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MO vs NS 27th Match, The Hundred 2023

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Manchester Originals won by 81 runs 🏆
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R Topley Jersy
4s: 2
6s: 0
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A Rashid
4s: 2
6s: 0
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J Tongue

Econ: 6.25
13th Five:
= 6
14th Five:
= 3
15th Five:
= 10
16th Five:
= 0
NSNS - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3935
50 Balls6955
MOMO - 1st Innings
25 Balls3843
50 Balls8082
75 Balls118128
100 Balls175164


Inn 1
Inn 2
9:29 PM IST, 4:59 PM Local Time | That brings us to the end of another entertaining game in the world of cricket. Switch over tabs to join our coverage from the game around the world! 

This is Anirudh Modi, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Saipavan Janki, and our scorer/analyst Zeeshan Naiyer! See you on the next one! 
Callum Harrison | Match Hero: "Thank you very much and it was great to be back and it's been unbelievable so far. It's nice to get a pitch like that and we were talking before to take advantage of it. I haven't had a chance to be around him, but it's good that he is there with his international standards.

Our bowling showed how well we batted, it was a tough pitch to deal with for the batters. For sure, definitely picking up good momentum, getting into a crucial stage and two big games, this one and the next one. It is a great opportunity to come back in and do what I've been doing. I didn't even realise that they were the best in history."
9:20 PM IST, 4:50 PM Local Time | A clinical performance from Manchester Originals to seal a comprehensive victory! They defeat a hapless Northern Superchargers by 81 runs today evening! 

Manchester Originals won the toss and elected to bat first,
and Jos Buttler backed up his own decision with a blistering knock! The Originals' skipper smashed his way to a hard hitting 75 runs off 47 balls and by the time he was done the scoreboard read 156/4 after 92 balls. 

He was helped with crucial knocks from Phil Salt with 28 runs from 18 balls and Paul Water with 28 runs from 17 balls to power their team over the 160 run-mark and register a total of 164/6 from their 100 balls. Adil Rashid was the pick of the bowlers with 4/18 from his 20 balls. 

Come the chase, the Originals had experienced the pitch and their pacers decided to take advantage of it. Overton opened the floodgates by dismissing Lyth on the 7th ball of the innings and the Superchargers never recovered. 

After watching Adil Rashid in the first innings, the spinners came into the attack hoping for the best and the best is what the pitch delivered. Callum Harrison led the decimation with the best ever figures in Men's Hundred history with 5/11 from his 20 balls. He was well aided by Hartley and Tongue who both chipped in with a couple of wickets. 

In the end it was a dominant victory for Manchester Originals with the big games coming up! Northern Supercharges will be disappointed with today and will need to take a hard look at where they can improve.
76b J Tongue to A Rashid
W WICKET! CAUGHT! That's it! Manchester Originals win! Tongue returns and cleans up Rashid! Bangs it in short, on the stumps, Rashid goes for a pull but gets an outside edge to fly to short cover point! The fielder takes the catch and the match!
15th Five
Northern Superchargers
Adil Rashid
Reece Topley
Zaman Khan
0-18(15 b)
75b Z Khan to A Rashid
0 Dot to end the set, slower one on the off stump, a swing and a miss for Rashid.
74b Z Khan to R Topley
1 Yorker, honing in on the middle stump, Topley backs away and at the last moment slices it to point for a single.
73b Z Khan to A Rashid
1 Yorker, on the pads, hits him after the edge and trickles behind for a single.
72b Z Khan to A Rashid
4 FOUR! Back to back boundaries for Rashid! Length delivery, outside the off stump, opens the face and uses the pace to guide it past the short third fielder for 4 more runs!
71b Z Khan to A Rashid
4 FOUR! Rashid gets a boundary courtesy of a mess up in the deep! Good length delivery, on the stumps, whips it away to deep forward square, the fielder in the deep tries to keep it in but fails!
14th Five
Northern Superchargers
Reece Topley
Adil Rashid
Tom Hartley
2-25(20 b)
70b T Hartley to R Topley
0 In the air and safe again. Length delivery, on the stumps, Topley mistimes it to balloon up and land safely at short leg.
69b T Hartley to A Rashid
1 Back of a length delivery, wide outside the off stump, Rashid is down the crease but somehow manages to chop it down to backward point for a single.
68b T Hartley to R Topley
1 Back of a length delivery, on the stumps, slashes it over covers for a single.
67b T Hartley to A Rashid
1 Length delivery, on the stumps, steps down the wicket and heaves it to cow's corner for a single.
66b T Hartley to A Rashid
0 Hartley to bowl out here, around the wicket, length delivery, on the off stump, cuts it to covers.
13th Five
Northern Superchargers
Adil Rashid
Reece Topley
Zaman Khan
0-8(10 b)
65b Z Khan to R Topley
1 Another yorker, on the leg stump, whips it away to deep mid-wicket for a single to end the set.