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BHW vs SYSW 49th Match, WBBL 2022

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Sydney Sixers Women won by 5 wickets 🏆
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4s: 4
6s: 2
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E Burns
4s: 7
6s: 1
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N Hancock

Econ: 8.57
17th Over:
= 20
18th Over:
= 13
Last Over:
= 16
This Over:
= 12
SYSWSYSW - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4339
10 Over 6865
15 Over 10697
BHWBHW - 1st Innings
6 Over 4049
10 Over 7571
15 Over 108101
20 Over 143163


Inn 1
Inn 2
What a clash we've had, and so was the expectation from two of the teams at the top of the points table. The Sydney Sixers keep their nerves at the end and glued an unassailable 92 runs stand to see off the finishing line at the end of a three-hour-long battle. 

So, that was it from this highly anticipated encounter. It's time to take your leave, Arijit Kundu signing off alongside co-commentator Ayan Chatterjee and scorer/analyst Manish Bishnoi. Do stick to all other happenings at our network. Stay tuned and stay safe.
Erin Burns: "It's a good feeling. Things are tight between us and Heat and to go 2in2 against them was great. Yes, the analysis was just going back and seeing what we could have done better. Towards the end, it was great Sophie hit it. I had the best seat in the house at the non-striker's end. I think the conversation was to take it deep. You can always catch up towards the end here and Sophie was confident about her abilities. It was about putting things together and going about it in a good way. Yes, last season was a shock. We should have done better than the bottom of the table. This season, there has been a different vibe and positivity around us. It has been awesome to see different people stepping up under pressure. It's good for us for the back end of the competition. Yes, he is awake and knows a lot." 
Erin Burns has been awarded the Player of the Match for her unbeaten 51* off 32 balls. 
4:41 PM IST | With 61 runs needed from the last 4 overs, the game did come down the wire, with 12 runs needed from the last over. Credits to Erin Burns and Sophie Ecclestone for bringing a storm at Sydney. It’s Sophie Ecclestone who keeps her nerve at the final over and rubbed off the pressure in a matter of two deliveries. 

It’s the Sixers who emerge victorious in this clash of the titans and tell you what, we’ve witnessed a topsy-turvy curve in the stakes of this encounter.

Earlier in the game, Sydney Sixers have won the bat flip and elected to bowl first. Georgia Voll and Danny Wyatt gave a flying start to the side, especially Wyatt who took few of the bowlers for big hits. The first wicket fell on 4.5 when the score was just 47. It was Gardner with the scalp and later it was all up to Kate Peterson, the 19-year-old with the prized scalps. Voll looked struggling on this day and later was taken aback by the youngster. 

Wickets kept on tumbling on regular occasions, and it was onto Amelia Kerr and Jess Jonassen to take the innings deep at one point. Soon after the 18th over, Jonassen switched her gears and accelerated at the top gear itself. She tore apart the bowlers at the toe end to propel the score past the 160 runs mark. Amelia Kerr also played a handy knock of 15 runs off 20 balls and Jonassen was unbridled on 38 off 21 balls.

Arriving for the chase, the Heats lost a wicket early in the form of Alysa Healy. Elyse Perry too walked back in haste, without scoring a single run. Suzie Bates glued a 43 runs stand with Ashleigh Gardner and the latter was dismissed at the halfway of the 9th over. 

The pressure was back on the Sixers after they lost a couple of wickets again and were put short to 72-5 after the 12th over.

A few loose deliveries from the bowling side then, and the duo of Burns and Ecclestone was tremendous in easing the gaps and playing with the field. They tinkered around and found the boundaries on regular occasions. 

Burns steadily accelerated with calculative risk and narrowed the margins with assistance from Sophie Ecclestone. 

With 12 runs needed from 6 balls, the veteran took the control of the game in her own hands and eased off the pressure in the next two deliveries. A six and a four were all needed to turn the tide completely in the favor of the Sixers. Ecclestone hit the finishing runs and ended things in their favor with five wickets and three balls to spare.

With this, the Sixers maintain their crown position at the points table.

19.3 N Hancock to S Ecclestone
2 They have done it! Fuller length outside off, Ecclestone makes room and squirts it away through the covers as they race back for a couple of runs. Ecclestone punches the air in delight! Redemption for her as she was taken down by Jonassen early on in the day, and now she gives it back to them. Sixers win a thriller by 5 wickets with 3 balls to spare and they become the first team to qualify for the finals. 
Ecclestone has drawn the ball in their court in a matter of 12 balls. 2 runs needed from 4 balls now.
19.2 N Hancock to S Ecclestone
4 FOUR! Slower delivery short of a length, Ecclestone picks it and pulls it away hard through the midwicket region as the ball races away to the deep midwicket fence. WOW! Ecclestone is doing it. 
Sophie Ecclestone!! Remember the name!!
19.1 N Hancock to S Ecclestone
6 Hancock will bowl the final over. SIX!  Full toss and in the slot, Ecclestone does not miss out here as she lofts it and demolishes it over deep midwicket as the ball sails into the stands for the maximum. 
Sydney Sixers Women
Erin Burns
Sophie Ecclestone
Amelia Kerr
12 runs needed from the last over now.
18.6 A Kerr to S Ecclestone
1 Full toss here, Ecclestone does not get hold of it and gets it to the deep midwicket fielder for a single to end the over and keep the strike for the next over. 12 runs are now needed off 6 balls. 
18.5 A Kerr to E Burns
1 Tosses it up here, Burns uses her feet over the bowler's head for a single. 
Lovely half-century from Erin Burns and she is taking Sixers towards triumph. 14 runs needed from 8 balls now.
18.4 A Kerr to E Burns
4 FOUR! Flights it up here, Burns uses her feet and misses. It gets the outside edge past the third man region as the ball goes away to the fence in no time here. 150 comes up here. 
There was a bit of chance, but certainly a difficult one at the deep.
18.3 A Kerr to E Burns
6 SIX! Flighted outside off, Burns uses her feet and lofts it away over long-off. The ball goes up and over the fielder as the ball goes through the hands of the fielder for the maximum. 
18.3 A Kerr to E Burns
WD That's a wide. Fuller and wide outside off and is left by the batter.