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LAKR vs SO 6th Match, MLC 2024

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Seattle Orcas won by 9 wickets 🏆
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R Rickelton Jersy
4s: 9
6s: 5
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Q de Kock
4s: 3
6s: 2
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A Khan

Econ: 7.30
17th Over:
= 1
18th Over:
= 8
Last Over:
= 11
This Over:
= 3
SOSO - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4651
10 Over 8381
15 Over 124130
LAKRLAKR - 1st Innings
6 Over 4840
10 Over 7469
15 Over 110114
20 Over 170168


Inn 1
Inn 2
That's it from the coverage of this game. We will be back with more cricketing actions from around the world shortly. For now, this is Ayan Chatterjee signing off on behalf of my co-commentators Saptak Sanyal and Ajay Pal Singh alongside scorer/analyst Dushyant Madhukar Kumar. Stay safe, happy, and cool. Goodbye and CHEERS!  
Highest Partnerships in Major League Cricket

152* - Ryan Rickelton & Quinton de Kock vs LA Knight Riders TONIGHT

129 -
Shadab Khan & Corey Anderson vs MI New York, 2023

117* - Shehan Jayasuriya & Quinton de Kock vs Texas Super Kings, 2023

116 - Matthew Short & Fin Allen vs LA Knight Riders, 2024

109 - Faf du Plessis & Devon Conway vs Washington Freedom, 2024
Heinrich Klaasen (Seattle Orcas Captain): "Just to do the basics right and execute our plans. Batters took the responsibility. Boys rectified the mistakes we made in the last game. 

Luckily, we got a great group of local players. The moment I struggle a bit, I go up to the players and they help me out. He (Rickelton) wasn't playing for two months but nice to see him get to that landmark. It was an incredible knock. Never fun but I asked Quinton to finish the game in the 18th over but he said it is tricky. However, the guys were always in control. As long as they are in, you have the confidence that they'll get the job done."
Sunil Narine (Los Angeles Knight Riders Captain): "I think we got off to a decent start. In the middle phase, they bowled well. We did well but with the ball we did not stifle them and they were better. Not a game of cricket we wanted and now back to the drawing board.

We did not take wickets in the powerplay and they had wickets in hand and so, they got the win. We had to score more because we know it gets better under lights and we needed to be better.

A bit of break, clear our mind and start afresh. Play better cricket and execute the plans. That will be my message to the team. Hope to come back stronger in the next few games."   
Ryan Rickelton (Player of the match): "Yeah, a different experience. Got a great bunch of guys here. I was panicking but Quinton helped me. Nice to get over the line. At the end of the day, it is always nice to play with him, he is a great player. 

I think it got a bit better. It skidded on under lights and benefitted us under lights. Yeah, it was a shocking run, I just had to run, lucky it didn't hit the stumps. Happy to get the win and points on the board."
Most Valuable Player: Ryan Rickelton.  
Play of the Day: Quinton de Kock.   
Power Hitter of the Match: Jason Roy (305 ft).  
Time for the post-match presentations.  
Wayne Parnell (Seattle Orcas): "I think the bounce back ability from us, The bowling was good and with the bat one scored a hundred and another scored a fifty and we get the win. That was great. I was sick and now trying to get back to fitness. Nice to come back and out of the hotel room. Ryan was great and Quinton took his time initially. I think both showed their composure out there and showed great experience. We wanted the win and did not think about Net Run Rate and all. The hat is a fashion hope it helps everyone involved."   
9:26 AM IST & 10:56 PM Local Time: Ryan Rickelton and Quinton de Kock's record partnership helps Seattle Orcas to register their first win of the season. They beat LA Knight Riders by 9 wickets.

Earlier in the match, Seattle Orcas won the toss and opted to bowl first. LA Knight Riders posted a competitive total of 168/5 thanks to key knocks from Jason Roy (69) and David Miller (44*).

Zaman Khan and Harmeet Singh picked up two wickets each while Cameron Gannon picked up a scalp.

In reply, Seattle Orcas lost Nauman Anwar early in the chase. But a record partnership of 152* between Quinton de Kock and Ryan Rickelton helped their side to get over the line with a ball to spare. Stay tuned for the post-match presentation.
Batters to score a hundred in MLC:

1) Nicholas Pooran- 137*  vs Seattle Orcas(2023)

2) Heinrich Klassen- 110* vs MI New York(2023)

3) Faf du Plessis- 100 vs Washington Freedom(2024)

4) Ryan Rickelton- 103* v Los Angeles Knight Ridera(2024)*

Rickelton becomes the fourth batter to have a hundred. 
19.5 A Khan to R Rickelton
1 Rickelton gets the winning runs. Fuller length angling in around off, Rickelton drills it down to long-on for a single and gets the win in the end. Ryan Rickelton with the winning runs as Seattle Orcas gets the win by 9 wickets with a ball to spare. 
The scores are level. Seattle Orcas need a run off 2 balls to get the win. Narine, Jason Roy and Ali Khan are having a team mini team meeting in the middle.
19.4 A Khan to Kock
1lb Fuller length angling down the leg side, de Kock looks to swing it away and wears it on the pads for a leg bye. Scores are level now. 
Is there a twist? 2 dot balls in a row and the equation is now 2 off 3. 
19.3 A Khan to Kock
0 Fuller length around off, de Kock drives it straight to mid-off. 2 needed off 3 balls. Two dots in a row. 
19.2 A Khan to Kock
0 Short ball banged in around off, de Kock ducks underneath it to the keeper. The umpire signals one bouncer for the over. 
19.1 A Khan to R Rickelton
1 Around the wicket. Good length delivery angling into the pads, Rickelton looks to go leg side and gets an inside edge on the pads. They scamper through to the other end.