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HT vs MW Final, Maharaja T20 2023

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Hubli Tigers won by 8 runs 🏆
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Econ: 8.00
18th Over:
= 7
Last Over:
= 14
This Over:
= 3
MWMW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5660
10 Over 9691
15 Over 142153
HTHT - 1st Innings
6 Over 4959
10 Over 9490
15 Over 135128
20 Over 187203


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What a season this has been. A fitting final to end another season of the Maharaja Trophy. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Keep joining us for more cricketing action all around the globe.

For now, this is Akshay Bhide, signing off, on behalf of my co-commentator Deepak Prakash and scorer Yogesh Kumar. Until next time, cheers and goodbye.
Manish Pandey receives the trophy from Highness Pramoda Devi Wadiyar and the celebrations begin. Pandey joins his teammates and they pose to the photographers behind the 'CHAMPIONS' board.
Manish Pandey (Hubli Tigers Captain): "Yeah, there are lots of things going in my mind and I won't be able to cover all those things here but yeah, It feels really great to stand here. First of all, we had a great tournament winning this game, the last two balls, and crunch finishes. I think it was fantastic. If I want to thank somebody, I have to start thanking the coaches. 

The boys did fantastically well. Our batsmen, our bowlers, guys who had the opportunity to chip in in the games, unbelievable effort from everybody. So I'm really happy to be standing here and receiving this trophy.  

[Speaking about that last over fielding]As soon as the batsman hit it, I thought, oh, my word, it's going for a six. But as I saw the ball coming close to the line, I thought I'd give it the best that I could. Luckily I just got it, I threw it back and it turned out to be a very crucial stop for my team which obviously helped a little bit to win the game.  

Yeah, as I said, the guys who've been doing well, I wanted them to continue doing well. Especially Taha, the way he's batted the whole tournament. So I'm really happy to contribute as a captain and a player and as I said, very happy with the kind of squad they had given me initially. And I told my boys and I really had the faith that no, as every captain does, that their team will win. But I really think we had the capability and we had the strength and all the kind of players that I wanted."

Karun Nair (Mysore Warriors Captain): "I think in the second innings, we lost a few wickets in the middle. I should have taken the responsibility and taken the time across the line. We played good cricket throughout the tournament. Happy and proud of the way we played.

Really thanks to Arjun sir and the Mysore camp for supporting us. Really happy with the guys who have stepped up. A very big thanks to everyone coming and supporting us. Also, thanks to the support staff and the Mysore family.

I wish to say thank you to all the supporters who have come here. It was wonderful. Thank you to one and all. I am feeling grateful for the support, love, and affection shown by them."
Karun Nair, Mysore Warriors skipper, collects the runners-up trophy.
Player of the Tournament: Mohammed Taha
Player of the Match: Manish Pandey
Best Fielder of the Tournament: Pravin Dubey
Catch of the Match: Darshan MB
Highest Run-Getter of the Tournament (Orange Cap): Karun Nair
Highest Wicket-Taker of the Tournament (Purple Cap): Manvanth Kumar
Trusted Player of the Tournament: Krishnan Shrijith
Fair Player of the Tournament: Shreyas Gopal
Trusted Player of the Match: Manvanth Kumar L
Fair Player of the Match: Mohammed Taha
9:45 PM IST: It's time for the post-match presentation of the grand finale. 
KL Shrijith: "Thank you so much. Incredible game. We didn't expect the game to get so close but we bowled well in the slog overs. I was coming into this tournament with good form. We wanted to field first. But batting first and putting 200 on the board, we will take it any day. Taha or Luvnith play aggressively and you just need to make sure that you keep scoring at a good rate. Thank you."
Vidhwath Kaverappa: "It reminded me of the last year's final. It also went down the wire. I hadn't bowled well in the first two overs and I needed to step up in the final spell. I tried to make use of the longer side of the boundary. We have been working hard in the field. Really happy to see it worked for us in the crunch situation. The game went down the wire and it was about which side held its nerves."
KC Cariappa: "We Knew that this will be a very intense game because they have played very good cricket the whole season. So we wanted to be very strong in the end. We never wanted to lose this game. o yeah, we finally won the trophy. Yeah, it is an amazing feeling because sometimes like we went into a very bad situation and come back strong. Seeing after the previous game, we knew that they would come very strong and very intense game it will be. So we wanted to give 200%.

I have seen so many times he has done this and he is a legend on the field, off the field, everywhere. So we knew that he could create the magic. So he created it."
Mohammed Taha: "I am just lost of words, and I can't express my words. The boys played really well, and yeah, very happy with this win. [speaking about Manish Pandey's fielding] That was unbelievable.  He's one of the best fielders probably in India."