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SBW vs TRW Eliminator, The Hundred W 2022

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Southern Brave Women won by 2 runs
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N Sciver-Brunt Jersy
4s: 5
6s: 5
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4s: 0
6s: 0
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T McGrath

Econ: 9.00
18th Five:
= 6
19th Five:
= 4
20th Five:
= 21
TRWTRW - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3228
50 Balls5751
75 Balls8886
SBWSBW - 1st Innings
25 Balls3531
50 Balls5856
75 Balls8988
100 Balls125134


Inn 1
Inn 2
That's it for the day, we will be back with all the updates. For now, this is Ishan signing off with my co-commentator Tugral along with our scorer/analyst Chandan. Until we meet next time, Good Bye, Take Care.
Anya Shrubsole (Southern Brave Skipper): "The blow Sciver delivered was unbelievable. It was deserving of victory. Despite having a fantastic yorker, McGrath omitted three. You must support your bowler as the captain. When pressure is applied, you must support your bowler. To front-load, the bowlers were my attempt. In an effort to remove Sciver, I struck out. But she deserves credit. After I pulled her out, I believed the game was pretty well over. Oval are arranged slightly differently. We must carefully consider them. We'll pause today to think, then leave tomorrow for the grand finish. The middle-order batters haven't always played well."
Nat Sciver: "I'm not sure how I feel right now. I knew I had to make six-figure swings. Balancing when to go and when not can be challenging. All I wanted to do was break past the line. We were delighted to pursue that. got a little bit stuck, which made it challenging to gain momentum. I've been working on sitting firmly in my crease. I have a clearer idea of the trajectory I want to take to hit it in my brain. I've always had an aggressive appearance. Every ball, if you don't get it away, creates pressure, which is such a strange sensation. I believe that stepping down as captain has improved my hitting."
Tahlia McGrath (Player of the Match): "Right now, my heart rate is around 600. Sciver is really difficult to bowl to. I was clueless. I didn't celebrate since I believed it to be a bump ball. Kind of an accident. Three ones lost early weren't early at all. We are pleased to defend the competitive total we obtained. I'm ecstatic to perform at the Lords. The Ageas Bowl was incredible. Every time we visit, they take care of us."
22.07 IST: My word, absolute heck of a contest we witnessed here. Nat Sciver you are the real star, you were so close yet so far, what an innings this has been from Sciver, she almost pulled off a miraculous chase here but unfortunately for her and Trent Rockets they just fell two runs short of the total put by Southern Brave Women.
Southern Brave have pulled off a sensational win here at The Rose Bowl, Southampton which means they will meet Oval Invincibles in the final on Saturday (3 September) at the historic ground of Lord's.

Earlier after getting invited to bat first by Trent Rockets, Southern Brave managed to put 134 runs on the board with contributions from Tahlia McGrath (31), M Bouchier (29) and Georgia Adams (38). It looked like they are 10-15 runs short of the par score but they pulled off this nail-biter by just two runs. Trent Rockets got a nice but slow and steady start from their openers (40 off 38 balls). But after the departure of Bryony Smith (16 off 15 balls) and Elyse Villani (24 off 25 balls), their innings lost shape. Mignon du Preez, Marie Kelly, Alana King, Katherine Brunt, Abigail Freeborn, no one from them made the score in the double-digits. The wickets kept on falling for them at one end at regular intervals but it is their star batter Natalie Sciver who kept them in the chase till the last ball of the innings. The departure of partners at the other end hasn't affected her at all, she looked in a different zone today and with her unbeaten knock of 72 runs (off just 36 balls), she almost crossed the line for her side. They needed 24 runs off the last 5 deliveries to punch the ticket for the final against Oval, Sciver smashed 21 runs in it and almost single-handedly pulled off the chase for Trent, they were so close yet so far.

For Southern Braves, Georgia Adams and Tahlia McGrath scalped two wickets while Amanda Wellington chipped in with one.
20th Five
Trent Rockets Women
Sarah Glenn
Natalie Sciver
Tahlia McGrath
2-36(20 b)
100b T McGrath to N Sciver
1 Fuller delivery and wide of off, Sciver doesn't find the gap this time and plays it straight to the mid-off fielder to pick up a single. Southern Brave won the match by just 2 runs.
Sciver is doing the damage here. She is the star. Now they need four of the last ball to win this, can she find one more?
99b T McGrath to N Sciver
6 SIX! THREE SIXES IN A ROW! Sciver is playing a monstrous inning. Fuller delivery on the leg stump line. Sciver who was well deep in the crease slogs it with a full flow of the bat and the ball goes miles deep over the deep mid-wicket boundary. 4 runs are needed in 1 ball remaining.
Ishan: All eyes on Sciver, can she pull this off?
98b T McGrath to N Sciver
6 SIX MORE! Raining Sixes in Southampton. Fuller delivery on the middle stump line, on the slot. Sciver stands still and slams that away over the long-on fence for a maximum. Sciver waits for it and then goes bang down to the ground. Gets good enough connection to deposit that well over the boundary ropes.
97b T McGrath to N Sciver
6 SIX!! A much needed six from the bat of Sciver. Length delivery on the middle and leg stump line. Sciver stays deep in the crease and smashes that one over the fence and collects a maximum here.
96b T McGrath to N Sciver
2 Tahlia is back into the attack. Yorker on the woods, Sciver clips it wide of the long-on fielder and scampers across a quick couple.
19th Five
Trent Rockets Women
Natalie Sciver
Sarah Glenn
Tahlia McGrath
2-15(15 b)
95b T McGrath to N Sciver
0 Dot ball. Fuller delivery, almost a yorker on the blockhole. Sciver digs it out well down the pitch.
94b T McGrath to S Glenn
1 Yorker delivery on the woods, Glenn digs it out well towards the leg side and exchange ends with ease.
93b T McGrath to N Sciver
1 In the channel and outside off, Sciver punches it wide of the backward point fielder who dives to her right to collect it and saves three runs for her team.
92b T McGrath to S Glenn
1 Good length on the middle and leg, Glenn tucks it with soft hands towards the leg side and rotates a strike.
Ishan: What an innings this has been for Sciver.