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CV vs KT 32nd Match, BPL 2024

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Comilla Victorians won by 7 wickets 🏆
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T Hridoy
4s: 7
6s: 7
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J Ali
4s: 2
6s: 3
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L Wood

Econ: 7.14
14th Over:
= 15
15th Over:
= 16
Last Over:
= 9
This Over:
= 4
CVCV - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5260
10 Over 9698
15 Over 142155
KTKT - 1st Innings
6 Over 5152
10 Over 8469
15 Over 108113
20 Over 167164


Inn 1
Inn 2
So, we are done and dusted with some high-packed encounter between two formidable teams of BPL. While the Tigers will have a lot to do to ensure a playoffs berth, the Victorians are sitting at no.2 healthy and on track for the qualification scenarios. 

This is me, Arijit Kundu signing off along with co-commentators Hiren Kumar, Saptak Sanyal, and scorer/analyst Paras Yadav. Take care and adios!
Litton Das (Comilla Victorians Captain): "Yeah, we were happy to restrict them to 160. It is a pretty batting friendly wicket. It is a 180 wicket. All our bowlers did well. He is a young prospect for Bangladesh Cricket and is doing pretty well (on Aliss Islam). At the moment, all the departments are doing well. We know every day won't be a Sunday. Yeah, i missed out today and that was a bad ball to get out."
Towhid Hridoy (Player of the Match): "I just try to execute my plan. Very good wicket to bat here. Feel very strong. No, normal, I just like to play normal and try to execute my plans in the game."
Player of the Match: Towhid Hridoy
Back to Aamir Sohail for the presentation...
Anamul Haque (Khulna Tigers Captain): "We did not bat well today and were probably 30 runs short and again we did not bowl well as well. It is a very good wicket to bat on. It was a team plan to have a change in the opening pair and shift Lewis in the middle order as we don't have a good middle order player. Hales is not playing the next game so, Lewis will again bat at top in the next game. Stay calm, win the games for the team and that is our only message to our teammates."
9:13 PM IST and 9:43 PM Local Time: A comprehensive victory for the Comilla Victorians and it won't be as easy as it looked like unless the power-packed knock from Towhid Hridoy. Fifth consecutive loss for the Tigers and they have some serious home work to do now.

Unlike their counterparts, the Comilla Victorians got an early jitter after Litton Das was trapped by Wayne Parnell's widish delivery in the second over. Unmoved by the setback, Will Jacks targeted the bowlers and hit back-to-back sixes against Parnell in the second over. Although he departed inside the powerplay, Hridoy ensured to get a 60-run powerplay score.

Hridoy played some charismatic strokes throughout his innings and didn't let the opposition come into play. Although Johnson Charles failed to convert his double digit score, Jaker Ali assisted Hridoy to a fruitful chase.

The pair accelerated throughout the middle overs phase and smacked the bowlers right, left and centre. Hridoy stayed unbriddled at 47-ball 91 in a 84 runs fourth wicket partnership to grab crucial points and remain at the top two of the league table.

Winning the toss and opting to bat first, Alex Hales and Afif Hossain offered a brisk 32 runs opening stand before the former got outwitted by Matthew Forde in the fifth over. The middle order contributed in double digits with Evin Lewis scoring 36 off 20 - the best of the lot.

The stage was set for a big total but the Victorian bowlers got timely wickets to break the momentum every now and then. Although Wayne Parnell and Mahmudul Hasan Joy played cameos, the Tigers lost four wickets in the last three overs to end their tally at 164/8.
16.3 L Wood to T Hridoy
4 FOUR! All over. The Victorians win it by 7 wickets and some happy faces in the dugout as the fireworks go off. Length ball, just outside off, Hridoy stands tall and slaps it over covers towards deep extra cover for a boundary. A clinical batting performance from them.
16.2 L Wood to T Hridoy
0 Length ball, angling away outside off, Hridoy looks to cut but misses and is beaten.
16.1 L Wood to T Hridoy
0 Fuller length, on middle and leg, Hridoy looks to flick it away into the leg side but is struck on the pads.
9:09 PM IST and 9:39 PM Local Time: Time for Strategic Timeout: How contradictory of a 'strategic' timeout with a run to defend from 24 balls. But that's how it goes here. Towhid Hridoy and Jaker Ali has been demolishing with the bat against the Khulna Tigers and they're verge of overhauling this cakewalk.
Comilla Victorians
Jaker Ali
Towhid Hridoy
Wayne Parnell
15.6 W Parnell to T Hridoy
1 Length ball, just outside off, Hridoy slaps it towards cover point for a single.
A poor effort in the field as a high catch has been dropped.
15.5 W Parnell to J Ali
1 DROPPED! Fuller length, into the stumps, Ali looks to go big but only gets height than distance towards long on. The fielder in the deep drops it.
15.4 W Parnell to J Ali
0 Length ball, just outside off, Ali taps it to backward point for a dot.
Jaker Ali has been the underrated star in the chase.
15.3 W Parnell to J Ali
6 SIX! Pulled away. Short of a length ball, into the stumps, Ali stands tall and pulls it powerfully over deep square leg for a maximum.
15.2 W Parnell to J Ali
0 Length ball, just outside off, Ali looks to go hard and hits it straight to short mid wicket for a dot.