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MOW vs NSW 18th Match, The Hundred W 2023

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Superchargers Women won by 4 runs πŸ†
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4s: 0
6s: 0
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4s: 0
6s: 0
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Econ: 7.67
14th Five:
= 11
15th Five:
= 4
16th Five:
= 5
MOWMOW - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3527
50 Balls6057
75 Balls93103
NSWNSW - 1st Innings
25 Balls3233
50 Balls6464
75 Balls9893
100 Balls131133


Inn 1
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That's it for this game, everyone! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage. Do switch tabs and follow the live coverage of the Men's game between the same two sides which should get underway soon. For now, on behalf of Akshay Bhide, (scorer/analyst) Chandan Kr Singh, this is Navjeevan Rajput signing off.
Alice Davidson Richards (Hero of the Match): "It’s pretty hectic but the credit goes to all the bowlers. Their batting lineup has the potential to chase down the total but we did well. It was phenomenal. I was thinking about what they would least like to face in the last set. Hollie and Phoebe have again set the platform and it was good to see Heathy chipping in with a cameo lower down the order."
Hero of the Match: Alice Davidson Richards
6:34 PM IST, 2:04 Local Time: What a game this turned out to be, it swung like a pendulum in the last five sets, but in the end, it's the Superchargers who come out on top and win this rain-affected contest.

Batting first, the Superchargers got a decent start at the top. Litchfield (39) was the leading run-scorer for the Superchargers but overall, they were slowed down a bit in the middle phase of the innings. Heath and Richards played cameos at the backend and helped the Superchargers post 133 runs on the board. For Originals, Ecclestone, Morris, Bryce, and Gaur got a wicket each in that innings.

The rain interpreted proceedings at the end of the first innings and we lost 20 balls in the run-chase. After a bit of delay, the Originals came on to bat in an attempt to chase a DLS-adjusted target of 113 runs in 80 balls. They lost wickets early and struggled in the middle phase of the chase. But Lamb (49) and Ecclestone (13) found the ropes at the backend and brought the Originals closer to their target. However, they were dismissed in the last two sets, and the Originals fell short of the target by just four runs.

With this win, the Superchargers move up to second on the points table. Meanwhile, the Originals stay fourth on the table.
16th Five
Manchester Originals Women
Amanda-Jade Wellington
Alice Davidson Richards
3-23(15 b)
Morris holes out at the end, and the Superchargers win. The crowd at Leeds erupts with joy. What a game!
80b Richards to F Morris
W In the air and taken by Linsey Smith. The Northern Superchargers Women win the Northern Derby. Beautifully bowled by Richards. With five required to defend off the last ball, she bowls a slower delivery on the stumps, Morris stands still and slogs it into the leg side. She doesn't get it off the middle of the bat as Smith from deep square leg runs in a few yards and takes a good catch. With this, the Northern Superchargers Women beat the Manchester Originals Women by four runs.
Five runs are needed from the last delivery. The Originals will need a maximum to win this game now. Morris will face the last ball.
79b Richards to A Wellington
1 A slower delivery on the shorter side well outside off, Wellington moves across to the off side and pulls it straight to Smith at deep square leg for only a single.
Wellington manages to steal a couple and the equation now comes down to six runs needed from two balls.
78b Richards to A Wellington
2 Another slower delivery on the stumps, Wellington comes down the track and nudges it to the left of Smith at deep square leg for another quick double. Excellent running between the wickets from both batters.
77b Richards to A Wellington
2 A slower delivery on the pads and Wellington flicks it through mid wicket. She calls for two straightaway and scampers back for the second. Wareham from the deep throws at the striker's end but Wellington is home.
New batter on crease
  • RUNS39
  • SR121.00
  • AVG5.00
Amanda-Jade Wellington comes out to bat at number 8.
76b Richards to E Lamb
W WICKET!!!! Richards strikes on the first ball of the final set and the dangerous-looking Lamb departs. Richards bowls a back of the hand slower delivery outside off, Lamb shuffles across to the off side and looks to scoop it over short fine leg but has no pace on the ball. Heath behind the stumps moves back and takes a simple catch. Lamb departs one short of her fifty.
That was a tight set from Cross, and she also got the big wicket of Ecclestone. The game now hangs in the balance as the Originals need 10 runs from the last five balls.
15th Five
Manchester Originals Women
Emma Lamb
Fritha Morris
Kate Cross
1-17(15 b)