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HBHW vs SYSW 38th Match, WBBL 2023

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Sydney Sixers Women won by 3 wickets πŸ†
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M Carmichael Jersy
4s: 5
6s: 0
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K Peterson Jersy
4s: 1
6s: 0
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M Strano

Econ: 9.00
18th Over:
= 15
Last Over:
= 5
This Over:
= 10
SYSWSYSW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4038
10 Over 6669
15 Over 108103
HBHWHBHW - 1st Innings
6 Over 3943
10 Over 7272
15 Over 113106
20 Over 147139


Inn 1
Inn 2
So, that's a wrap from the solo coverage of WBBL today. The Pezz and her troops march with four successive victories and they would be hoping to catch up with everyone at the top soon. This is Arijit Kundu, taking your leave on behalf of esteemed co-commentator, Deepak Prakash and scorer/analyst Zeeshan Naiyer. Stay tuned to this space for more cricketing action. Happy Diwali, Kali Pujo, Tihar πŸŽ†, to everyone out there in India. Cheers!! 
Player of the Match: TillyπŸ˜‰aka. Mathilda Carmichael
3:38 PM IST, 9:08 PM Local Time: How's that for a last-ball thriller? A Super Over? Nope! Kate Peterson snaps a single and gets the job done. Four back-to-back wins for the Sydney Sixers and they inch closer to the fourth position in the points table.

The Hurricanes' innings did not see any massive innings but saw contributions from each component of the batting order. Ellyse Perry and Maitlan Brown offered a wicketless start inside the mandatory powerplay scoring 28 runs in four overs.

Following the field restrictions, they lost a couple of overs in a brace. Ashleigh Gardner scored 24 runs off 21 balls but failed to graft the innings for long enough as Amy Smith dismantled her and Erin Burns (10) in the same over. After a short stretch of time, Heather Graham extracted a couple of wickets and the scoreboard read 107-7 at the cusp of 16 overs.

With 30 runs needed from the last three overs, the Sixers asked for Power Surge. 
Mathilda Carmichael struck three fours in that over and changed the complexion of the game. But Graham returned back and tilted the sea saw back to the same position by offering five runs in the penultimate over. With 10 runs needed off the final over, the pair sealed the deal with a four, a double, and four singles. 

If not for the heroics of Carmichael, the Hurricanes would've gone past the victory line. She smashed 32* runs off 21 balls to extract this sweet victory.

Earlier, Lizelle Lee and Bryony Smith provided a great start for the Hurricanes Women after being forced to bat first. The duo batted carefully and forged 42 runs for the first wicket, with Smith falling for 11 runs off 15 balls. Elyse Villani replaced Lee at number three but struggled to accelerate before departing with 15 runs off 14 balls. 

Meanwhile, Lee scored quick runs from one end and held the forte. She raced to her half-century and then got dismissed, falling victim to Chloe Tryon immediately after completing her half-century. 

Following Lee's dismissal, the Hurricanes continued to lose wickets at regular intervals. Heather Graham, on the other hand, held her wicket and contributed 36 runs off 28 balls. The Sydney Sixers Women held the lines and lengths tight in the slog overs, limiting the home side to l139/8.

Lauren Cheatle and Maitlan Brown each took two wickets for the Sixers, while Linsey Smith, Ashleigh Gardner, and Chloe Tryon each snapped a solitary piece.
Sydney Sixers Women
Mathilda Carmichael
Kate Peterson
Molly Strano
19.6 M Strano to K Peterson
1 That's it. Peterson held her nerve and helped her side win this nail-biter. Tossed up on the middle and leg stump line. Peterson walks down and flicks it to wide of mid-on for a single to finish the game. Sydney Sixers win by 3 wickets in the last-over thriller and extend their winning streak to four matches now. On the other hand, Hobart Hurricanes Women have lost four games on the trot now. 
Brilliant spirited effort in the field from Linsey Smith at cover point but the pair scampers through!! 1 needed off 1 now! Super Over??
19.5 M Strano to M Carmichael
1 The scores are level now. Tossed up outside off. Carmichael throws her bat at it and cuts it to short cover. Smith inside the ring does well to stop it. A single is taken. 
Bit of chat between the two batters. More fielders in the inner ring now. 
19.4 M Strano to M Carmichael
2 Length delivery outside off. Carmichael rocks away and cuts it to deep point. The fielder in the deep fumbles and the pair scamper for the second run. Good running between the wickets. 2 needed off 2 balls now. 
19.3 M Strano to K Peterson
1 Tossed up on the middle and leg stump line. Peterson charges down the track and heaves it towards long-on. The ball goes on a bounce to the fielder for a single. 
19.2 M Strano to M Carmichael
1 Tossed up on the stumps. Carmichael drills it down to long-on for a single. 5 needed off 4 balls now. 
Arijit: Carmichael is playing a gem of an innings today.
19.1 M Strano to M Carmichael
4 FOUR! Pressure-releasing shot from Carmichael! Tossed up on a length outside off. Carmichael goes deep inside the crease and swots it towards the cow corner region. The ball splits two fielder in the deep and races away for a boundary. 
Molly Strano to operate in the final over.
A brilliant over from Heather Graham and the equation gets curtailed to 10 runs needed off 6 balls now.
Sydney Sixers Women
Kate Peterson
Mathilda Carmichael
Heather Graham
18.6 H Graham to M Carmichael
1 Drags the length back angling into the stumps. Carmichael hoicks across the line and the ball goes on a bounce to deep mid-wicket fielder for a single. 10 needed off 6 balls now.