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LSW vs TRW 16th Match, The Hundred W 2023

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Trent Rockets Women won by 5 wickets 🏆
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N Sciver-Brunt Jersy
4s: 9
6s: 4
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J Gardner
4s: 1
6s: 1
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D Gibson

Econ: 11.36
15th Five:
= 1
16th Five:
= 7
17th Five:
= 23
18th Five:
= 13
TRWTRW - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3125
50 Balls5650
75 Balls8783
LSWLSW - 1st Innings
25 Balls2931
50 Balls6363
75 Balls9791
100 Balls131124


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Inn 2
That's it for this game, everyone! We hope you enjoyed this live coverage. Do switch tabs and follow the Men's competition between the same two sides which starts in over 30 minutes. For now, on behalf of Akshay Bhide, and Zeeshan Naiyer (scorer/analyst), this is Navjeevan Rajput signing off.
Nat Sciver-Brunt (Hero of the Match): "After four games, it’s really nice to get a win on the board. I think we have the batters to be able to chase that. We haven’t shown our best side yet but it still took some doing to chase it down. Jo came in and played really well. She played dots but didn’t get fussed much and rotated the strike. We ran together really well as well. We decided not to leave too many with the longer boundary. We got a few niggles. Potts had to walk off and we need to regroup before we move to Cardiff."
Hero of the Match: Nat Sciver-Brunt
6:18 PM IST, 1:48 PM Local Time: The Rockets have blasted through at the backend of that chase to win their first game of the tournament.

Batting first, Spirit struggled for most of their innings, but a fine knock from Kerr late in the innings helped Spirit post 124 runs on the board. The Rockets bowling first were able to keep things tight thanks to their spinners for the first three-quarters of the innings. However, they leaked a few boundaries at the backend.

Chasing a target of 125 runs, the Rockets lost Lee early. Skipper Sciver-Brunt and Smith were stitching a decent partnership, but just at the end of the fourth set, rain interrupted proceedings for a short while. The rain cleared, and the chase resumed, but the Rockets were pushed on the backfoot as they lost a couple of wickets straightaway. However, Sciver-Brunt (81*) stuck around and got the job done in style.

For the Spirit, Glenn got a couple of wickets, while Dean, Gibson, and Filer got a wicket each.  Things looked in the balance coming into the last 25 balls of the game. However, Spirit bowlers were hammered around by Sciver-Burnt who took the game away from them. 

With this win, the Rockets move up to fifth on the points table. The Spirit are yet to win their first game and slide down to seventh on the table after losing this game.

87b D Gibson to N Sciver-Brunt
6nb Nat Sciver-Brunt finishes things in style. What an exhibition of batting this has been from the Trent Rockets' skipper. Gibson bowls a high full toss outside off and Sciver-Brunt isn't going to miss out on this freebie. She nails the pull over the deep mid wicket fielder for a maximum. With this, the Trent Rockets Women beat the London Spirit Women by five wickets.
The Rockets are just another big hit away from winning it now.
86b D Gibson to N Sciver-Brunt
6 SIXXX!!! Nat-Sciver Brunt is dealing in sixes right now. Gibson bowls it right in the slot outside off, Nat stays still and smokes it over the cow corner fence for a six. This one sails over 70 m.
That turned out to be a massive set for the Rockets as 23 runs came off it. The game has now shifted in favor of the Rockets who need just 12 runs in 15 balls. Spirit need a wicket to come back in this contest.
17th Five
Trent Rockets Women
Nat Sciver-Brunt
Joanne Gardner
Grace Scrivens
0-30(10 b)
85b G Scrivens to N Sciver-Brunt
6 SIXX!!! Sensational ball striking from Nat Sciver-Brunt. Flighted off-break around off, Nat again sits down on one knee and slog sweeps it over the short boundary in the leg side for another six. 23 runs coming off this set.
84b G Scrivens to N Sciver-Brunt
6 SIXXX!!!! Hammered by Nat Sciver-Brunt. This is turning out to be an expensive set. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Nat shuffles across the stumps and slog sweeps it over the mid wicket fence for a maximum.
That was a tight single but Sciver-Brunt does manage to get inside the crease comfortably.
83b G Scrivens to J Gardner
1 Fuller delivery outside off and Gardner slogs it to mid wicket. Dean fumbles a bit and allows a single to be taken.
82b G Scrivens to J Gardner
6 SIXXX!!!!! Poor delivery and put away by Gardner. Scrivens bowls a juicy full toss on off, Gardner slogs it crisply over the mid wicket fence for a biggie. That made a cracking sound off the bat.
81b G Scrivens to J Gardner
4 A misfield and it results in a boundary. Scrivens bowls it short outside off and Gardner pulls it wide of long on. Harris on the boundary moves to her right and lets the ball go between her legs for a boundary.
6:09 PM IST, 1:39 PM Local Time: It's time for a strategic time out. The Spirit look in control as they are able to get wickets consistently. However, Sciver-Brunt is still out there for the Rockets and she has to get her side across the line here. The Rockets need 35 runs in 20 balls.
16th Five
Trent Rockets Women
Nat Sciver-Brunt
Joanne Gardner
Danielle Gibson
1-11(10 b)
80b D Gibson to J Gardner
1 Length delivery outside off, Gardner hits it to mid off and scampers across for a quick single.