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GAW vs SLK 4th Match, CPL 2023

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A long, long day ends from the CPL. It's time to bid adieu from the coverage. It was me AkshayaKrishna Polya, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Megh Mandaliya, who, alongside our scorer/analyst Ashok Dayma brought you every bit of live updates from this rain-hit encounter. We will meet again in the next match. Until then, it's cheers! 
8:17 AM IST, 10:47 PM Local Time: We need to start by 10:49 PM Local Time and that is 8:19 AM IST! The umpires come into the ground for a final inspection. Imran Tahir has a fun chat with Daren Sammy. Both Chris Wright and Leslie Reifer have a word with the fourth umpire and the head ground staff. Sammy, Tahir and the umpires have a conference. Abandoned! The players shake hands with the umpires and among themselves! It's finally over. Both teams share a point each. It was that kind of day and we had plenty of stops and starts before the rain had its final say.
8:11 AM IST, 10:41 PM Local Time | So, Jair McAllister attains his maiden CPL wicket, and his brilliant last over has restricted Guyana Amazon Warriors to 56/2 after 5 overs. A good cameo from Azam Khan after early stutters has helped them post a competitive total but McAllister's final over has certainly handed the momentum to Saint Lucia Kings.

After being invited to bat first in the rain-curtailed fixture, the left-handed opening pair of Chandrapaul Hemraj and Saim Ayub were flustered by some extra bounce off the surface in the opening over before the rain returned once again and further reduced the game to 5 overs. Chris Sole bagged the opening wicket by getting rid of Hemraj 4(4) courtesy of a splendid catch by Roston Chase.

Ayub shifted the gears following the departure of Hemraj and brought out a couple of scoops to ease off the pressure. His Pakistani counterpart Azam Khan also got into his element and teed off in the 4th over. Khan 21(11) and Ayub 24*(16) walloped 19 runs off Alzarri Joseph's 4th over before McAllister had the woods over the former in the final ball of the innings. 

Saint Lucia Kings need 59 runs from 30 balls (DLS Revised Score) to win two games in a row but it won't be a facile task surely considering how the surface is behaving. Back with the chase shortly if the rain permits! 
8:09 AM IST, 22:39 Local Time: RAIN AGAIN! As we head into the innings break, the rain is pouring down now. The covers are on.
Guyana Amazon Warriors
Saim Ayub
Jair McAllister
Jair McAllister has his first CPL wicket! What a way to get your first wicket. He is over the moon.
4.6 J McAllister to A Khan
W BOWLED 'EM! A fantastic last over from Jair McAllister. He gets his maiden CPL wicket. A well-executed yorker darted on the leg stump line, Khan shuffles across the crease and looks to whip that across the line but goes after the wrong line as the ball sneaks past the blade and crashes onto the stumps. Khan departs for 21 as Guyana Amazon Warriors conclude their innings on 56/2.
4.5 J McAllister to A Khan
0 Short of a length again just inside the offside tramline on his occasion, Khan swivels and goes for a hoick across the line but misses that to the keeper. 
4.5 J McAllister to A Khan
WD WIDE! Second wide of the over. Short of a length and outside the offside tramline, Khan lets it go to the keeper. 
4.4 J McAllister to A Khan
0 Back of a length and outside off, Khan with no foot movement looks to slash it away but misses that to the keeper. 
4.4 J McAllister to S Ayub
1wd WIDE! Back of a length and down the leg side, Ayub looks to pull that away but misses that to the keeper. The batters steal another run.
Mid-on is in place with fine leg being dropped back.
4.3 J McAllister to A Khan
1 Another full toss delivery on the leg stump line with pace on, Khan again mistimes the hoick towards deep mid-wicket for a single. 
4.2 J McAllister to A Khan
2 A low full toss on the middle and off-stump line, Khan gets down on one knee and drags that to deep mid-wicket. He scampers back for the second run. 
4.1 J McAllister to S Ayub
1 Over the wicket. Short of a length into the pitch. Ayub was hurried by pace and toe ends the pull towards covers for a single. 
Still, the fielder is out and there was some confusion. Now the extra fielder runs into the ring.