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AD vs NW 6th Match, Abu Dhabi T10 2023

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Northern Warriors won by 10 wickets 🏆
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H Zazai
4s: 5
6s: 3
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K Lewis
4s: 5
6s: 2


7th Over:
= 17
Last Over:
= 5
This Over:
= 15
NWNW - 2nd Innings
4 Over 4552
ADAD - 1st Innings
4 Over 4644
10 Over 119103


Inn 1
Inn 2
So, that's it for this game, everyone. We hope you enjoyed this live coverage. Do switch tabs and follow the second game of the day which will be played between Morrisville Samp Army and The Chennai Braves which gets underway in just over 30 minutes. For now, on behalf of Wali and the scorer/analyst Ashok. This is Navjeevan signing off.
Angelo Matthews (Nothern Warriors Captain): "Yes, a decent performance from us. I thought the bowlers after the first two overs did well to pull it back and restrict that strong batting line-up inside 110. I had to take up the bowling yesterday but It's nice to have some options, Jimmy has some experience and so does Mithun in these conditions, so experience matters. It's still early days, our fielding and catching has been good so far. Our batting is clicking as well, it was a good knock by Zazai and we still have a lot of room to improve in all departments."
Tabraiz Shamsi (Player of the Match): Got smashed yesterday but got wickets today and that's what T10 is all about. You have to stick to your guns and you'll get rewarded. Just try going below 10 an over and as long as you keep picking up wickets, things will work in your favour. You have to put in work before the game, a guy like Tom Banton reverse sweeps a lot so you place a fielder at the deep to prevent that. You just have to be brave and stick to your guns while bowling in the right areas.
18:40 IST, 17:10 Local Time: A comfortable win for the Warriors. They win their second game on the bounce. It's the complete opposite for Team Abu Dhabi who have lost both their games now.

Batting first, Team Abu Dhabi were provided with a good start at the top by Banton (33). But once Banton was dismissed, wickets tumbled at regular intervals. Hales and Asif made a few contributions after Banton but Team Abu Dhabi limped their way to 103 runs.

Bowling first, the Warriors bowlers were able to keep things tight throughout. They got wickets in the second half of the innings and contained Team Abu Dhabi to just 103 runs. Shamsi was the leading wicket-taker for the Warriors as he got a couple of wickets, while the others apart from Sangwan got a wicket each.

Coming in to chase the target of 104 runs. The Warriors were provided with a brisk start by Lewis (46*). Zazai (52*) anchored the innings initially but joined in alongside Lewis to find the ropes in the latter half and got a half-century. The duo batted sensibly and stitched an unbeaten 106-run partnership to steer the Warriors home by the end of the penultimate over.

Defending their low score. Team Abu Dhabi bowlers couldn't get early wickets or keep the squeeze on over the Warriors openers. Team Abu Dhabi bowlers had a tough outing today as they went wicketless till the end.

With this win, the Warriors move up to the top of the table, while Team Abu Dhabi are second to last on the points table.

8.6 D Pretorius to H Zazai
6 SIX RUNS!! Overpitches it outside off, Zazai shuffles across and finishes it off in style, and gets to his fifty after smashing this over the fence at the long-on region. That's a comprehensive 10-wicket win for the Warriors. 
This boundary brings up the 100 for the Warriors. They now need just another boundary to win this match!
8.5 D Pretorius to H Zazai
4 FOUR RUNS!! Bowls it slow and keeps it wide outside off. Zazai looks to place that through cover but edges it just past the short third-man fielder's head for a boundary. 
8.4 D Pretorius to K Lewis
1 Bowls it much fuller while keeping it outside off and that's been pushed to cover for a single.
8.3 D Pretorius to H Zazai
1 Bowls it slow and pitches it outside off as that's been heaved to deep mid-wicket for one run.
8.3 D Pretorius to H Zazai
WD Bowls it well outside off and that's a wide. 
8.2 D Pretorius to K Lewis
1 Bowls it full and keeps it outside off as that's been dabbed away to deep point for one.
8.1 D Pretorius to H Zazai
1 Pretorius from around the stumps. Bowls it full and outside off as that's been powered to long-off for one. 
Down to 13 runs needed in 12 balls now. Can Team Abu Dhabi pull off a twist from here?
Northern Warriors
Kennar Lewis
Hazratullah Zazai
Roelof van der Merwe
7.6 R van to H Zazai
1 Bowls it full and at leg as that's been driven to long-on for a single. 
7.5 R van to H Zazai
0 Into the block-hole while pitching it outside off. Zazai looks to block that but gets beaten.
7.4 R van to H Zazai
0 Bowls it full and at off as that's been square-driven to point.