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BR-W vs GAW-W 1st Match, WCPL 2023

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Barbados Royals Women won by 6 wickets 🏆
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E Burns
4s: 3
6s: 1
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C Henry
4s: 1
6s: 0
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S Bates

Econ: 8.73
17th Over:
= 14
18th Over:
= 8
Last Over:
= 3
This Over:
= 11
BR-WBR-W - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4536
10 Over 6868
15 Over 107124
GAW-WGAW-W - 1st Innings
6 Over 4250
10 Over 8271
15 Over 106104
20 Over 150166


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Inn 2
So, that is it from this encounter. We hope that we were able to entertain you. The Barbados Royals in pink fly high as they chase surmount a target of 167 runs with two balls and six wickets in hand. 

This was Arijit Kundu with the live ball-by-ball coverage and match updates with a shoutout to Deepak Prakash for his initial inputs.. Zeeshan Naiyer and Chandan Kumar Singh were the scorer/analysts. 
Hayley Matthews (Barbados Royals): "Obviously, going back there at the half-time, 160 was a lot. But the talent that we have in the dressing room is amazing.

I think she [Laura Harris] is a different kind of player and that's the reason we have her here. She put up some quick runs at the lately.

[On improvements] Obviously, in the first innings we weren't able to restrict with the ball where we wanted to. But yeah, the batting shows us an immense character that we could do with the bat whatever is asked."

Sophie Devine (Player of the Match): "Yeah, little bit disappointing to finish without a win. But Laura Harris was amazing. Yeah, high, I think it's credit to the women [on witnessing such a match in WCPL]. The standard of women’s cricket is getting better and better. No nothing like that [on celebrations regarding birthday, the very next day].
Player of the Match: Sophie Devine
3:35 PM IST, 18:05 Local Time: A humdinger of a contest in the inaugural match of the 2023 Women's Caribbean Premier League. It's the Barbados Royals that do the unthinkable- chase down a target of 167 runs with six wickets and a couple of balls to spare. A stupendous batting display has overshadowed the first ton of WCPL that came from Sophie Devine.

In pursuit of a chase of 167 runs, Hayley Matthews tailored 40 runs with Gaby Lewis for the opening stand. The pair started off watchful and the skipper fell to Karishma Ramharack after the powerplay. 

There were contributions from Rashada Williams whereas Lewis was grafting the innings from the other end. The Irish woman played a vital knock and laid the foundation for the chase with 47 runs off 35 balls. 

But the chase wouldn’t be feasible if not for the efforts of Laura Harris and Erin Burns in action. Harris smacked the ball with all might while Burns earned the runs with her wit. 

The run-rate did surge high over 11 runs per over after the drinks break but the equation was curtailed down to run-a-ball after the 18th over. Shabnim Ismail used her wealth of experience to produce a fabulous 19thy over, offering just three runs. With nine runs needed off the final over, Suzie Bates failed to do the job for the defending side as Barabados Royals sealed their first victory of the tournament.

Earlier, Sophie Devine became the first woman to notch up a century in Women's CPL. She brought it with two sixes in the final over, pumping the scoreboard to 166-2 at the end of 20 overs. 

The Warriors got a good start as Suzie Bates partnered Devine brilliantly, The White Ferns experienced tag team coupled 69 runs for the first wicket. Stafanie Taylor (22) and Natasha McLean (13) succored Devine in the later part of the innings and helped her carry the bat. 
19.4 S Bates to E Burns
4 Penetrates the gap and the ball flows towards the boundary ropes. Its a royal performance from the Royals and Burns burn the opposition with the winning runs in the inaugural match of the WCPL 2023. Length and wide outside the off. Burns rocks back and cuts it nicely between point and cover for a glorious boundary.
19.3 S Bates to E Burns
2 Length and keeps it wide of the stumps. Burns miscues the flat bat heave down the ground towards fine of long off. Sophie Devine there runs to her right and saves the boundary. Two runs have been taken.
19.2 S Bates to E Burns
4 FOURRRR!! It's the Trans-Tasmanian battle nowe and Erin Burns, the Aussie is taking it away. Full and outside the off. Bit of room and Burns smashes it across the line towards the cow corner region for a four.
19.1 S Bates to C Henry
1lb Comes over the wicket. Full and outside the fifth stump. The batter shuffles across for the hoick and misses it. Gets hit at the body and runs for leg bye.
Skipper Stafanie Taylor is spotted having a discussion with a group of her teammates. Gives the ball to Suzie Bates in order to operate in the final over. 9 runs to defend in the six balls. Eight runs for super over.
Barbados Royals Women
Erin Burns
Chinelle Henry
Shabnim Ismail
18.6 S Ismail to E Burns
0 Once again, there you go. Rockets it straight past the leg stump line. Henry gets cramped up while trying to stay leg-sidish of this one. Could manage an inside edge back at the pad. No run.
18.5 S Ismail to C Henry
1 Chipped in the air and short of long on. brilliant over from Ismail now and she is bringing her wealth of experience in this contest. Full and at the stumps. The batter fails to time it well.
18.4 S Ismail to E Burns
1 Short ball, following the batter as she tries to make room. Burns manages to swivel it towards fine leg for a single.
18.3 S Ismail to E Burns
0 Length delivery at the middle and leg. Burns makes room and slashes it towards cover for none.
18.2 S Ismail to C Henry
1 Goes for the yorker again, bit undercooked at the leg stump. Henry gets some bat on the push towards long on.
18.1 S Ismail to C Henry
0 Come over the wicket. A good yorker from Ismail. Henry was leg-sidish of the ball and tried to strike hard towards the off side. Felt only air.
Run-a-ball is required now and its Shabnim Ismail with the ball in hand for the 19th over.
Barbados Royals Women
Erin Burns
Chinelle Henry
Suzie Bates