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AD vs TCB 4th Match, Abu Dhabi T10 2023

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The Chennai Braves won by 4 runs 🏆
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L du Plooy Jersy
4s: 3
6s: 4
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C Ingram
4s: 2
6s: 1
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O McCoy

Econ: 17.00
8th Over:
= 15
Last Over:
= 7
This Over:
= 17
ADAD - 2nd Innings
4 Over 4544
TCBTCB - 1st Innings
4 Over 4240
10 Over 107115


Inn 1
Inn 2
Right so, that sums up our coverage of this Abu Dhabi T10 game between the Chennai Braves and the Team Abu Dhabi. Until next time, this is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Akshay Bhide and our Scorer/ Analyst, Ashok Dayma. See you soon. 

Charith Asalanka (The Chennai Braves Skipper): “I’m really proud of the side. I wanted to mention Jason Roy’s special knock at the top of the order. When we came to bowl, Cooky bowled really well in those two powerplay overs. I’m really proud of the boys. It’s a good thing to start with a win. The bowlers did well and in the batting, Jason did really well."

Jason Roy (Player of the Match): “Yeah. We just wanted to start well tonight. It was a tight match first up which was a good thing. It was a good wicket. Fast outfield and the wind was playing a part in it. The bowlers did a fine job to defend the total. It’s a lot of fun. Wake up, take it easy, take the bus and hit some balls here.

Player of the Match: Jason Roy

Power-Hitter of the Match: Jason Roy

Magic Moment of the Match: Sam Cook

21:15 IST, 19:45 Local timeThere was unbelievable drama at the back end of the innings but Obed McCoy held his nerve as he managed to get his side over the line. Abu Dhabi needed five runs from the final ball of the innings but he managed to slide one in outside off stump and got the Chennai Braves over the line by 4 runs. It was an absolutely nerve wracking contest and the home side have ended up on the wrong side of it. 

The Abu Dhabi started off well with a good opening stand between Hales and Mayers as both the hard hitting opening batters got off to a good start early on. However, they fell soon after and the pressure of the run rate started to get to them. Leus du Plooy, the South African of Hungarian origin came to the crease at that stage and played a phenomenal knock to stage a remarkable recovery. 

He ran out of partners initially but Colin Ingram joined him and gave him some really valuable support. He struggled early on but came into his own after a few overs and played some big shots to ease the pressure  on du Plooy. The latter meanwhile stitched together a masterclass. He manouvered the field with ease and smashed the ball to all parts of the ground. In his superb knock of 47 runs he hit three fours and four sixes. But unfortunately for him, he was on the wrong side of the result. 

Aayan Afzal Khan and Samuel Cook were the pick of the bowlers as the duo bowled some tidy lines and picked up a wicket each. The spin wizard, Imran Tahir went for some runs early on but he  came back to pick up the wicket of Asif Khan. Obed McCoy went for 17 runs in his one over but he held his nerve in the second over to keep the opposition below the target and ensured an easy win in the end. 
Team Abu Dhabi
Leus du Plooy
Colin Ingram
Obed McCoy
9.6 O McCoy to Plooy
0 Swing and a miss. McCoy holds his nerves and defends five off the last ball successfully. All smiles in The Chennai Braves camp as they defeat Team Abu Dhabi by four runs. Coming to the ball, McCoy bowls it on a length and well outside off, du Plooy charges down the track and looks to lift it over the off side but fails to get any bat on it. The keeper collects it and that's the end of this fixture as The Chennai Braves start the competition on a winning note.
du Plooy is finding boundaries at will here. He has brought this down to 5 runs from the final ball with all three results possible. 
9.5 O McCoy to Plooy
4 FOUR!!!! Can you believe it? du Plooy is playing a gem of a knock here. McCoy bowls a slower delivery on the shorter side and du Plooy looks to pull it but is completely deceived by the change of pace. He goes through with the shot and gets a top edge that flies over the short fine leg fielder for a boundary. 5 required from 1 ball now.
9.4 O McCoy to Plooy
6 SIXXX!!!!! Excellent shot from du Plooy. Is he the man for Team Abu Dhabi? McCoy bowls it full and well outside off, du Plooy shimmies down the wicket and opens his bat face to slice it over the point fence for a maximum. It's all happening here and the equation is now 9 from 2.
9.4 O McCoy to Plooy
WD Another wide. McCoy bowls it on a length well outside the tramline in the off side and has to reload that one. Pressure on McCoy. 15 required from 3 now.
9.4 O McCoy to Plooy
WD McCoy with a slower delivery down leg and du Plooy looks to sweep it but misses. Wide signaled by the umpire. 16 from 3 now.
9.3 O McCoy to C Ingram
1 A slower delivery on the shorter side and Ingram looks to pull it but gets it right off the toe end of the bat in the mid on region for a single. 17 required from 3 now.
9.2 O McCoy to C Ingram
4 FOUR!!!! Lovely shot from Ingram. McCoy misses his mark as he bowls a half-volley outside off, Ingram stands still and drills it past covers and the sweeper has no chance of stopping this one. 18 required from 4 now.
9.1 O McCoy to C Ingram
0 Over the wicket, length delivery well outside off, Ingram throws his hands at it and gets an inside edge to the keeper. Dot ball and it's 22 from 5 now.
This game is not done yet and the Adu Dhabi side need 22 runs to win from the final over. Obed McCoy will be bowling the  final over.