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CS vs OTG 25th Match, Super Smash 2022-23

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Otago won by 4 wickets 🏆
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B Lockrose Logo
B Lockrose Jersy
4s: 5
6s: 4
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D Foxcroft Jersy
4s: 2
6s: 2
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T Bruce Jersy



T Bruce

Econ: 10.67
17th Over:
= 12
18th Over:
= 11
Last Over:
= 25
This Over:
= 7

Player of the Match

Ben Lockrose Logo
Ben Lockrose Jersy
Ben Lockrose
OTGOTG - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4866
10 Over 10183
15 Over 122126
CSCS - 1st Innings
6 Over 5053
10 Over 8495
15 Over 143131
20 Over 189187


Inn 1
Inn 2
That concludes the presentation and that also wraps up our coverage of this game. Thanks for tuning in. Join us tomorrow as Auckland takes on Northern Brave. For now, this is Megh Mandaliya, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Saipavan Janaki, and scorer/analyst Raju Khariya. See you soon!
Hamish Rutherford (Otago Captain): "Yeah,  we finished well and we did good in 3 corners. We did well in poweplay and outstanding. Yeah great summery, we do kick start then changed the gear and changed the line and Lockrose really played well. Yeah, obviously short boundaries and well played and good score and (Lockrose) he took the game and did well. Yeah, he played his roles and he had power to hit big shots and hopefully he continues his form throughout the tournament. Thanks and cheers."

Tom Bruce (Central Stags Captain): "That's the nature of T20. It always takes one partnership to take you over the line. We brought it back with the ball in the middle stages but Foxcroft and Lockrose pulled things back for the Volts. To be honest, they were phenomenal today. It's the nature of this competition. We need to win all the matches now."

Ben Lockrose (Man of The Match):  "Yeah, feeling pretty well and hard work from boys and finally win the match.  Yeah believed and helped the short boundaries and we did it. (last 3 overs) It has been lucky and definitely good to contribute and good pitch and a good to see crowd. Thanks and cheers."
Ben Lockrose is the Gamechanger of the match. 
10:32 AM IST | A staggering turnaround from Ben Lockrose and Dean Foxcroft and the Otago Volts are still alive in the competition. What a display this has been in front of the home crowd.  

In pursuit of a challenging total of 188, the Otago openers started the innings on an electrifying note. Both Hamish Rutherford and Jake Gibson
accelerate the innings early on by swatting 66 off the powerplay. The pair were completely swinging the pendulum in favor of the home side but Jayden Lennox had other arrangements. 

The left-armer first dismissed skipper Rutherford for 34(22) followed by the breakthrough of his opening companion Gibson 30(20). Following two quick wickets, the Volts looked disoriented and lost 4 more wickets in quick succession. Dean Foxcroft tried to provide resurgence was the right-hander was always short of partners.  

Eventually, it was Ben Lockrose, who joined forces with him and the duo took the encounter down the wire by stitching a partnership of 81 runs. Ben Lockrose flashed his pyrotechnics at the backend and brought up his maiden half-century in the Smash. His 58(26)* and Foxcroft’s 46(32)* easily got them over the line. Lennox and Ajaz Patel exploited the surface with regular arm balls. Lennox was the pick of the bowlers for the Stags and completed his stint on 4/28 while Ajaz also claimed a wicket by giving away just 20 runs.

Earlier in the day, after being invited to bat first, Central Stags were off to a decent start despite the departure of Bayley Wiggins 5(3), and Ben Smith 5(10) early on. Will Young and skipper Tom Bruce hurried the innings and stitched a much-needed partnership of 80 runs. Travis Muller ceased the stand between the duo by dismissing Young 53(33). However, Bruce kept marching on from the end and glued up 79(45)* which includes 7 fours and 3 maximums to his credit, and took the scorecard past 180. Stick around for the post-match presentation! 

19.3 T Bruce to B Lockrose
4 FOUR!!!! WINNING RUNS!!!! Short of a length on the middle stump line, Lockrose makes some room and punches it through point region and the ball races towards the fence for four runs. Otago win this game by 4 wickets.
19.2 T Bruce to B Lockrose
2 Flighted delivery on the middle stump line, Lockrose prods forward and drives it to the long on for a couple of runs.
19.1 T Bruce to D Foxcroft
1 Single to start the over. Short of a length on the leg stump, Foxcroft nudges it to the deep square leg.
Ben Lockrose
Dean Foxcroft
Raymond Toole
A huge over. 25 runs coming off it and the Volts now just require 5 off the last over. Tom Bruce will bowl the final over of the match. 
18.6 R Toole to B Lockrose
2 Fuller length again on the off stump line, Lockrose drills it to the long on and sneaks a couple of runs.
18.5 R Toole to B Lockrose
4 FOURRRR!!!! 50 up for Lockrose in just 23 balls. Fuller length delivery on the 5th line stump, Lockrose goes deep in the crease and looks to drill on the off side but gets the inside edge of the bat and ball passes towards the fine leg region for four runs.
Another massive hit. Just 11 required now. Lockrose, you beauty! 
18.4 R Toole to B Lockrose
6 SIXX!!! Lockrose is on fire !!! Short of a length on the outside the off stump line, Lockrose stands tall and pulls it hard. The ball sails up in the air and over the fence for maximum runs.
Two consecutive boundaries for the Volts and Lockrose has completely shifted the momentum here.  
18.3 R Toole to B Lockrose
4 FOUR!!!! Back-to-back boundaries!! Full toss delivery on the wide off, Lockrose shuffles across again and hits it over the short extra cover and the ball reached the boundary rope with just one bounce.
That is massive from Lockrose! 21 required now from 10 deliveries.