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NSW vs SBW 8th Match, The Hundred W 2023

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Southern Brave Women won by 5 wickets 🏆
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M Brown Jersy
4s: 0
6s: 0
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C Lesleigh Tryon Jersy
4s: 2
6s: 0
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Econ: 10.83
15th Five:
= 1
16th Five:
= 1
17th Five:
= 9
18th Five:
= 5
SBWSBW - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3531
50 Balls5964
NSWNSW - 1st Innings
25 Balls3217
50 Balls4852
75 Balls8678
100 Balls114100


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That’s a wrap from our side as well. I hope you enjoyed our coverage. For now, This is Saipavan Janaki signing off on behalf of my esteemed co-commentator Akshay Bhide, and scorer/analyst Zeeshan Naiyer. CHEERS!
Rhianna Southby (Hero of the Match): "It is amazing. As I said in the mid-innings break, I haven't been at my best but good to perform by going out there today. I did a lot of work the other day to get used to the conditions and it has paid off today. The under edge of Davidson Richards is probably my favorite. The under-edges go down and you have to stay lower than usual to grab it. We are buzzing. Even after the Welsh game, we knew we had done well and are confident as a group."
Hero of the Match: Rhianna Southby
05.47 PM IST, 01.17 PM Local Time: That's it....Southern Brave Women's all-round brilliance led to a 5-wicket victory over Northern Superchargers Women. They excelled in batting, bowling, and fielding, securing their second win in the tournament.

Earlier in the game, the Southern Brave Women won the toss and chose to bowl first.  Northern Superchargers Women didn’t get a good start as they lost two big wickets early. Shrubsole took early wickets, dismissing Jemimah Rodrigues and Phoebe Litchfield. However, Marie Kelly and skipper Hollie Armitage led a recovery, steadily adding runs to the scoreboard. The Southern Brave Women bowlers performed exceptionally well in the middle phase, keeping the scoring rate in check. Armitage attempted to accelerate but fell for 21.

Alice Davidson Richards struggled and was caught behind for five. Marie Kelly showed promise with 39 runs but was stumped in the 17th over. Unfortunately, the Superchargers lost their way and managed to score only 100/8 in their 100 balls. They will be disappointed with their batting effort and need to improve their bowling performance.

Southern Brave Women's Georgia Adams was the standout bowler, claiming three wickets while conceding only 21 runs in her four overs. Anya Shrubsole and Chloe Tryon also contributed with two wickets each.

In pursuit of the 101-run target, Southern Brave Women commenced their innings with a strong opening partnership led by Danielle Nicole Wyatt and Smriti Mandhana. Together, they laid a solid foundation, posting 31 runs for the first wicket, with Wyatt's aggressive 20 off 18 balls, featuring five boundaries. The momentum continued as Maia Bouchier joined Mandhana, and the pair crafted a valuable 45-run alliance for the second wicket before Mandhana's dismissal for a well-made 19 runs off 21 balls.

Bouchier, exhibiting composure and skill, played a crucial knock, contributing 31 runs off 28 balls, striking four fours and a six. Despite a minor stumble with the loss of three wickets, Southern Brave Women reached their target with 13 balls remaining, finishing at 102/5 in 87 balls. Their disciplined approach and tactical execution earned them their second triumph in the tournament.

From the Northern Superchargers Women's bowling attack, Georgia Wareham and Linsey Smith were the standout performers, both claiming two wickets, while Kate Cross also made a notable contribution with a wicket.

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87b Richards to C Tryon
4 FOUR!!! Chloe Tryon finishes things in style. Richards bangs it short on the stumps and Tryon goes after it as she looks to pull it but ends up getting a top edge that flies in the vacant fine leg region for a boundary. With this, the Southern Brave Women beat the Northern Superchargers Women by five wickets.
86b Richards to M Brown
1 A low full toss down leg and Brown just helps it on its way. Heath behind the stumps dives to her left to get a hand to it. Keeps it to one.
17th Five
Southern Brave Women
Maitlan Brown
Chloe-Lesleigh Tryon
Jemimah Rodrigues
0-18(10 b)
85b J Rodrigues to C Tryon
1 Tossed up outside off and Tryon drags it to the right of long on for a run by coming down the track.
84b J Rodrigues to M Brown
1 Flighted delivery outside off and Brown sweeps it to the right of mid wicket for one.
83b J Rodrigues to C Tryon
1 Short from round the wicket and Tryon pulls it towards deep mid wicket for a single.
82b J Rodrigues to C Tryon
2 Rodrigues follows up with a juicy full toss and Tryon slogs it towards long on. Cross out on the boundary fumbles a bit and allows the batters to complete two runs.
81b J Rodrigues to C Tryon
4 FOUR!!! Rodrigues bowls it short and well outside off and Tryon isn't going to miss out on this one. She rocks back and punches it crisply in the gap between point and cover point for a boundary.
16th Five
Southern Brave Women
Maitlan Brown
Chloe-Lesleigh Tryon
Georgia Wareham
2-15(20 b)
80b G Wareham to M Brown
0 Slightly short on the stumps, Brown makes room and cuts it but can't find the gap in the off side.
79b G Wareham to M Brown
0 Turning away outside off and Brown cuts it straight to point.
78b G Wareham to M Brown
0 Fuller delivery on the stumps and Brown pushes at it and gets an inside edge on her left boot.
New batter on crease
  • RUNS2
  • SR100.00
  • AVG2.00