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SYSW vs SYTW 56th Match, WBBL 2023

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Sydney Sixers Women won by 9 wickets 🏆
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15th Over:
= 7
16th Over:
= 9
Last Over:
= 14
This Over:
= 10

Player of the Match

Ellyse Perry
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Ellyse Perry Jersy
82 (60)21 (22)10 1 3 0 136.67 95.45
P'ship : 67(52)
Last Wkt :   Suzie Bates 18(23)
BowlerM Kapp
0-333.3 9.43
SYSWSYSW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 3935
10 Over 6464
15 Over 10193
SYTWSYTW - 1st Innings
6 Over 4138
10 Over 6864
15 Over 10493
20 Over 133123


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Inn 2
And with that, we conclude our coverage of this thrilling clash between Sydney Thunder Women and Sydney Sixers Women. The entire game showcased the dominance of Sydney Sixers Women, securing a well-deserved victory.

Join us for the upcoming exciting encounters from around the globe. Signing off now, it's Hitesh Peddurwar, along with my insightful co-commentator Saipavan Janaki and the scorer/analyst Ashok Dayma. Until next time, stay safe, and may you have a delightful Sunday!
Ellyse Perry (Player of the Match): "Yeah good feeling and finishes the season well. A bit of a shame as well because of our performance throughout the tournament but positive finished today. Yeah, to be honest, we have the support from the team and today is an important day a wonderful cricket conditions and loved the crowd on a Sunday afternoon. We really enjoyed today. Yeah had a wonderful and we lacked a little bit of confidence in the middle. We love to do things and tough competition and every team has a strong side as well. Thanks."
11:04 IST, 16:64 Local Time| Splendid innings of 82* runs by veteran batter Ellyse Perry has helped Sydney Sixers Women get over the line in just 17.3 overs. They have won this game by 9 wickets.

Earlier in the game, Sydney Thunder Women opted to bat first but had a slow start, scoring 24 runs in the initial four overs and losing opener Tahlia Wilson early for just two runs. The team recovered with a solid 51-run partnership between Chamari Athapaththu (26 runs) and Phoebe Litchfield (34 runs off 25 balls). However, the lower and middle order struggled, and the team was eventually bowled out for 123 runs in 19.5 overs.

Sydney Sixers Women bowlers dominated in the final overs, taking 5 wickets and conceding only 10 runs in the last 11 balls. Ashleigh Gardner starred with four wickets for 26 runs in her four overs. Linsey Smith secured two wickets, and Ellyse Perry contributed with one as Sydney Thunder Women faced a tough bowling attack.

While chasing the paltry total of 124 runs, the opening pair of Suzie Bates and Ellyse Perry set a solid foundation for Sydney Sixers Women. They carefully maneuvered through the powerplay, reaching 21 runs without losing a wicket. The duo stitched together a commendable 59-run partnership for the first wicket before Suzie Bates departed after scoring 18 runs.

After the departure of Suzie Bates, Ashleigh Gardner joined Ellyse Perry in the middle. Perry, displaying a sublime touch, maintained a brisk run rate, while Gardner provided steady support from the other end. Perry's outstanding performance saw her finishing unbeaten with 82 runs, steering her team to victory in just 17.3 overs. Gardner played a brief but impactful role, contributing a quick cameo of 21* runs. 

From a bowling point of view, nothing went Sydney Thunder Women's way as they failed to scalp the wickets and gave away easy runs. Hannah Darlington was the only wicket-taker for Sydney Thunder Women.
17.3 M Kapp to E Perry
4 WINNING RUNS!!! FOUR MORE RUNS!!! Good length delivery on the outside the off stump line, Perry leans forward and slashes that hard through the point region for four more runs to finishes the chase! Sydney Sixers win this game by 9 wickets.
17.2 M Kapp to E Perry
4 FOUR RUNS!!! Short of a length delivery, on the leg stump line, Perry stands tall inside the crease and whips that towards the backward square leg region. The ball finds a gap and runs away for four runs.
17.2 M Kapp to E Perry
WD Fuller length delivery, going down the leg side. The umpire signals it as wide.
17.1 M Kapp to A Gardner
1 Yorker length delivery on the middle stump line, Gardner drills that towards the long on for a single.
Sydney Sixers need just 8 runs off 18 balls.
Sydney Sixers Women
Ellyse Perry
Ashleigh Gardner
Hannah Darlington
16.6 H Darlington to E Perry
4 FOUR RUNS TO FINISHES THE OVER!!! Pitched-up delivery, width outside the off stump line, Perry takes a long stride and drives that through extra cover. The ball beats the fielder and runs away for four runs.
16.5 H Darlington to E Perry
0 Good length delivery on the outside off, Perry goes for the reverse sweep but misses it.
That was excellent effort by Lauren Smith at the long-on region, she runs towards her left puts in the full length dive but fails to grab the ball.
16.4 H Darlington to E Perry
4 FOUR MORE RUNS!!! Fuller length delivery on the middle and off stump line, Perry prods forward and drives that over the bowler's head. The long on fielder tries to grab that one but misses it and the ball goes into the rope for four runs.
16.3 H Darlington to A Gardner
1 Fuller length delivery on the off stump line, Gardner drives that down to long on for a single.
16.2 H Darlington to A Gardner
4 FOUR RUNS!!! First boundary in surge overs! Back of a length delivery on the leg stump line, Gardner shuffles across and scoops that over the short fine fielder for a boundary! 
16.1 H Darlington to E Perry
1 Fuller length delivery, angling into the pads, Perry flicks that towards the deep midwicket for a single.
Sydney Sixes Women need 22 runs off 24 balls. Power Surge has been taken by Sydney Sixers.