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CS vs OTG 20th Match, Super Smash 2022-23

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Otago won by 4 runs 🏆
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4s: 0
6s: 0
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W Clark
4s: 3
6s: 0
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M Bacon

Econ: 7.00
18th Over:
= 4
Last Over:
= 8
This Over:
= 5

Player of the Match

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Matthew Bacon
CSCS - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5363
10 Over 9587
OTGOTG - 1st Innings
6 Over 4741
10 Over 6662
15 Over 94109
20 Over 154166


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Inn 2
That also wraps up our coverage of this game. Thanks for tuning in. Switch tabs to watch more cricketing networks across formats. For now, this is Megh Mandaliya, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Anirudh Modi, and scorer/analyst Raju Khariya. See you soon! 
Otago Volts Captain | Hamish Rutherford: "You always believe you've got a chance, I feel they put the ball in the right areas and made it difficult for us, Foxcroft played a good knock and little contributions from the batters ensured we got a good total. Bacon is good bloke, he is my roomie and I'm looking forward to wha he has to say. We were bowling against the wind and it was just a good performance from everyone. We got the Ford trophy in a few days, we hope to get a nice performance there and come back and fire again."
Tom Bruce (Central Stags Captain): "I belove 160 was a little under par and we should have chased his total down. The bowlers were outstanding today. We are not reluctant to change much. It was awesome to play here. The crowd was fantastic. Little disappointed, but we still have some three-odd games to go and we will try and win those." 
Gamechanger of The Match | Matt Bacon: "Just trying to soak it in as much as possible, didn't quite do the job in the last two game, so just happy to deliver. A lot going on in the mind but I'm always focused on doing the best possible thing. I was just trying to get some deviation off the seam and it worked like a treat. I knew the sun was out and we just try to go out and go for it."
Matthew Bacon is the player of the match.
10:42 AM IST | The Otago Volts have ended the Central Stags' reign and have thwarted them by 4 runs in a last-ball thriller.

In pursuit of 167, Matthew Bacon got an early breakthrough for the Volts by dismissing Ben Smith for a duck. Bayley Wiggins, then joined forces with Will Young and the duo stitched a partnership of 47 runs. Wiggins tried to be a little more innovative and accelerated the innings early on while Young played the second fiddle. 

The partnership was broken by Michael Rae as he got rid of Wiggins 41(24). Following that, the Stags lost a couple of wickets in quick succession as Ross Taylor 21(20) and Young 25(22) both returned back. Just when things were tilting in favor of the Volts, captain Tom Bruce resurrected the innings for the Stags. 

The right-hander secured 32(21) before Bacon dismissed him with a spectacular caught and bowled. Bacon then utterly demolished the lower-middle order and brought the Volts right back at the contest. Eventually, Stags required 10 runs off the last over and they fell 4 runs short. Bacon acquired a five-wicket haul and finished his stint on 5/28. 

Earlier in the day, after being invited to bat first. The Otago Volts registered 166/8 on board. The openers Hamish Rutherford and Dale Phillips started on a positive note but it wasn’t long enough before left-armer Raymond Toole gave the setback to the Volts. Phillips 8(7) was the first man to return back and that was followed by the wicket of Rutherford 10(9). 

Dean Foxcroft kept marching on but he was running out of partners from the other end. Nick Kwant orchestrated a quickfire 22(14) before Toole dismissed him and since then the Volts kept losing wickets at regular intervals. Eventually, it was Foxcroft’s 66(49), including 3 fours and 4 maximums that cruised them past 160. The Stags bowlers exploited the slower surface and delivered consistent lines. Brett Randell, Toole, and Josh Clarkson claimed two scalps. Stick around for the post-match presentation!

Central Stags
William Clark
Raymond Toole
Matthew Bacon
19.6 M Bacon to W Clark
0 DOT BALL! AND BACON HAS SEALED THE VICTORY FOR OTAGO VOLTS! A thrilling climax to a thrilling encounter! Full length delivery, on the off stump, a big swing and a miss for Clark! 
William Clark, you beauty! This game is not over yet. 5 required from the last ball. 
19.5 M Bacon to W Clark
4 FOURRRRRRRRR!!!! CLARK KEEPS HIS TEAM IN THE GAME! Over the wicket, full length delivery, on the off stump, Clark steps across, has a go and gets it past the fielder at covers to pick up a crucial boundary! 
9 required from the last two deliveries. This must go to the fence to keep the Stags alive.  
19.4 M Bacon to R Toole
1b BYE! Slower good length delivery, on the off stump, a play and a miss but the batters sneak in a quick single.
A five-wicket haul for Matthew Bacon! Tremendous display of pace bowling and the Stags are in deep trouble now. 
19.3 M Bacon to J Lennox
W WICKET! CAUGHT! THAT'S A 5-FER FOR BACON! HE HAS TURNED THIS GAME AROUND FOR HIS TEAM! Good length delivery, on the off stump, Lennox goes for a big swing over mid-off but does not get the timing right as the fielder takes a comfortable catch! 
10 needed of 4 deliveries. 
19.2 M Bacon to J Lennox
0 Dot to follow it up, bangs it in short, on the off stump, Lennox ducks underneath to let it sail through.
New batter on crease
  • RUNS23
  • SR104.00
  • AVG23.00