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IND vs NED 10th Match, WC Warm-Up 2023

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I am AkshayaKrishna Polya signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Akshay Bhide, who, alongside our scorer/analyst Raju Khariya brought you all the live-action/updates of this final warm-up game for these two sides. Well, a couple of warm-up games are going on in different parts of India, and switch the tabs to follow the live-action. For now, it's ta-ta bye-bye!
4:04 PM IST and Local Time: Match Abandoned! No warm-up games for India! They will straightaway play Australia on 8th October 2023 at Chennai. Netherlands will play Pakistan in their World Cup opener on 6th October 2023 at Hyderabad. Rain has the final say in matches at Thiruvananthapuram. There was a hope when the rain was cleared for about an hour but once it came back, it didn't give any chance as the match officials decided to abandon the game. 
4:02 PM IST and Local Time: Now, it has become a bit heavier. No one on the outfield! 
3:54 PM IST and Local Time: Drizzling again! The covers are back on. Groundstaff are quick to cover the pitch, squares, and bowlers' run-up areas. But the Super Soppers are still hovering doing their work. It has gone quite dark as well. Not a heavy drizzle at the moment as it is just small droplets that are falling down. And finally, the weights are brought to keep the covers intact. And as we mentioned earlier, the tyres have been used as weights.
3:39 PM IST and Local Time: Sawdust and sand have been applied on either side of the pitch. Groundsmen mark the crease.
3:31 PM IST and Local Time: The main cover has been brought back and the groundstaff have cemented it on one side of the squares. Hang on! They are folding it and folding it... Let us leave that work for them. One side of the squares is still having that white sheet laid. Super Sopper is moving on it. And now, that white sheet has been taken off before they align it at the bowler's run-up. All these are the drills to fold the covers. Groundstaff are working really hard to get things underway as soon as possible.
3:25 PM IST and Local Time: Most of the covers have been removed. Curator and a couple of others are examining the pitch. Two super soppers are working hard. We might have a shortened game but surely not many overs being lost.
3:15 PM IST and Local Time: The covers are being lifted by the groundstaff. The movement of the Super Sopper on the covers earlier has removed the excess water from the covers. Now, the groundsmen remove the white sheet from one of the bowler's run-ups. And guess what? They move that cover to one of the squares. Okay! The main cover has been peeled off.

Plenty of activities on the ground. The next layer that covered the pitch has been removed as well. A thin final layer of cover from the pitch has been slowly removed now. The cover from the other bowler's run-up area has been taken off. Floodlights are on. Clouds are hovering as well. 
3:05 PM IST and Local Time: Two super soppers are working. Covers are still on... Plenty of groundsmen are standing near the sheets.
2:55 PM IST and Local Time: Activities on the ground. The weights on the sheets have been removed by groundstaff. Super Sopper is moving around nicely. Head groundsman is having a chat around. Super Sopper is rolling on the covers to soak in the excess water. A few spectators have been seated waiting patiently.
2:46 PM IST and Local Time: Finally, we have a piece of good news folks. The rain has stopped and the umpires were seen strolling out to the middle. They are having a chat with the groundsmen. We shall have an update soon, maybe in a few minutes.
2:31 PM IST and Local Time: It still continues to downpour! Only covers and rain droplets are on the field with some old tyres for weights on the sheets.
Akshaya: Shardul Thakur won't play in my XI despite him having a golden arm.
Akshay: So no 'Lord Shardul' in your XI?
Akshaya: India have a quality attack. I have a strong feeling that Bumrah, Siraj, Kuldeep, Jadeja and Hardik as my five bowling options with the 6th one being either Ashwin or Shami. Obviously, they are not the last option but the first five I mentioned are sure starters. Depending on pitch and conditions, Ash Anna and Lala (Shami) will feature.
Akshay: A question that every Indian fan is asking - What bowling attack should India go with, in their opening game against Australia? Who do you think should feature in the starting XI?
Akshaya: Good afternoon to all the viewers tuning in. Thanks for the welcome, Akshay. Warm-up games are a culture heading to the marquee event. With each and every game, there are positives to take away! But, at the same time, you need a bit of rest amidst regular traveling across India. 

Rain has definitely played a spoilsport in most of the warm-up fixtures. India had a washed-out game in their first warm-up game against England in Guwahati. They won't be worried at all with another washout. 

Netherlands had a rain-interrupted game as well. But they had an ample amount of game time against Australia. They were on the back foot though but it was a shortened game. The Dutch played Karnataka's domestic team as well and were given hammerings by the state side in practice games. So, it is an important fixture for the Orange Army.