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BP vs OI 23rd Match, The Hundred 2022

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Birmingham Phoenix won by 10 runs 🏆
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18th Five:
= 1
19th Five:
= 9
20th Five:
= 11

Player of the Match

Kane Richardson
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Kane Richardson Jersy
11 (4)6 (6)1 1 1 0 275.00 100.00
P'ship : 11(4)
Last Wkt :   Matt Milnes 4(2)
BowlerB Howell
1-4220b 10.50
OIOI - 2nd Innings
25 Balls4125
50 Balls6160
75 Balls99103
BPBP - 1st Innings
25 Balls3941
50 Balls7470
75 Balls116115
100 Balls165166


Inn 1
Inn 2
Thank you for joining us at the live coverage for the 23rd game of The Hundred between Oval Invincibles and Birmingham Phoenix, this was Vatsal Negandhi alongside Nikhil Kalla and our scorer/analyst Paras Yadav. Stay tuned as we join you with other fixtures across the globe until then take care and stay safe!
Moeen Ali (Winning Captain): "We were a bit under par. We couldn't go hard at them. We were struggling a little. The seamers were fantastic. We could have been a little smarter with the batting. We could have used the dimensions better. You feel you could always go harder. I just told Livingstone not to lose his shape. I didn't bowl because I didn't want to get smashed (laughs). A lot of the time it is about your gut feeling. You will get the odd one wrong. When you defend once or twice or three times, the bowers get a lot of confidence. Helm had a brilliant game today. He has been outstanding in the last three-four games. We have tried to get guys who can stay the entire length of the competition. We have Manchester next and then the Spirits."
Kane Richardson(Hero of the Match): "Always nice to win. It is a tough ground to defend. The way we closed it out when they were coming hard at us was good. Tom Helm bowled a class over. He should have been standing here I feel. I just used the dimensions of the field. It is always challenging with a left-hander and a right-hander. I think we know we will be hard to beat at home. We have two more to go. There are teams ahead of us on the table."
VATSAL: An excellent win for Birmingham Phoenix here as they beat the Oval Invincibles by 10 runs at the Kia Oval in London.

The Birmingham Phoenix putting into Bat 1st started off nicely with Smeed (23 off 13) and Hammond (17 off 11). Moeen Ali and Livingstone batted well through the middle, Ali, in particular, timing the ball really well. Ali eventually departed for 42 off 25 and Livingstone scored 45 off 32.

Wade chipped in with 21 off 12 and got them to 166 for 6 in 100 balls.

The Invincibles bowling was decent with Milnes getting 3 for 32 in his 20 balls. Hasnain got a wicket. Narine was the most economical bowler for them as he got 2 for 21 in his 20 balls to keep the Phoenix to 166.

 Chasing 167, the Invincibles got off to a poor start losing Jacks for 4 and Rossouw for 5. Roy was struggling in the middle and got some chances. He eventually departed for 21. Cox (32) and S Curran(30) played some really good shots to keep them in the game. Billings went for a golden duck. T Curran in the end smashed 30 off just 12 to keep the Invincibles in the hunt. S Narine could not do the job in his last game and Oval Invincibles ended with 156 for 8 in 100 balls.

The Phoenix bowling was outstanding throughout as they picked wickets at regular intervals. K Richardson picked up 3 for 22 in his 20 and was supported by Helm who bowled exceptionally to get 3 for 11 in his 20-ball spell. Brookes and Howell got a wicket a piece to round off an excellent bowling effort. 

100b B Howell to M Hasnain
1 Fuller delivery towards the pads, Hasnain has drilled this towards long-on for a single.
99b B Howell to M Hasnain
0 Full-toss outside the off-stump, Hasnain swings hard but misses out. this takes the sting out of this game.
98b B Howell to M Hasnain
4 FOUR!!! Full and wide outside the off-stump, Hasnain has edged this towards deep third for a boundary and it is just 2 big hits needed of last 2 deliveries now.
97b B Howell to M Hasnain
6 SIX!!! OH MY GOOD LORD. A mammoth hit from the bat of the young Pakistani pacer. Good length delivery in the middle, Hasnain has pulled this out of the park for a maximum towards deep mid-wicket.
96b B Howell to M Milnes
W OUT!!! Benny Howell has hammered the final nail in the coffin here. Fuller delivery towards the off-stump, Milnes look to loft this over the fence but he ends up lofting this in the hands of Richardson at long-off.
NIKHIL: Cut-off time has been passed and Phoenix will have to bring in an extra fielder.
19th Five
Oval Invincibles
Matt Milnes
Sunil Narine
Kane Richardson
3-22(20 b)
95b K Richardson to M Milnes
4 FOUR!!! Cheeky and clever by Milnes as he has ramped this between the keeper and a flying leg slip. Good length delivery wide of the off-stump, Milnes has ramped this past the keeper for a boundary.
94b K Richardson to S Narine
1 Fuller delivery in the middle, Narine has driven this towards long-on for just a single.
93b K Richardson to S Narine
0  Fuller delivery in the middle, Narine has pushed this towards the bowler for no run.
92b K Richardson to S Narine
4 FOUR!!! Narine gets a toe-poke at this but it races away for a boundary behind the wicket. Short and wide outside the off-stump, Narine has hit this off the bottom of his bat towards deep third for a boundary.
91b K Richardson to S Narine
0 Full and wide outside the off-stump, Narine lets it go but this has been called as a fair delivery.
NIKHIL: Tom Helm has pulled this back massively in the favor of Phoenix.