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MW vs SMS 11th Match, Maharaja T20 2023

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Mysore Warriors won by 12 runs 🏆
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18th Over:
= 2
Last Over:
= 18
This Over:
= 11
0 (1)29 (13)0 1 0 3 0.00 223.08
P'ship : 29(12)
Last Wkt :   HS Sharath 0(3)
3-183.0 6.00
SMSSMS - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5450
10 Over 8993
15 Over 138136
MWMW - 1st Innings
6 Over 4860
10 Over 9294
15 Over 140138
20 Over 188189


Inn 1
Inn 2
That concludes our coverage as well. Mysore Warriors derailed the three-match winning streak of Shivamogga Lions. We hope you enjoyed our coverage, and it's time to bid adieu from this game. There is another game coming up in a while just switch tabs and join the second match of today's doubleheader. 

I, Deepak Prakash am signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Omkar Iyer and scorer/analyst Yogesh Kumar. CHEERS!
Karun Nair (Mysore Warriors Captain): "That's exactly what they have been talking about and try to get off to a start here. We got a good start with the ball but cannot allow the opposition to make inroads. Mysore Warriors always pride themselves for playing as a team and is glad that his players are sticking to the core belief of this side."
Player of the match: Karthik CA
Trusted player of the match: Muralidhara Venkatesh
Emerging player of the match: Monish Reddy
Super Sixes of the match: Shivaraj (3 sixes)
Catch of the match: Nischith  Rao
4:50 PM IST: It's time for the post-match presentation. 
4:43 PM IST: Shivamogga Lions suffer their first defeat of the campaign. This is a solid win for Mysore Warriors and they walk away with 2 crucial points from this encounter.

Shivamogga Lions got off to a decent start with the bat despite losing Ullal in the very first over. Soon Rohit Kumar K followed suit and Lions were taken aback in the Powerplay itself as they lost two wickets. Nevertheless, this allowed Kadam and Naveen to stitch a solid stand to take them to safer shores and certainly keep the unbeaten side in the chase as well. These two went hard at the bowlers right after the Powerplay. Although both these batters slipped out in quick succession and once again the middle-order of the Lions had to do it all over again. Manohar and Gopal forged an alliance, which certainly kept the game in the balance. They required 55 runs off the final 5 overs, and one would've backed Lions to take it down to the wire, but that wasn't the case here. In fact, they ended up losing 4 wickets in the following 3 overs and eventually suffered their first ever defeat of this season. 

It was a brilliant outing with the ball for Mysore Warriors. It was not an ideal start with the new ball for them as Monish Reddy started off with a couple of no-balls but ended his opening over on a high as he got rid of the opposition wicket-keeper. Soon, Ventakesh chipped in with a wicket as well. To be honest, Ventakesh was the one who stood out with the ball. He came on to bowl the final over and managed to get his side over the line by picking up the wicket off the final delivery. He had just conceded 7 runs before that with two wickets under his name. Also, CA Karthik contributed really well with the ball as well, and took two crucial wickets. His all-round performance played a key role in the Warriors victory.

Stay tuned for the post-match presentation.

Shivamogga Lions
S Shivaraj
M Venkatesh
19.6 M Venkatesh to P Bhatia
W WICKET! In the air and taken! Full-length on the stumps. Bhatia tries to loft straight down the ground but didn't get enough elevation on it as the ball sails towards long-on and the fielder in the deep takes a good tumbling catch. Mysore Warriors held their nerves and win by 12 runs. 
19.5 M Venkatesh to S Shivaraj
1 Full-length on the stumps. Shivaraj flicks it to mid-wicket for a single. 
Boundary check! The fielder in the deep flicks the ball inside the rope and the third umpire is checking if some part of his body touched the boundary cushion or not. The third umpire reckons it's a clean save. Good fielding. 
19.4 M Venkatesh to S Shivaraj
2 Oh, good fielding in the deep. Full and on the middle stump line. Shivaraj flicks hard and the ball races towards deep mid-wicket. The fielder in the deep covers the good ground and flicks the ball inside the top to save a couple of runs. 
19.3 M Venkatesh to S Shivaraj
4 FOUR! Straight down the ground! Drags the length back a bit on the stumps. Shivaraj biffs at it and the ball flies over the bowler's head and goes on a bounce over the ropes. 
19.2 M Venkatesh to S Shivaraj
0 Full-length and it was in the slot but Shivaraj gets the inside edge of the bat onto the pads. 
19.1 M Venkatesh to S Shivaraj
2 Short of a length outside off. Shivaraj hoicks across and the ball races towards deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs. 20 needed in the last 5 balls. 
19.1 M Venkatesh to P Bhatia
1wd Full toss outside off. Bhatia swings and misses. The keeper does well to dive to his left and get his hand on it. The pair sneak a bye-run. Wide signaled by the umpire.