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NZW vs SLW 17th Match, WT20 World Cup 2023

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New Zealand Women won by 102 runs πŸ†
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13th Over:
= 1
14th Over:
= 1
Last Over:
= 9
This Over:
= 2
SLWSLW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 3524
10 Over 5238
15 Over 6558
NZWNZW - 1st Innings
6 Over 4447
10 Over 8075
15 Over 115116
20 Over 166162


Inn 1
Inn 2
That’s a wrap from our side as well. We appreciate your participation from all across the world. On behalf of my co-commentator Prince Suman and Scorer/Analyst Yogesh Kumar, I, Deepak Prakash, am signing off. Please join us for the other fixtures across the world. Until then, Ta-Ta, Bye-Bye.✌✌✌✌
Sophie Devine ( New Zealand captain):" I wish this had been our first game, but it wasn't meant to be. We were humiliated earlier in the tournament, but today's win has given us a small chance. I am very proud of the group. It was a fantastic start for us. We talked about it, and we knew 160 would be difficult on this wicket. It's incredible. Sri Lanka upset South Africa, but Australia continues to win, which is tedious. However, it was a tough competition. The help has been fantastic. It gives us such a great vibe and atmosphere."
Chamari Athapaththu( Sri Lanka Captain): "It was a difficult day in the middle. We couldn't get wickets earlier, and they scored 160+, which was difficult to chase down. We lost the game because we lost a few wickets early on. The game plan did not work out. Because they were inexperienced, the players were under pressure. We couldn't stick to our plans as a group, so the outcome didn't go our way. We played some good cricket in the tournament and learned a lot today."
Amelia Kerr (Player of the Match): "It felt good to come out on top. It was a difficult start, but winning was fantastic. Bates is a class act, the ball is coming out nicely, and I am enjoying bowling right now. We enjoy discussing the game. We were discussing how we wanted to score. So we were trying to catch our breath with our conversations. We were exhausted from running so much, so we were trying to catch our breath with our conversations."
1:26 AM IST | Deepak: New Zealand Women were asked to restrict Sri Lanka Women under 123 runs to keep their hopes alive for the semis and they hammered Sri Lanka Women by a whopping 102 runs and jumps to the second spot on the points table. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Earlier, after opting to bat first, New Zealand Women got off to a rollicking start as they started scoring at a brisk pace from the first over and posted 162 runs in 20 overs. Suzie Bates and Amelia Kerr were in scintillating form with the bat today as they achieved their half-centuries and helped the White Ferns cross the 160-run mark. From the bowling front, Achini Kulasuriya and Inoka Ranaweera were the only bowlers to extract a wicket.

In pursuit of New Zealand’s 162 runs, Sri Lanka started their innings on a lackluster note, as they were reeling at 24/3 in the 6th over. Harshitha Samarawickrama departed for 8 runs, while Vishmi Gunaratne and Nilakshi de Silva even failed to open their accounts. Chamari Athapaththu was rotating the strike sensibly, but Amelia Kerr trapped her in front of the stumps and took a good DRS to get rid of the Sri Lankan skipper.

Wickets kept tumbling for Sri Lanka Women and they were bundled out for a meager 60 runs which is also their lowest-ever score in the T-20 World Cups. A poor display of batting from the Sri Lankan Women, only Chamari Athapaththu and Malsha Shehani were the batters to touch the double-digit mark today. They are officially out of the tournament now. 

From the bowling front, Lea Tahuhu and Amelia Kerr scalped a couple of wickets for the White Ferns and Lea Tahuhu is the joint-highest wicket-taker of the Women's T20 World Cup now along with Aussie speedster Megan Schutt. Eden Carson, Jess Kerr, Hannah Rowe, and Fran Jonas each contributed one wicket to Sri Lanka's downfall.

Overall, the White Ferns were outstanding today and executed their plans well to thump Sri Lanka by a whopping 102 runs.

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15.5 A Kerr to M Shehani
W WICKET!! BOWLED HER!!! That's it this will be the final wicket as Achini Kulasuriya is injured!! Tosses it up at the middle stump line. Shehani slogs across the line but fails to get anything on it as the ball past the bat and disturbs the timber. New Zealand Women thumped  Sri Lanka Women by 102 runs.
15.4 A Kerr to M Shehani
0 Tosses it up on off, Shehani lunges forward and defends it well.
15.3 A Kerr to I Ranaweera
1 Tosses it up in the middle, Ranaweera tucks it to the square leg for a single.
15.2 A Kerr to M Shehani
1 Tosses it up in middle, Shehani lofts it to long-on for a single.
15.1 A Kerr to M Shehani
0 Length ball on off, Shehani goes for cut it but gets inner edge to pads.
Sri Lanka Women
Inoka Ranaweera
Malsha Shehani
Lea Tahuhu
14.6 L Tahuhu to I Ranaweera
4 FOUR!!! Length ball on off, Ranaweera stays in the crease and drives it to covers as the ball finds the gap and races away for a boundary.
14.5 L Tahuhu to I Ranaweera
0 Back of a length delivery outside the off. Ranaweera looks to cut but gets beaten.
14.4 L Tahuhu to M Shehani
1lb Back of the length ball on the helmet, Shehani goes for pull it but wears it on the helmet as the ball rolls down to third man and the pair takes a leg bye single.
14.3 L Tahuhu to M Shehani
0 Back of the length ball on off, Shehani cuts it to point for none.
14.2 L Tahuhu to M Shehani
4 FOUR!!! Back of the length ball on off, Shehani gets in the position early and steers it on third-man as the ball finds the gap and races away for a boundary.
14.1 L Tahuhu to M Shehani
0 Length delivery on off. Shehani stays inside the crease and defends it.
Sri Lanka Women
Inoka Ranaweera
Malsha Shehani
Fran Jonas