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GBM vs MW 2nd Semi Final, Maharaja T20 2023

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Mysore Warriors won by 36 runs 🏆
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4s: 0
6s: 2
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Econ: 16.00
18th Over:
= 7
Last Over:
= 6
This Over:
= 16
GBMGBM - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5773
10 Over 109115
15 Over 167173
MWMW - 1st Innings
6 Over 5149
10 Over 8493
15 Over 139149
20 Over 217248


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Inn 2
That's it from our coverage of the second semi final of the Maharaja Trophy 2023. Do join us tomorrow for the final between Hubli Tigers and Mysore Warriors starting at 5:30 PM IST. Stay tuned for more cricketing actions across the globe in our network across formats. 

For now, this is Ayan Chatterjee signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Deepak Prakash alongside scorer/analyst Yogesh Kumar. Stay safe, happy, and cool. Goodnight and CHEERS!   
Karun Nair (Player of the match & Mysore Warriors Captain): "Absolutely I am very happy to come out and contribute to the team. One more game to go and one more innings to go. 

It was a good wicket. I think throughout the tournament we've got good wickets here at the KSCA. So really happy with that. I think it was just about putting pressure on the bowlers and then going from there. So really happy with how I played today and looking forward to tomorrow. 

[Speaking about Hardik Raj] I think he bowled beautifully in this tournament. He is someone to look out for. Really exciting. Congratulations to him. Keep it going. There are more guys coming up. But having said that, really happy with my team as well. 

[Speaking about tomorrow's final] It's going to be an exciting game for sure. I hope we get a lot more support, and a lot more people come and watch. I'm sure there will be a lot more support. And as usual, Mysore gets a lot of support. So really looking forward to tomorrow. Recover today and then come back tomorrow."
Player of the match: Karun Nair
Fair play of the match: Abul Hasan Khalid
Trusted player of the match: R Samarth 
Emerging player of the match: Macneil Hadley Noronha
Super Sixes of the match: Karun Nair (9 sixes)
Catch of the match: Gautam Mishra
9:17 PM IST: Time for the post-match presentation. 
9:11 PM IST: We have had a cracking second semi-final in Bengaluru where it was a run feast to say the least. At the end of the night, Mysore Warriors hold their nerves and had too many runs on the board to win the game by 36 runs and qualify for the finals. They out batted their opposition today and credit to the Mystics for hanging in there and making a match out of it. But it was a bridge too far for the defending champions.   

Chasing 249 for the win, Gulbarga Mystics came out all guns blazing with Impact Player Chethan LR scored 28 off 14 balls. Aneesh scored 23 off 11 balls. But it was Macneil Noronha show as he stole the show with his 61 off 34 balls. He was ably supported by Khalid who scored a quickfire 54 off 29 balls. But the innings fell away when it mattered. Amit Verma scored 11 off 7 balls. Avinash got 11 while skipper Vyshak Vijaykumar had fun out there scoring 16* off 8 balls. 5 extras were given by the fielding side as the Mystics ended with 212/8 in 20 overs.  

It was a tough day for the bowlers in general for both teams on a flat deck. Jagadeesha Suchith was the pick of the bowlers with figures of 2/26 in 4 overs. A couple of wickets apiece for Monish Reddy, Gautam Mishra, and Wadhwani. They went the distance but had enough runs to play with.  

Earlier in the game, Mysore Warriors were put into bat first by Gulbarga Mystics. The openers Karthik SU and R Samarth got off to a solid start putting on 82 for the first wicket. Karthik scored 41 off 23 balls. But what followed was the Karun Nair and Samarth show. Samarth held the innings together and scored 80 off 50 balls but he was overshadowed by skipper Karun Nair's innings. The skipper scored an unbeaten 107* off 42 balls and put on 148 runs in quick time and took the game away from the opposition. Manoj Bhandage had fun out there and scored 18* off 5 balls at the end of the innings. Just 2 extras given by the fielding side as Mysore Warriors scored a mammoth 248/2 in 20 overs. 

Nothing much to talk about the Mystics bowling performance. Hardik Raj was the pick of the bowlers as he kept it tight and gave away 28 runs in 4 overs. He did not pick a wicket but by far was the best bowler on display. Abhilash Shetty and Avinash got a wicket each but they like the rest of the bowling went the distance and were clobbered by the brilliance of Karun Nair and company. 

So, a win for Mysore Warriors as they advance to the finals where they will play Hubli Tigers in tomorrow's final. Stick around for the presentations.  
Gulbarga Mystics
Hardik Raj
Vyshak Vijay Kumar
Manoj S Bhandage
19.6 Bhandage to Kumar
1 That's it, a comprehensive victory for the Warriors and they advance into the final of  Maharaja Trophy KSCA T20 2023. Full and on the stumps. Kumar drills it down to long-on for a single. Mysore Warriors will face Hubli Tigers in the grand finale of the Maharaja Trophy 2023. 
19.5 Bhandage to Kumar
6 SIX! Full-length at the off-stump line. Kumar shimmies down the track and tonks it over the long-off for a maximum. 
19.4 Bhandage to Kumar
0 Full and at the 4th stump line. Kumar swings at it but gets beaten. 
19.3 Bhandage to H Raj
1 Good length delivery on the stumps. Hardik swings across and mistimes it to wide of long-on for a single. 
19.2 Bhandage to Kumar
1 Full-length at the stumps. Kumar drills it down the ground for a single. 
The 200 comes up for Gulbarga Mystics but it's too late in the night for the defending champions. 
19.1 Bhandage to Kumar
6 SIX! Short of a length delivery angling in. Kumar plants his foot and swots it over the deep mid-wicket for a maximum.