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DSG vs SEC Final, SA20 League 2024

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Sunrisers Eastern Cape won by 89 runs 🏆
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Econ: 7.50
15th Over:
= 7
Last Over:
= 8
This Over:
= 7
DSGDSG - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5627
10 Over 6163
15 Over 112100
SECSEC - 1st Innings
6 Over 5055
10 Over 86101
15 Over 143139
20 Over 199204


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That is an end to a sizzling SA20 2024. Another successful edition of franchise cricket under the leadership of Graeme Smith, the commissioner of the league. SUNRISERS EASTERN CAPE ARE THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONS OF THE SA20, WINNING THE TITLE TWICE IN TWO SEASONS.

For now, it's me, AkshayaKrishna Polya, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Deepak Prakash, who, alongside our scorer/analyst Raju Khariya, brought you all the live-action of the mouth-watering grand finale. We will meet again. Until then, its cheers!
Aiden Markram receives the trophy again. Sunrisers Eastern Cape are the CHAMPIONS OF SA20 2024. The whole team joins in front of the champion's boarding, and the celebration begins. The party will go on and on for nights and months. The players, one by one, lift the silverware. The team owner, Kavya Maran, joins the celebration for a couple of photographs as well.
Aiden Markram (Sunrisers Eastern Cape Captain): "Yeah, it's a great feeling. Obviously to be in the final was a proud moment for us as a team to have the opportunity to try to defend our title. And then the guys who rock up here tonight and play the game of cricket that they did is a testament to how hard they've been working. 

Every game you really have to be at your best. As you've seen, anyone can beat anyone, and nice for us to have got some momentum through those middle stages of the competition and sort of carry that through to the back end. Ultimately, today was a fresh start and luckily we put together a good performance. Luckily we put in a good performance today. We were incredible on the field throughout the comp. 

The bowlers sort of were the shining light for us and carried us quite a bit throughout the comp and then the guys with the bats sort of chipped in when they needed to, did their job at the right times, and managed to get us over the line in a few of the games. So massive team effort, massive squad effort.

Even those guys who didn't get a game played a massive role off the field for us, and once again, incredibly proud of this group. The captaincy was made easy by this group of people. Great group of guys that are fully invested in the best interest of the team, and are happy to fight tooth and nail out there on the park. And you can't ask for more. Whatever happens after that, you can sleep well at night."

Sunrisers Eastern Cape collect the Champions medals.
Keshav Maharaj (Durban's Super Giants Captain): "Yeah, definitely. If you ask me at the start of the tournament about getting to the final, I would probably take it. We have played well in this tournament. It is a very good turnaround for us from last season. Proud of the guys for the way they have played. Obviously, we have got beaten by the better side of the day. They executed a lot better than we did. We will take the learnings to the next season.

Probably 20-30 runs too many. We were quite sloppy on the field as well, which didn't help either. We felt it was a good wicket, but losing wickets doesn't help chasing in excess of 200. Full credit goes to Sunrisers Eastern Cape. 

Our coaching staff have put in a hard effort, the owners as well. Boys can be proud of what they've achieved. They have been fantastic all tournament. The journey has been amazing. Faith and trust that's been put in me, I'm grateful for it. Thank you to the fans who've come out and supported us in numbers."
Durban's Super Giants collect the runners up medals.
Heinrich Klaasen (Player of the Season): "Yes, it's a little bit disappointing, but it's more important things in life than winning trophies. Seeing my little one's first step for the first time is more important tonight, but it's been a good tournament. Our guys played fantastically well and obviously the better team won tonight as well.

Yeah, the swing has been good over the last couple of years and hopefully continues. It's a lot of hard work and there are a lot of people that help me figure out my swing and for me, it's just trusting my processes and my ability and so far it's been good and I'm very fortunate about it. 

The cricket is incredibly tough and the boys have been fantastic. The coaches, the coaching staff, the people behind the scenes that do all the hard work. For us, it's a thankless job and the crowd is obviously fantastic as well. We can't ask for a better tournament in South Africa."
PLAYER OF THE SEASON: Heinrich Klaasen
Ottniel Baartman: "It has been a steady tournament for us. Credit goes to the bowlers. Good in Powerplay, good in the middle overs and good in the death overs. They set up the powerplay and make it easy for me. Sometimes, it's your day, but sometimes it isn't. Tonight, the ball did a bit, but nothing to take away from the way we bowled. To get 20 an over is always a difficult thing in the slog overs. The bowlers need to bowl one lines and lengths, need to stick to the process and bowl again and again. Personally, it's a good season. Also for the team, it has been a great season. Thank you."
BOWLER OF THE SEASON: Ottniel Baartman
BATTER OF THE SEASON: Heinrich Klaasen 
Marco Jansen (Rising Star of the Season): "Obviously I had a nice season this year, but obviously couldn't do it without the guys. So very, very thankful for the guys helping me and pushing me to get better. No, having those two [Worrall and Baartman] behind me or with me is an awesome feeling. Just knowing that if I'm not on it on the day, they'll carry me is a nice feeling to have. 

Yeah, obviously with the bat I just got trying to enjoy it, and if it pays off, it pays off. Obviously, very happy to contribute to the team, but yeah, just very stoked. More importantly, to deliver a match-winning performance in the final." 

Adi Birrell: "[The recipe of success] I really don't know. We just try hard and we try and play the game in the right way. And as a team, I think all the players are fantastic guys, so there's no animosity ever with the opposition or with officials. So it's pretty easy. It's just about the characters that we've chosen. We've chosen very good characters and we're very privileged to have such a good bunch of guys. 

Yeah, I think the fight that we show on the field and yeah, I think we've chosen good characters to do that and then be good people off the field. 

It is very difficult because they come from all over the world and even domestically here they're from all different teams.

But we worked quite hard in that first week and we did some activities that we could all get together and bond together. And it's from small beginnings and I think over time the guys got to know each other. And it wasn't just the overseas guys eating with the overseas guys, it was a genuine mix and I think they've created very good friendships in these last six weeks and they'll keep in touch, I'm sure. And hopefully, we'll have most of these guys back next year."
Spirit of the Cricket (Team): Sunrisers Eastern Cape
The Match Officials are now getting their medals.