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AUSW vs IREW 2nd ODI, IREW vs AUSW 2023

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Australia Women won by 153 runs 🏆
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4s: 1
6s: 0
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J Jonassen

Econ: 3.92
36th Over:
= 4
37th Over:
= 7
Last Over:
= 1
This Over:
= 0
IREWIREW - 2nd Innings
10 Over 4238
15 Over 6371
20 Over 96105
25 Over 133129
30 Over 152144
35 Over 164156
AUSWAUSW - 1st Innings
10 Over 5858
15 Over 8373
20 Over 105101
25 Over 139133
30 Over 165168
35 Over 197202
40 Over 246232
50 Over 323321


Inn 1
Inn 2
That's all from today's live coverage of the match. Hope you liked the coverage and enjoyed it. I Harsh Shukla on behalf of my co-commentator Deepak Prakash and scorer/analyst Raju Khariya will now sign off from the match. Cheers, and take care.

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Alyssa Healy (Australia Women Captain): "It was crucial for us to win this match after losing the ODI series against England. It was great to see everyone giving their best today and we received amazing support from the fans. We are really enjoying the experience so far and hope to deliver another stellar performance on Friday."
Laura Delany (Ireland Women Captain): "Yeah, we lost it completely in the middle. They (Australia) didn't give much chance to score the runs. They were brilliant both with bat and ball. Hunter batted very well and Lewis got off to a good start to the inning. I think we were not on the mark with the ball. Even though Dempsey bowled brilliantly got some quick wickets and brought us into the game. But yet again we lost total control in the middle overs of the first innings. Perry outclasses us and then the other batters. We need to focus on our bowling and look out for the loopholes." 
Ellyse Perry (Player of the Match): "Yeah, it was a great performance however it wasn't a great start we were 57/3 but it was really fun to have that partnership with Mooney. Yeah, they did a lot of favor (lower-order batters) particularly Ash has a lot of firepower with the bat, Sutherland played really well, and at the end Wareham so I think we have depth in our batting lineup. I think it's good to see cricket growing here some of the young girls were very brilliant and also they do full-time training so yeah, it's good to see cricket growing here (Ireland)."
9:44 PM IST, 5:14 PM Local Time: With a mammoth target to chase down the Irish Women falls apart and lost the match by a margin of 153 runs. Australia now lead the series by 1-0 in the three-match ODI series.

Chasing down the mammoth target of 322 runs the start for Irish women was not that ideal. They batted very slowly and the pressure of scoring the runs in the powerplay cost them the first wicket. Leash Paul departed on 20 runs courtesy of McGrath's beauty. Gaby Lewis and Amy Hunter held the inning and started building the partnership. Lewis played some beautiful shots all through the ground and got to his 30s very quickly. They both added 89 runs on the board for 3rd wicket before Lewis got out to Gardner.

Amy Hunter stayed firmly on the crease and scored her half-century in 60 deliveries. There was no big partnership after the 3rd wicket as Ireland Women lost the last 5 wickets adding only 38 runs on the board. Mary Waldron the 11th batter didn't come out to bat due to injury. Wareham Bowling the middle overs bowled brilliantly and got 3 wickets. McGrath and Jonassen got a couple of wickets as Gardner and Garth got 1 wicket each.

Australia Women were invited to bat first after Ireland Women won the toss. Despite losing an early wicket, Ellyse Perry and Alyssa Healy produced runs at a respectable rate to enable Australia to reach 58/1 at the conclusion of the first powerplay. Australia's rescue effort was initiated by Perry and Beth Mooney, who were able to run the scoreboard moving along at a reasonable pace. Between the two, Perry was the main aggressor as the right-hander scored quickly and went on to reach her half-century and ended her inning scoring 91 runs.

Gardner scored a rapid 65 runs off just 39 balls.  At the crucial point of the innings, Georgia Wareham (29* off 24) blasted a few boundaries to help Australia Women surpass the 320-run threshold. In terms of bowling, Georgina Dempsey excelled for the hosts, taking 4 wickets and conceding 54 runs in 10 overs. Orla Prendergast contributed one wicket, while Cara Murray chipped in with two.

In the end, it was the brilliance of Australia Women first with the bat and then with the ball to win the match by massive 153 runs.

Mary Waldron, who walked off the field in the first innings won't come out to bat and Australia Women win this game by a massive 153 runs. 
38.2 J Jonassen to G Dempsey
W WICKET!!!!! The 9th one falls down. Dragged the batter on the flight and beats her completely. Dempsey comes down the track and tries to go for a big shot. Misses it completely and gets stumped OUT!
38.1 J Jonassen to G Dempsey
0 Flighted delivery angling back on the off. Dempsey defends on the back foot.
Ireland Women
Cara Murray
Georgina Dempsey
Georgia Wareham
37.6 G Wareham to C Murray
0 Dot to end the over. Flights it up on the stumps. Murray defends it. 
37.5 G Wareham to C Murray
0 Fuller on the off, Murray fends it away. 
37.4 G Wareham to C Murray
0 Flights it up on the off.  Murray defends it. 
37.3 G Wareham to C Murray
0 Fuller delivery on the stumps. Murray defends it. 
37.2 G Wareham to C Murray
0 Tossed up around the off. Murray defends it away.
37.1 G Wareham to G Dempsey
1 Tossed up delivery on the stumps.  Dempsey works it away for a single. 
Ireland Women
Georgina Dempsey
Cara Murray
Jess Jonassen
36.6 J Jonassen to C Murray
0 Tossed up delivery on the leg.  Murray flicks it to short mid-wicket.
36.5 J Jonassen to C Murray
4 FOUR!!!!!! Tossed up delivery and goes up and over. Tossed up delivery on the off. Comes down the track and hits it over mid-on and gets the boundary.