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MU vs MW 19th Match, Maharaja T20 2022

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Mysore Warriors won by 6 wickets 🏆
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S Singh Khenwar Jersy
4s: 2
6s: 1
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4s: 4
6s: 2
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HS Sharath

Econ: 10.11
16th Over:
= 8
17th Over:
= 8
Last Over:
= 11
This Over:
= 4
MWMW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5150
10 Over 7985
MUMU - 1st Innings
6 Over 4845
10 Over 7568
15 Over 113117
20 Over 179171


Inn 1
Inn 2
That brings an end to our coverage for this game. Do switch tabs as the Bengaluru Blasters take on the Shivamogga Strikers in the 20th match of the competition. Akshay Bhide, here, signing off, on behalf of my co-commentator Saipavan Janaki and scorer Ashok. Bye Bye.
Karun Nair | Mysore Warriors Skipper: "We were looking forward to this as this is the business end of the competition. But will be important to keep performing in a similar fashion. We have a good blend of young players and it is good to see every player step up because its not the individual who wins the tournaments but it’s the team. It was the decision of the team management and the coach for me to bat lower down the order."

Pavan Deshpande | Player of the Match: "The ball was stopping a bit on the surface but Nair coming in to bat at four made my job easier. It was important for me to see the side through. I love playing here and it is one of my favorite grounds. I would like to dedicate this award to my son."
Pavan Deshpande is named the Player of the Match.
Time for post-match presentation.....
Akshay: That’s it. A clinical chase from the Mysore Warriors as they chase down 172 with 11 balls to spare. With this six-wicket win, they register their fourth win of the competition and replace Mangalore United at the second spot in the points table.

Chasing 172, the Warriors got off to a solid start, thanks to Nihal Ullal. He played some beautiful strokes and took advantage of the fielding restrictions. Nitin Bhille departed on 11 but Ullal played well and took his side to 50/1 at the end of the powerplay. He played one shot too many and departed in the next over. Pavan Deshpande was joined by Karun Nair and they both put up a solid partnership.

Both Deshpande and Nair never allowed the United bowlers to settle down as they pounced on anything loose and kept the scoreboard ticking. They both put 88 between them before Nair departed three short of his half-century. Deshpande remained unbeaten on 53 and ensured there were no more hiccups in the chase as he guided his side across the line with 11 balls to spare.

Earlier in the day, Mysore Warriors’ skipper Karun Nair won the toss and opted to bowl first. They had a very good start as they removed Macneil Hadley Noronha on the second ball of the innings. Nikin Jose joined his skipper Ravikumar Samarth and started to resurrect the innings. Samarth looked solid in the middle but was given out on 22. Abhinav Manohar walked in to bat at five and played a fantastic innings.

Manohar played the role of a second fiddle to Jose at the start of his innings but once he got his eye in, he started cutting loose. Both Jose and Manohar brought up their respective fifties and hit some lusty blows to help them lay a foundation for a strong finish. Knocks from Jose (55 of 47 balls) and Manohar (68 of 35 balls) helped them post 171 on the board, losing seven wickets. Prateek Jain and Aditya Goyal for the Warriors picked up two wickets each. The Warriors’ batters then stepped up and chased down the total with six wickets in hand to complete a clinical win. Stay tuned for the post-match presentations.

18.1 H Sharath to Khenwar
4 WINNING RUNS!!! FOUR!!! Fuller length delivery on the outside off, Khenwar looks to drive on the off side but gets an outside edge and it passes past the keeper for four runs. Mysore Warriors win this match by 6 wickets.
Mysore Warriors
Pavan Deshpande
Shivraj Singh Khenwar
Aditya Somanna
17.6 A Somanna to Khenwar
1 Fuller delivery on the outside off, Khenwar works it on the mid off region for a single to end the over.
17.5 A Somanna to Khenwar
6 SIX!!!! Gone out of the ground !!! Fuller delivery on the outside off, Khenwar stays back in the crease and lofts it over the cow corner region for maximum runs.
17.4 A Somanna to P Deshpande
1 Short delivery on the off side, Pavan stands tall and pulls it towards the cow corner region for a single.
17.3 A Somanna to P Deshpande
2 Back of the length on the outside off, Pavan stays back in the crease and cuts it over the point region for a couple of runs.
17.2 A Somanna to Khenwar
1 Good length delivery on the off side, Khenwar steps out of the crease and looks to play on the leg side but edges and passes towards the short fine leg for a single.
17.1 A Somanna to Khenwar
0 Slower delivery on the outside off, Khenwar on the back foot and tries to push on the off side but gets beaten.
Mysore Warriors
Pavan Deshpande
Shivraj Singh Khenwar
M Venkatesh
16.6 M Venkatesh to Khenwar
1 Fuller delivery on the pads and Khenwar flicks it towards the deep square leg region for a single.
16.5 M Venkatesh to Khenwar
0 Good length delivery on the outside off, Khenwar defends it on the backfoot for no run.
16.4 M Venkatesh to Khenwar
4 FOUR!!! Khenwar looks to finish as early as possible !! Short delivery over the body and Khenwar hangs back and plays it towards the square leg region for four runs.
Akshay: A well-composed innings from Pavan Deshpande. His third fifty in the history of the competition. He will now look to take his side home.