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BAN vs MAS 4th Qtr Final, Asian Men's T20 2023

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Bangladesh won by 2 runs 🏆
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So, that is it from the fourth quarter-final of Men's cricket in Asian Games 2023. Bangladesh escaped an upset by a narrow margin. Commiserations to Malaysia for not making it to the semi-finals despite a valiant fight from the XI.

India will be facing Bangladesh in the semi-finals and the winner will fight for the gold medal match against the winner between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is Arijit Kundu, taking your leave on behalf of esteemed co-commentator, Akshay Bhide and scorer, Dushyant Madhukar Kumar.
2:34 PM IST, 5:04 Local Time: It's a funny game, it's a cruel game, it's a game of bare margins... 

Here's an epitome of the above-heard phrases that one often hears in the field of cricket. Malaysia were so close to an upset but failed to close the margin of gap at the very last end. Eventually, Bangladesh won the match by a couple of runs and will meet India in the Semi-final. Afif Hossain has to be handed credit for defending just five runs in the final over ahead of a set-batter in Virandeep Singh.

Tears all around the Malaysian dugout but they have to keep their head high and be proud of the fight they offered.

In pursuit of the chase of 117 runs target, they lost plenty of early wickets. Ripon Mondal was breathtaking with the new ball and Afif Hossain followed it by inducing a couple of wickets inside the powerplay. Aziz Mubarak played a watchful knock of 20 runs while Virandeep Singh played an anchorer’s knock. His fifty bound the innings together and was assisted by handy contributions from Vijay Unni and Ainool Hafiz at various stages of the game. 

Malaysia took calculated risks after the 14th over when the required runs were over 50. Unfortunately, Virandeep failed to finish the job when five runs were needed in the final over. The experience of Afif Hossain got the better of them as he dished back-to-back dot balls with the fourth one being the wicket of Virandeep. A couple of singles followed and it was all over for the associate side.

Earlier, Bangladesh fetched just 116 runs in 20 overs despite being 3-3 at one stage. Afif and Saif Hassan started countering the opposition and tilted the load on the other side of the fulcrum. Although the all-rounder departed for 23 off 14 balls, handy contributions from the lower-middle batting order helped Bangladesh go past the 100 runs mark. Saif, the skipper tailored a brilliant fifty and was the best of all with the willow in hand. From the bowling point of view, Pavandeep Singh bagged a couple of wickets conceding just 12 runs from his four overs including a maiden.
Syazrul Ezat Idrus
Anwar Rahman
Afif Hossain
Akshay: Bangladesh emerge victorious. A heartbreak for Malaysia as they fall short by two runs. Rahman is lying on the ground disappointed. He is in tears and the Bangladeshi players console him. The pendulum swung from one side to the other throughout the innings and Bangladesh held their nerves when mattered to win the game by a fine margin. How can you not love this game? 

Bangladesh have survived a major upset here. They qualify for the semi-finals and will face India on Friday.
19.6 A Hossain to A Rahman
1 Full and around the off stump line. Rahman shimmies down the ground and drags it along the ground towards deep mid wicket fielder. Bangladesh does it. Afif Hossain pegs back with four dot balls, followed by the big wicket of Virandeep and then just a single. Malaysia were so very near but failed to go past the finishing line at the late end. The players are laying on the ground. Rahman cannot believe it. Tears in the eye of Virandeep sitting in the dug out. This is what the game offers. At times it's very cruel. For a nation like Malaysia, it means a lot. They were on the brink of an upset but the international experience of Afif delivers at the bigger stage. Bangladesh will be playing India in the Semi-Finals and agony for Malaysia.
Just a single taken. Malaysia require 4 runs from the last ball. Rahman on strike. Hossain to bowl. Here we goo....
19.5 A Hossain to Idrus
1 Full and around the middle and leg. The batter clips it towards backward square leg for a single. Just a single and this is the first run in this over.
New batsman on crease
  • RUNS47
  • SR94.00
  • AVG7.00
Syazrul Ezat Idrus walks out to bat.
GONE. Can you believe it? Virandeep has holed out in the deep. He is in disbelief and trudges off the field. Malaysia require 5 runs from 2 balls.
19.4 A Hossain to V Singh
W In the air and straight into the hand of the long on fielder. A low catch taken and no run has been leaked in this over so far. Virandeep almost took things to the biggest upset in Asian games but Bangladesh crawls back with Afif as the chariot of the horse. Length delivery, half-tracker actually around the off. The batter slaps across the line, almost flat-bats across but fails to clear the ropes and hits it flat.
5 from 3 now. Virandeep is eyeing the short square boundary.
19.3 A Hossain to V Singh
0 This is turning out to be some match here. Length and slower through the air at the middle and leg. The batter goes for the big hoick after shuffling across the line. He misses and wears at the pad. Afif is turning it all for Bangladesh.
5 from 4 now. Sing wants a wide but Palliyaguruge is unmoved. Singh shuffled a long way across the stumps and hence wide is not signaled.
19.2 A Hossain to V Singh
0 Full and wide outside the off. Clearly it was outside the tramline but Singh had shuffled across the line and did not offer any shot. Back-to-back dots.
5 from 5 now.
19.1 A Hossain to V Singh
0 Length delivery, flatter outside the off. The batter opens it late towards backward point.