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LHQ vs PSZ 23rd Match, PSL 2023

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Peshawar Zalmi won by 35 runs 🏆
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H Rauf
4s: 0
6s: 0
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4s: 1
6s: 0
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Econ: 10.36
17th Over:
= 14
18th Over:
= 17
Last Over:
= 5
This Over:
= 5
LHQLHQ - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5624
10 Over 5362
15 Over 107112
PSZPSZ - 1st Innings
6 Over 5067
10 Over 99105
15 Over 153163
20 Over 223207


Inn 1
Inn 2
That's it from Match Number 23 of the PSL and it's Peshawar Zalmi who'll be going home with all the points. 

It was an entertaining game of cricket with quality display of batting and bowling. Fielding wasn't up to the mark from both ends but the game still turned out to be an enticing affair. 

So if you enjoyed our coverage then please join us again for more cricket updates, until then, do take care of yourselves as this is Wali, Meg and Dushyant signing off! 
Babar Azam (Peshawar Zalmi Captain): "The wicket was good when we started the innings. Ayub played his natural game and executed it well. He was fantastic today. We wanted to go with a left-right opening combination today and thus Ayub was promoted up the order. We could not capitalize at the backend as we lost a few wickets after a good start. When you play any match, there is always scope for improvement. Not every time there will be 200 on the board. We would also be required to defend a total of 180 sometimes." 

Shaheen Afridi (Captain of Lahore Qalandars): “We lost quick wickets and that’s what cost us the game. We’ve scored 200+ before as well but there were quite a few mistakes today which lost us the game. The early three-four wickets led me to come up the order." 

Saim Ayub (Player of the match): "I just tried to play according to my strengths and attack at the start. We first projected 200 and then look for a better score. We make plans according to the situation of the games." 
Wahab Riaz: "I think it all started with the first over of Arshad Iqbal. He was bowling really nicely and there was good carry to the keeper. So, the plan was simply to keep things tight and hit the deck hard. Saim Ayub is an exceptional talent; the wicket was not easy to bat on and it was great to see Babar Azam and Ayub with that partnership. If you're not taking wickets, the opposition can drag the game away easily."    

So that’s that and it’s Peshawar Zalmi that have come out on top with a win by 35 runs after restricting Lahore Qalandars for 172/10 from 19.4 overs.

Batting first, Peshawar got off to a flying start as the openers contributed to a scintillating 107 run partnership from the first 10 overs. Babar Azam played the anchor role and hung in there, whereas, Saim Ayub stormed his way to 68 (36) with eight fours and three sixes to his name. 

Ayub batted with a strike rate of 188.89 and provided Zalmi with the platform to go for a big first innings score. Rashid Khan eventually got the better of Ayub by getting him caught behind and soon chipped in with another wicket by dismissing Mohammad Haris 9 (6). 

Tom Kohler-Cadmore continued his good run of form with the bat and struck a breezy knock of 36 (16) before getting caught and bowled to Haris Rauf. The skipper, Babar Azam constructed a hard fought 50 (41) and made sure to keep things going from one end.

The lower order couldn’t contribute much as Shaheen Afridi picked up four wickets for 31 runs from his four over spell. Regardless of that, the Peshawar Zalmi cruised their way to 207 from 19.3 overs.

The run chase kicked off in a horrid manner for the Qalandars as they lost four wickets for just 21 runs in 5 overs. It was Arshad Iqbal who cleaned up the debutant Shawaiz Irfan for zero. Fakhar Zaman 11 (11) didn’t have much to offer as Wahab Riaz got him out caught and followed it up with another wicket of Sam Billings for zero.

Things were looking gloomy for the Qalandars but that’s when Hussain Talat and Shaheen Afridi came together to compile a partnership of 114 runs. Afridi struck his first ever half-century in the PSL and did well after starting off in a fidgety manner at the beginning to take his knock to 52 (36). Wahab Riaz got the better of the Lahore skipper by getting him out caught-behind which broke the partnership.

Sikandar Raza did put up his usual fireworks courtesy his 20 (7) with two fours and two sixes, but might be disappointed after come down the order as he could have changed the course of the game in favour of his side. 

Hussain Talat’s 63 (37) did have a lot of fight but Arshad Iqbal’s disciplined line and length was too good for him to go beyond. 

The veteran left-arm pacer Wahab Riaz stoodout with his spell for 3/17, while, Arshad Iqbal also impressed with 3/27.

This is a big result in favour of Zalmi as they're still in contention of making it to the playoffs, but as a result of this win, the Karachi Kings have now officially been knocked out.

19.4 A Jamal to Z Khan
W CAUGHT! That will do it for Peshawar and this is only the second time in PSL history that both teams have been bowled out. Drags his length back on this occasion on the leg stump line, Khan clears his front leg and goes for a wild heave across the line but gets the top edge that balloons up in the air. Haseebullah takes a simple catch to send Zaman back for 4. Peshawar has thumped the table-toppers by 35 runs here.  
19.3 A Jamal to Z Khan
4 FOUR! Fuller and follows the batter on the leg stump line, Khan rolls his wrists early and chips that down the ground towards long-off for a boundary. 
19.2 A Jamal to Z Khan
0 Good length and outside off, Khan goes for a heave across the line but misses it to the keeper. no run. 
New batter on crease
  • RUNS1
  • SR7.00
  • AVG0.00
19.1 A Jamal to R Khan
1W RUN OUT! Good length and angled into the middle. Rashid swivels and pulls that to deep fine leg and tries to sneak across for a second run but the right-hander was always going to be short on this occasion. Omarzai collects the ball and hurls that to the keeper's end who dislodges the bails in a flash. 
Lahore Qalandars
Haris Rauf
Rashid Khan
Arshad Iqbal
New batter on crease
  • RUNS58
  • SR120.00
  • AVG5.00
18.6 A Iqbal to D Wiese
W WICKET! Drags his length back on this occasion in the middle and off, Wiese hangs back and goes for a hoick across the line but was a tad late on that as the right-hander gets a top edge that balloons up in the air. Powell at long-on sprints forward and completes the catch with ease. Wiese departs for a duck. 
18.5 A Iqbal to D Wiese
0 Good length and just outside the off-pole, Wiese goes for a heave through the line but misses it to the keeper, no run. 
18.4 A Iqbal to R Khan
1 Good length and in the middle and off, Rashid plays that towards mid-off of the backfoot for a single.