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MOW vs SBW 31st Match, The Hundred W 2023

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Southern Brave Women won by 8 wickets 🏆
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M Bouchier Jersy
4s: 4
6s: 2
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C Lesleigh Tryon Jersy
4s: 0
6s: 0
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K Bryce Jersy



K Bryce

Econ: 5.88
12th Five:
= 6
13th Five:
= 4
14th Five:
= 2
15th Five:
= 6
SBWSBW - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3239
50 Balls7697
MOWMOW - 1st Innings
25 Balls2832
50 Balls6561
75 Balls9494
100 Balls135118


Inn 1
Inn 2
That brings an end to our coverage for this game. Do join us for the men's clash between both these teams which will begin later in the day. For now, this is Akshay Bhide, signing off, on behalf of scorer Ashok Dayma. Tata. Bye Bye.
Hero of the Match: Danielle Wyatt
9:34 PM IST, 5:04 PM Local Time: That's it. A comprehensive victory for the Southern Brave Women as they make it to their third successive final. They outplay the Manchester Originals Women today to win the game by eight wickets to book a place in the final of the Women's Hundred 2023 Competition to be played at Lord's on Sunday.

The Southern Brave Women didn't have the best of starts while chasing 119 as they lost Smriti Mandhana on eight. Danielle Wyatt was joined by Maia Bouchier and both started aggressively from the word go. They made full use of the fielding restrictions and gave their side a blazing start. Both pounced on anything loose and the Originals Women looked clueless with the ball.

The Originals Women skipper Sophie Ecclestone missed out after injuring her right shoulder just before the game and stand-in skipper Eleanor Threlkeld struggled as they failed to keep a check on the scoring rate. Wyatt brought up her fifty in no time. She hit eight fours and a six to score 60 off just 32 balls before getting cleaned up. Maia Bouchier remained unbeaten on 47 off 25 balls to take the Brave Women across the line in just 72 balls with eight wickets in hand.

The Manchester Originals Women were asked to bat first and Emma Lamb departed early in the innings. Laura Wolvaardt along with Fritha Morris led the recovery work for the hosts. Both played some beautiful strokes and kept the Brave Women at bay in the middle overs.

Morris brought up her maiden fifty but fell soon while trying to up the ante as the 88-run stand came to an end in the 16th set. Wolvaardt looked good for her 46 but departed while trying to up the ante. It allowed the Brave Women to pull back things. They bowled beautifully at the fag end of the innings as the Originals Women managed to score only 118 at the end of their innings. Anya Shrubsole picked up two wickets for the Brave Women.

The Brave Women then stepped up with the bat to chase down the total in just 72 balls. With this win, they have qualified for the final directly. They will face the winner of the Eliminator which will be played between the Northern Superchargers Women and the Welsh Fire Women.
72b K Bryce to M Bouchier
4 FOUR!!! Maia Bouchier finishes things in style. Bryce bowls it shorter outside off, Bouchier gives herself some room and cuts it nicely past Dottin at backward point for a boundary. With this, the Southern Brave Women beat the Manchester Originals Women by eight wickets to qualify for the final.
71b K Bryce to M Bouchier
2 A slower delivery around off, Bouchier shuffles across the stumps and hits it wide of long on for a couple of runs.
14th Five
Southern Brave Women
Chloe-Lesleigh Tryon
Maia Bouchier
Kathryn Bryce
1-14(15 b)
70b K Bryce to C Tryon
0 A wide yorker from Bryce and Tryon squeezes it straight to cover point.
69b K Bryce to M Bouchier
1 Bouchier comes down the track and flicks the fuller delivery towards deep square leg for a run.
68b K Bryce to M Bouchier
0 Fuller delivery outside off and Bouchier drives it straight to cover point.
67b K Bryce to C Tryon
1 Short on the pads and Tryon flicks it towards deep mid wicket for a single.
66b K Bryce to C Tryon
0 Back of a length delivery on off and Tryon punches it straight to covers.
13th Five
Southern Brave Women
Chloe-Lesleigh Tryon
Maia Bouchier
Amanda-Jade Wellington
0-28(20 b)
65b A Wellington to M Bouchier
1 Flighted delivery on the pads and Bouchier nudges it in the leg side for a run.
64b A Wellington to C Tryon
1 Tossed up outside off, Tryon steps out of the crease and eases it towards long off for one.
63b A Wellington to M Bouchier
1 Nicely tossed up again and Bouchier works it to long on for a run.
62b A Wellington to C Tryon
1 Tossed up delivery on leg, Tryon looks to work it into the on side but gets a leading edge to long off for a single.
61b A Wellington to C Tryon
0 Quicker delivery on the pads, Tryon looks to flick it but misses and wears it high on the front pad.
12th Five
Southern Brave Women
Maia Bouchier
Chloe-Lesleigh Tryon
Kathryn Bryce
1-12(10 b)
60b K Bryce to C Tryon
1 Fuller delivery outside off and driven down the ground to long off for a single.