. Mohammed Imran went the distance 40 runs in 4 overs. Gregory bowled an over for 10 runs. The bowlers did their job, the batsmen other than Babar did not, so they lost this game by 9 runs. 

Peshawar climbs up to 4th in the table with 4 points. Karachi Kings stay winless and are 0 out of 4 matches. 

Stay tuned for the Post-Match Presentation coming your way. 
Karachi Kings
Babar Azam
Lewis Gregory
Hussain Talat
19.6 H Talat to B Azam
4 Short and wide, thrashes it over short third man for another boundary. They lose by 9 runs, nonetheless. Fourth loss on the trot for the Karachi Kings.
19.5 H Talat to B Azam
4 Another slow, short delivery, and it's another four! Babar pulls it awkwardly, has one of his hands come off, but it goes for a boundary behind the square.
19.4 H Talat to B Azam
4 Shortish delivery outside off, Babar fetches it and pulls it for a four in the deep midwicket region.
19.3 H Talat to L Gregory
1b Slower delivery on a back of a length, Gregory goes through the shot without making any connection. They sneak a bye.
19.2 H Talat to L Gregory
4 Short and wide again, slapped through extra cover for a boundary. The Kings require four sixes on four balls from here.
19.2 H Talat to L Gregory
WD Poor delivery with 28 to defend off 5. Throws it full and wide, too wide and the umpire stretches his arms.
19.1 H Talat to B Azam
1 Good start to the final over for the Zalmis. Short delivery outside off, Babar goes for a slap down the ground but mistimes it to long-off for just a single.
Karachi Kings
Babar Azam
Lewis Gregory
Wahab Riaz
18.6 W Riaz to B Azam
1 Another short ball from Riaz. Pulls it hard but pulls straight to the deep square-leg fielder. Just a single. But Babar retains the strike for the final over. Can he take 29 off the final over for their first win?
18.5 W Riaz to B Azam
6 Back of a length delivery, picks it up early and gets under it to deposit it over cow corner. A little too late?
18.4 W Riaz to B Azam
4 Slower delivery, full outside off, slices it over short third man for a boundary. 
18.3 W Riaz to L Gregory
1 Full delivery at the stumps, hit hard down the ground but straight to the long-on fielder on a bounce.