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ADSW vs SYTW 40th Match, WBBL 2023

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Adelaide Strikers Women won by 6 wickets 🏆
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15th Over:
= 8
16th Over:
= 4
Last Over:
= 16
This Over:
= 6
ADSWADSW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 3833
10 Over 6653
15 Over 9193
SYTWSYTW - 1st Innings
6 Over 4228
10 Over 5548
15 Over 8777
20 Over 120118


Inn 1
Inn 2
So it turned out to be a low scoring affair with Adelaide Strikers asserting their dominance on Sydney Thunder!

Nevertheless, there was some good cricketing and we can only hope for better as we roll ahead in the WBBL. As for now, we will take your leave as this is Wali, Soumarya and Ghanendra signing off. Take care everyone! 
Laura Wolvaardt, Adelaide Strikers, has been adjudged as the player of the match. 

12:43 PM IST, 5:43 Local Time: So that’s that and it’s the Adelaide Strikers that have come out on top with a win by six wickets and 13 balls to spare against Sydney Thunder. 

Opting to bowl first, the Strikers did terrifically well to restrict Thunder to 118/6 from 20 overs. 

Anesu Mushangwe was quick to bag two wickets in the innings as she got the better of Tahila Wilson 7 (8) and the dangerous Phoebe Litchfield 0 (4)  in one over. The skipper Heather Knight 8 (13) didn’t have much to offer either as she was sent back by Jemma Barsby. 

Chamari Athapaththu 43 (40) wasn’t able to play her natural game due to some good bowling. But despite that, she still managed to top the charts for her side. 

It was Tahila McGrath who chipped in with the big wicket of Athapaththu to add further advantage for the Strikers. The middle order duo of Marizanne Kapp 27 (27) and Anika Learoyd 27 (24) strung a 46 run partnership to add stability to the Thunder inning. 

Both batters were eventually dismissed in the final over as Megan Schutt got into the act. 

As for the run chase, the Adelaide Strikers started off the second innings in a fairly decent manner. Katie Mack and Laura Wolvaardt struck 44 runs together from seven overs. 

It was Lauren Smith who broke the partnership by dismissing Mack 26 (24). She immediately followed it up with another wicket off the very next ball by sending back the skipper Tahila McGrath for a golden duck.

With the score being at 44/2 from 7.2 overs, the Thunder did add some sort of pressure but it was short lived as Woolvaardt and Bridget Patterson struck a 53 run stand to put their side on the driving seat.

Laura Woolvaardt 47 (45) turned out to be Lauren Smith’s third victim but it was too little too late as Bridget Patterson 36 (33)* took the onus of finishing the game in favour of the Thunder as they cruised to a comfortable win. 

Lauren Smith was the sole wicket taker for her side courtesy her spell for 3/16 from four overs. 

So the Sydney Thunder will have to regroup and recollect their thoughts as they look to make a comeback in the games ahead, meanwhile, the Strikers will be pleased with their near perfect performance on the field.
17.6 C Athapaththu to B Patterson
nb It's a waist high NO BALL! Patterson did dispatch that quite comfortably to the fence at deep square-leg but those runs won't be counted as Thunder required just one run and they've got that through the no-ball. Nevertheless, a comprehensive victory for the Sydney Thunder on the day.
17.5 C Athapaththu to D Gibson
1 SCORES LEVEL! It was a full toss and Gibson sweeps it behind square for a single. 
17.4 C Athapaththu to D Gibson
0 Almost chopped on. Dot ball. 
17.3 C Athapaththu to D Gibson
4 FOUR! Similar delivery but on sixth stump line. Gibson waited  for it and cut it right under her  eyes through backward point for a boundary. 
17.2 C Athapaththu to D Gibson
0 Short and outside off. Gibson goes for the cut but misses it. 
New batsman on crease
  • RUNS86
  • SR159.00
  • AVG43.00
17.1 C Athapaththu to M Penna
W OUT!  Athapaththu strikes. It was bowled full and at the stumps. Penna tried to play the big drive but was cramped for room. She got an inside edge and the ball crashed into the stumps. 
Adelaide Strikers Women
Bridget Patterson
Madeline Penna
Sammy-Jo Johnson
16.6 S Johnson to B Patterson
4 FOURTH BOUNDARY IN THE OVER! It was too short and outside off stump. Patterson cut it on top of the bounce, through the point region for a boundary. 
16.5 S Johnson to B Patterson
4 FOUR! This time it was short and at the body of the batter. Patterson rocked back and pulled it away behind square for a boundary. 
16.4 S Johnson to B Patterson
0 Back of a length and on middle and leg this time. Patterson hangs back and keeps it out. 
16.3 S Johnson to B Patterson
4 FOUR MORE! Crushing blow! It was full and on the pads. She went on the up over mid on and cleared the fielder with ease. The Strikers edge closer to a win now. 
16.2 S Johnson to B Patterson
4 FOUR! It was on middle stump line and sligthly short. Patterson walks across the stumps and ramps it over fine leg for a boundary. 
16.1 S Johnson to B Patterson
0 Full and straight at the stumps. Patterson presses forward to defend.