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BHW vs SYSW 49th Match, WBBL 2023

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Sydney Sixers Women won by 6 wickets 🏆
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M Brown
4s: 2
6s: 0
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4s: 4
6s: 0
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J Jonassen

Econ: 6.78
17th Over:
= 12
18th Over:
= 10
Last Over:
= 9
This Over:
= 7
SYSWSYSW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4354
10 Over 8492
15 Over 134131
BHWBHW - 1st Innings
6 Over 4540
10 Over 6776
15 Over 118110
20 Over 162176


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Inn 2
That's it from this thriller of a WBBL game where the Sixers prevail over the Heat. More WBBL action coming your way tomorrow and Legends League Cricket action coming your way later tonight. Stay with us in our network for all other cricketing actions across the globe.

For now, this is Ayan Chatterjee signing off on behalf of my co-commentators Arijit Kundu and Sidharth Gulati alongside scorer/analyst Ashok Dayma. Stay safe, happy, and cool. Goodbye.  
Ellyse Perry (Sydney Sixers Women Captain and Player of the Match): "Great game of cricket and we got the best of the conditions. It was tricky in the afternoon with some swing early on. Heat batted well to get to that total but the conditions are dewy and I am chuffed with the win.

Burns is a great person. Gives her all and backs herself to hit the ball cleanly. She is a real team player. Yes, certainly been a talking point. Things have been hard and gone our way as such.

But we have given our best and we want to do well and hopefully things go our way as well. The commitment from the girls has been amazing and we want to continue it going forward. Hope to do well in the coming games."   
4:48 PM IST and 9:18 PM Local Time: A victory to boast off for the Sydney Sixers today. They are still in the contest for the finals and gave their best to go past the finishing line. One heck of a contest in Brisbane. 

Despite losing Erin Burns and Ashleigh Gardner halfway through the chase, Maitlan Brown and Mathilda Carmichael played calculative cricket and steered the side over the line.

In pursuit of the chase, the Sixers lost Ellyse Perry within the mandatory powerplay after Jess Jonassen dropped her for one in the first over. The Sixers’ skipper did smack 20 runs off 10 balls before getting outsmarted by Georgia Voll. The Heat introduced four new bowlers inside the powerplay to reduce the run rate. The bowlers were mixed nicely but Suzie Bates and Ashleigh Gardner kept milking their way. 

After a 41-run second wicket stand, the Kiwi all-rounder was dismissed for 26 as the skipper struck with the ball. The defending side may have thought to capitalize on it but were tweaked by the Aussie all-rounder duo of Gardner and Burns. The tag team tailored 61 runs for the third wicket to set the stage for a good chase. Burns heaved and tonked a few over deep mid-wicket and long on before departing for 35 off 20. Gardner followed her to the dressing room in quick time.

The Heat were once again back in the game but only to witness a late power surge where  Brown and Carmichael eke out runs. A fifty-run partnership helped them chase down the target with a ball left. Cut to the final over, Jonassen had to defend seven runs. Although no boundaries were conceded in the ultimate over the equation was too paltry to be defended.

The Brisbane Heat piled up 176 runs in 20 overs after being compelled to bat first by the Sixers’ captain Ellyse Perry. It was a lower-middle order dominance that helped them reach this total at the end of the first innings.

The Heat were pushed on the back foot after the pace trinity of Lauren Cheatle, Jess Kerr and Ellyse Perry put pressure on them. Grace Harris was nicked off the gloves in the second ball of the match while Kerr and Perry followed it up with the wickets of Bess Heath and Georgia Redmayne. They were pushed back to 34-3 around the one-fourth mark of the innings. It was Mignon du Preez (42 off 27) who stepped up with the bat and supported Amelia Kerr in orchestrating her natural game. The pair tailored 64 runs for the fourth wicket and stabilized the ship for Jess Jonassen (19 off 13) and Charli Knott (29* off 10) to put some fireworks. 

Kerr changed gears gradually and smacked four consecutive fours in the last over of the power surge. Although she was dismissed for 64 off 44, younger Kerr ensured that the team floats in a commendable position. Knott continued the assault in the end and propelled the scoreboard to 176. 

Perry was the pick of the bowlers with respect to wickets taken as she scalped a three-fer. Jess Kerr bagged a couple while Lauren Cheatle earned a solo. The latter two were more economical with five and seven runs per over respectively.

That's it. Sydney Sixers Women seal a win off the penultimate ball. Fair to say that the five penalty runs cost the Heat.
19.5 J Jonassen to M Brown
2 Ah!! Double and this is it. Brown flicks the fuller, slower one at the leg stump to work towards the right of long on region. Brown has placed it in the right pocket and hastens for a couple of runs. The Sixers have done it and they are still in the contention for the finals. This is some effort from the Ellyse Perry-led unit.
2 off 2 now. Du Preez having a chat with the bowler.
19.4 J Jonassen to M Carmichael
1 Short of a fuller length at the middle and leg. Carmichael gets deep in the crease and flips it towards deep backward square leg region for a single. Carmichael wanted the second run but did not. She was halfway down the crease.
Poor throw from the fielder at long-on. A direct-hit would've made things interesting. Sydney Sixers need 3 off 3. The bowler was disappointed with the fielder.
19.3 J Jonassen to M Carmichael
2 Full at the leg stump line. Carmichael flicks it towards long on region and the pair dives and completes a couple. Jess was unhappy with Harris who was lazy at the deep. 
Sydney require 5 off 4.
19.2 J Jonassen to M Brown
1 Full in the slot, pace-off around the fourth peg. Brown made room and had to stretch to drag it towards long on for a single.
Sydney need 6 off 5.
19.1 J Jonassen to M Carmichael
1 She's been in such situations before, Jess Jonassen. And comes once again. Around the wicket comes the captain. Full-toss wide outside the off, loopy and the batter drives it towards left of cover for a quick single.
It has come down to the final over. Sydney Sixers Women need 7 off 6. Jonassen to bowl the last six balls.
Sydney Sixers Women
Maitlan Brown
Mathilda Carmichael
Courtney Grace Sippel