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HBH vs PRS 9th Match, BBL 2023-24

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Perth Scorchers won by 9 wickets 🏆
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Z Crawley
4s: 6
6s: 1
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A Hardie
4s: 4
6s: 5
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N Ellis

Econ: 11.05
14th Over:
= 11
15th Over:
= 11
Last Over:
= 4
This Over:
= 6
PRSPRS - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4954
10 Over 8792
15 Over 139163
HBHHBH - 1st Innings
6 Over 4638
10 Over 6370
15 Over 106103
20 Over 142172


Inn 1
Inn 2
17:15 PM IST, 19:45 PM LOCAL TIME: So that's that from our end and we did witness some terrific bowling in the first hour or so, which was followed up some lusty blows that got us off our seats. 

Here's hoping that we get to be a part of more such action as we roll forward in the BBL. Until then this is Wali, Akshay and Paras signing off. Take care everyone! 

17:05 PM IST, 19:35 PM Local Time: So that’s that and it’s the Perth Scorchers that have secured a staggering win by nine wickets and 23 balls to spare while chasing 173.

Batting first, the Hurricanes got off to a poor start as Ben McDermott 4 (3) was sent back in the second over by Jason Behrendorff. Behrendorff followed it up with the wicket of Sam Hain on the very next ball as he got wrapped on the pads. Tim David walked out to bat and joined Caleb Jewell tried to restabilize the innings but the stay was short lived as David 12 (8) turned out to be Behrendorff’s third wicket of the day. 

Lance Morris had an impact straightaway as he got rid of Caleb Jewell 12 (11) on his very first delivery with the score being 28/4. The Scorchers bowled brilliantly and troubled the Hurricanes with pace and bounce. Corey Anderson 8 (16) didn’t have much to offer either as Andrew Tye was the next to chip in with a wicket.

Nikhil Chaudhary and Mitchell Owen did manage to put up a 56 run stand and did display a bit of fight. Chaudhary’s 40 (31) impressive knock came to an end  as he chopped one to Behrendorff to become his fourth victim of the day.

Owen 28 (22) sliced one to the fielder at point during Ashton Agar’s over just when he was looking to accelerate. With the score being 107-7 from 15 overs it seemed that the Hurricanes would have been restricted under 140. However, that’s when Chris Jordan came through and changed the dynamics. Jordan went hard from the very start and smashed his way to a stellar knock of 59 (20).

The England international struck six fours and five sixes while batting with a strike rate of nearly 300 to get his side to a total which was considered par. That being said, it was Jason Behrendorff who topped the charts for the Scorchers with his spell of 4/25.

The momentum did shift after that trailblazing knock by Jordan and the Scorchers might have felt the pressure. 

The Perth Scorchers did lose an early wicket of Cooper Connolly 5 (7) with Jordan chipping in once again. But that was it for the day for Hobart as the Scorchers fired back with utmost distain. The duo of Zak Crawley 65 (46)* and Aaron Hardie 85 (45)* stuck a belligerent 156* run stand in no-time to win their side the game. 

Crawley played quite a few stellar drives which contributed six fours and a six in his inning. Whereas, Hardie made his presence felt through his power that led to four fours and five sixes. From those five sixes, four of them were hit in one over of Patrick Dooley.

Although the wicket did have pace and bounce, Crawley and Hardie did make batting look easy throughout.

Apart from Chris Jordan's heroics, the Hobart Hurricanes didn't have a day to remember and they'll be going back to the drawing board as they look to bounce back.

Jason Behrendorff (Player of the Match): "We love playing here. It’s a great wicket and lot of assistance to the bowlers. We bowled very well in the first half. Everything Jordan touched, it turned to gold. We were off with our lines and lengths. He smacked a few and it was tough for us but he batted really well.

(On Zak Crawley) Yeah. King of Bazball. He smashed from the word go. Tough for a international player to come here and adjust to the bounce but he batted realty well. Also, Hardie played really well at the other end.

The T20 World Cup next year is on the back of my mind but I’m just enjoying myself playing every game. We talk a lot about basing the plans on our strengths. The main thing is to stick to our strengths and it has worked well for us in the past."
Player of the Match: Jason Behrendorff
16.2 N Ellis to A Hardie
nb Ellis bowls a no-ball and that's that! Shorter in length on the stumps, Hardie sits back and pulls it towards deep square leg and runs for one. Perth Scorchers get home in the 17th over with nine wickets in hand. They have absolutely dominated with the bat as they cruise past the Hobart Hurricanes with 22 balls to spare.
16.2 N Ellis to A Hardie
WD Ellis errs in line as he sprays this one down leg and Hardie misses the flick. Wide signaled by the umpire.
16.1 N Ellis to A Hardie
4 FOUR!!!! Beautiful shot from Aaron Hardie. Ellis bowls it on a length outside off, Hardie stands still and plays the lofted drive over extra covers for a boundary. Nice extension of the arms on this one. The ball falls just short of the ropes. Two required to win now for the Scorchers.
Perth Scorchers
Zak Crawley
Aaron Hardie
Chris Jordan
15.6 C Jordan to A Hardie
1 A leg-cutter outside off, Hardie goes for the cut but ends up chopping it behind. McDermott gets to the ball quickly and underarms it on the stumps but Crawley is home.
15.5 C Jordan to A Hardie
0 Jordan goes full outside off, Hardie drives it straight to Dooley at extra covers. No run.
15.4 C Jordan to A Hardie
2 A slower delivery on the body of Hardie who pulls it behind square in the leg side and scampers back for the second.
15.3 C Jordan to A Hardie
0 Jordan nails the yorker on the stumps and Hardie looks to swing it into the leg side but gets an inside edge on his front pad.
15.2 C Jordan to Z Crawley
1 A leg-cutter on the shorter side as Crawley pulls it towards deep square leg for a single.
15.1 C Jordan to Z Crawley
0 Full and sliding in on the pads, Crawley looks to scoop it in the fine leg region but misses. It clips his pad and settles in the gloves of McDermott behind the stumps. A mild appeal from Jordan for caught behind but turned down by the umpire.
Perth Scorchers
Aaron Hardie
Zak Crawley
Nathan Ellis
14.6 N Ellis to A Hardie
2 Hits the length at leg and that's been played gently to deep mid-wicket for two more runs. 
14.5 N Ellis to Z Crawley
1 Bowls it slow and at middle as that's been worked away to long-on for one.