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NSW vs OIW 15th Match, The Hundred W 2023

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Northern Superchargers Women won by 14 runs 🏆
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M Villiers Logo
M Villiers Jersy
4s: 3
6s: 0
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C Griffith Jersy
4s: 3
6s: 1
A Davidson Richards Logo
A Davidson Richards Jersy
Econ: 6.50
18th Five:
= 9
19th Five:
= 6
20th Five:
= 7
OIWOIW - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3432
50 Balls6653
75 Balls8785
NSWNSW - 1st Innings
25 Balls3123
50 Balls5364
75 Balls101108
100 Balls148143


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Inn 2
That's it from another cracker of a game from the women's Hundered competition. This is Ninaad Dixit signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Akshay Bhide and scorer/analyst Paras Yadav. Stay tuned for more cricketing action from around the world.
Phoebe Litchfield (Hero of the Match): “To come out with a win was really special. We tried to hit the big pockets of the ground and run hard. I’m not a big hitter of the ball. So try to hit in the open spaces and also there is an extra fielder inside the circle which helps. It’s a massive difference from last year. I think there were seven debutants in our first game this season and it’s a great feeling in the group."
Hero of the Match: Phoebe Litchfield
10 PM IST, 5:30 PM Local time: The Northern Superchargers win an exciting encounter by 14 runs to get to the third position in the points table with six points to their name. An astonishing allround performance from the home side after winning the toss and depositing 143/4 in 100 balls.

Chasing the total, Lauren Winfield-Hill was lucky twice to survive but eventually fell to Alice Davidson-Richards scoring 19 in 14 balls. Her opening partner skipper Suzie Bates never got going as the scoreboard pressure kept increasing.

Georgia Wareham reduced the card to 38/2 removing birthday girl Alice Capsey for 13. Marizanne Kapp had not much to offer as she fell scoring just 4. Paige Scholfield scored a run-a-ball 11 but fell while trying to up the ante.

Bates eventually holed out to Rodrigues at backward point on the 72nd delivery with 62 more runs required. Mady Villiers and Cordelia Griffith (30* off 15) added 47 runs until the final ball but the target was well beyond the reach.

Wareham was the pick of the bowlers with 2/20 in her full quota. Alice Davidson-Richards and Linsey Smith had identical figures of 1/26. Kate Cross sent Bates back but conceded 32 runs in her 20 balls. Grace Ballinger remained wicketless.
20th Five
Oval Invincibles Women
Mady Villiers
Cordelia Griffith
Alice Davidson Richards
1-26(20 b)
100b Richards to M Villiers
0 Short and outside the off stump, steps out and slaps it straight back to the bowler.
99b Richards to C Griffith
1 Short on the middle stump, pulled but to the fielder stationed at deep midwicket.
98b Richards to M Villiers
1 Length and just outside off, a slower one. Villiers doesn't connect well swiping hard towards deep midwicket for just a single.
17 required from 3 balls.
97b Richards to M Villiers
4 FOUR RUNS!! Poor in the field from deep square leg. Short of a length on the off stump, Villiers gets deep in the crease, reads the ball then pulls it getting on the front foot. Deep square rushes forward but misses the ball to allow four runs.
96b Richards to C Griffith
1 Over the wicket. 52 mph. Length and just outside the off stump. Swings across the line getting just one towards deep midwicket. 21 needed off 4.
22 required off 5 balls. Alice Davidson Richards will bowl the final set.
19th Five
Oval Invincibles Women
Cordelia Griffith
Mady Villiers
Georgia Wareham
2-20(20 b)
95b G Wareham to M Villiers
1 Full and outside off, Villiers makes good connection this time as she slog sweeps this to deep midwicket for just one run.
94b G Wareham to M Villiers
0 Brilliant from Wareham! A good length leg break on the off stump, Villiers looks to reverse sweep but misses.
93b G Wareham to M Villiers
0 Very full around the leg stump, advances down the pitch but ends up playing back to the bowler.
92b G Wareham to M Villiers
4 FOUR RUNS!! Villiers shuffles across early and gets a length ball on middle and leg stumps. Finds herself in good position to work it away fine in the leg side with a sweep. Beats the short fine leg fielder diving to her right to the boundary.
91b G Wareham to C Griffith
1 Over the wicket. A flighted ball on the middle stump. Griffith uses her feet pushing out to long on for one run. 27 needed off 9.
Invincibles Women require 28 from 10 balls.