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MICT vs SEC 8th Match, SA20 League 2024

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Sunrisers Eastern Cape won by 4 runs 🏆
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S Curran
4s: 2
6s: 3
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4s: 0
6s: 1
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O Baartman

Econ: 8.75
18th Over:
= 12
Last Over:
= 11
This Over:
= 10
MICTMICT - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5764
10 Over 100108
15 Over 155143
SECSEC - 1st Innings
6 Over 5153
10 Over 8496
15 Over 144154
20 Over 212202


Inn 1
Inn 2
Well that's all for today folks! The defending champions with their first victory of the season in a pulsating encounter! Join us back tomorrow for more SA20 action coming your way! 

Until then, this is Anirudh Modi, signing off along with my co-commentator Ayan Chatterjee, and our scorer/analyst Paras Yadav! See you on the next one! 
Jordan Hermann (Player of the Match): "Very grateful and thankful to have contributed to a win, it is always more precious. I was blank, I had no idea how I got there and probably was just ecstatic. 

I played with a lot of freedom and we have such a long batting lineup, so I tried to get as many runs as I could. It's been incredible being in an environment like this which is encouraging and supportive, really happy to be here."
Jordan Hermann is the Player of the Match!
Aiden Markram (Sunrisers Eastern Cape Captain): "Yes, very happy. Great game of cricket. Glad to be part of and glad to win. Neutrals loved the game. It was nervous out there.

The boys had to showcase their skills and nailed it in the end. Yes, power packed line up and the odd ball was holding up.

Otneil bowled really well. Yes,  JordanHermann was great and played some elegant shots. It came off today and he hit it to all parts of the game.

We knew his potential and he showcased it today. It came off and I am proud of him." 
Kieron Pollard (MI Cape Town Captain): "I'm just enjoying cricket, I've seen a lot and played a lot. It's about letting the guys learn from my experience and inculcate a culture that the boys will enjoy.

They [Rassie and Ryan] laid down us a foundation and were fantastic, they got us in the game but we lost a couple of wickets and it made things difficult. It was. a great game of cricket, Hermann and Malan played well and Baartman was excellent. 

[On bowling]I was coming off a shoulder injury, it was a matter of trying to use angles and I did not have pace, it was about getting us back in the game and we did. If that did not happen we were looking at 215-220 which would have been a challenging total. 

Sam up the order trying to negate the left arm spin and Connor even though he has not batted much but playing well to keep us in the game. Yes, we finished in the second place today but the performance was excellent from the boys."
Time for the presentations.  
12:41 AM IST, 9:11 PM Local Time | Sunrisers Eastern Cape survive under pressure to edge a thriller of an encounter to record their first victory of the season! They defeat MI Cape Town by.4 runs! 

Sunrisers Eastern Cape won the toss and opt to bat,
and it was a solid 138 run-opening stand between Hermann and Malan to give SEC a good platform to build upon. Eventually Hermann scored a blistering 106 runs off 62 balls to help his team set a total of 202/3 at the end of their 20 overs. 

Come the chase, it was normal service resumed for the Rated-R duo of Rassie van der Dussen and Ryan Rickelton established a strong 108 run opening stand in under 10 overs to put MI Cape Town in the driver's seat. 

However, post the strategic break Ottniel Baartmen was introduced into the attack and he opened the floodgates with the wicket of Rickelton! 3 wickets followed quickly as Pollard and Curran were the new batters at the crease on the stroke of the second strategic break. 

The skipper along with his English all-rounder established a 53 run-stand to take his team to 26 runs required off the last 2 overs. Pollard fell on the first ball of the penultimate over and despite the best efforts of Curran and Esterhuizen, Sunrisers managed to hold their nerve and defeat the home side! 
MI Cape Town
Sam Curran
Connor Esterhuizen
Ottniel Baartman
19.6 O Baartman to S Curran
0 Baartman has won the game for Sunrisers Eastern Cape.  He holds his nerve and defies MICT here. Fuller length on the stumps, Curran looks to work it leg side and misses out. The ball hits the pads and rolls away to safety. The Sunrisers Eastern Cape get their first win in the competition with a 4-run win over MI Cape Town. 
19.5 O Baartman to C Esterhuizen
1 Full toss outside off, Esterhuizen flashes hard and gets the outside edge towards the third man region for just a single. 5 needed off 1 ball. 4 needed for a super over. 
19.4 O Baartman to S Curran
1lb Fuller length around off, Curran looks to work it away leg side and wears it on the pads to the off-side for a leg bye. 
19.4 O Baartman to S Curran
WD Length delivery angling down the leg side and wide is signalled. The pressure is on the bowler now. 7 needed off 3 balls. 
19.3 O Baartman to C Esterhuizen
1 Fuller and wide outside off, Esterhuizen drives it hard straight to extra covers and they scamper through for a quick single. 
19.2 O Baartman to C Esterhuizen
0 Nails the wide yorker outside off, Esterhuizen plays and misses to the keeper. 
BIG SHOT! Connor Esterhuizen gives MI Cape Town the start they needed to his over!
19.1 O Baartman to C Esterhuizen
6 SIX! Full toss and in the arc, Esterhuizen joins the party and nails this over deep midwicket as the ball sails into the stands for the maximum. What a hit from the new batter under pressure. 
MI Cape Town need 15 runs in 6 balls. A thriller of an encounter! 
MI Cape Town
Sam Curran
Connor Esterhuizen
Daniel Worrall